What are YOUR pet peeves?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours
Be honest, everyone has them, here's your chance to beef

By Walter "Vladek" Brooks

I was leaving work today driving behind a "bluehead" in an older Chevy heading south on Route 134 nearing the Police station with plenty of time to make the light when the driver ahead stopped in the middle of the road and waved someone parked at the garden supply store parking lot out into traffic ahead of her stopping the traffic in both directions on this state highway in the process.

"My pet peeve? er, daylight, garlic, crosses, stakes, you know, the wooden ones..." - Vlad the Impaler.

Why is this a pet peeve?

  1. It's a violation of the state driving laws. Cars are not permitted to stop on a highway unless waiting to turn left or right themselves with their direction blinkers on.
  2. The cars behind and those approaching have no idea why the car is stopped, and often attempt to pass sometimes causing a collision with the poor sucker the "bluehead" has invited into danger.

When questioned why she did such a silly and dangerous thing later, the old poop explained she was being friendly. Aaaaarrrggghhh!

Pet peeve #2 is when shoppers in a store parking lot walk across in front of incoming traffic at a wide angle to their own parked car thus blocking the lane twice or three times longer than necessary if they crossed at a right angle to traffic.

Pet peeve # 3 is people walking on the highway with their backs to the traffic especially in dark clothes. The only good thing about this is that it works wonders over time due to Darwin's theory of "natural selection."

Now show me yours!

O.K., there are three of mine (I have others I will spare you today), and it's your turn to tell me and our tens of thousands of readers your pet peeves.

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For the technology-challenged, you can email me your pet peeve and I'll add it myself wirth or without your name.

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