The Beautiful Blogettes of

And here are only a half dozen of them

  Top row: Jul3ia, Bree and Melissa, Second row: Katie, Monponsett and Pat.

  Say it ain't so, Monpo, you ain't lost your mojo

In a recent comment on our newest blog, The Savvy Thrifter, our eternally ironic wit Monponsett whimpered, "Soon... I'm gonna be like the 10th prettiest blogger here or something.... and when that happens, I'm gonna lose a lot of my Mojo."

Anyone who follows Monpo's comments knows there is little likelihood of her ever losing anything except her patience with fools and knaves, but her alarm made me take a quick look at the women who blog here, and we have to admit they are a comely lot.

I only have room for the six above, but if you scroll down the blog pile you'll see many, many more who manage to match wit with beauty, and below we offer the links to those shown above and all the rest of our women bloggers who have photos on their blogs.


To be fair...
One commenter suggested we also show you the women who blog in the "old media" like the CC Times. They don't have a half dozen, so we included all the women writers of columns AND blogs to get six. They are by row: Kitty Baker, Alicia Blaisdell-Bannon, Cynthia Stead, North Cairn, Med Burton and Debbie Foreman.

It's the difference between the new and old media in a snapshot. Below are ours.

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