Our Christmas Wish List

CC2day's Christmas Wish List for the New Year

To all of our bloggers who get this site read.
No negative comments, just good ones instead.

To commenters we've exiled, punishment will beckon,
Especially ones as bad as naughty Steve Peckham.

To my fellow eCapers who labor so prodigious,
A great Christmas dinner, & your spouse does the dishes.

To Maggie Kulbokas, who works harder than the rest,
Our editorial whirling Dervish, the best of the best.

To Cape Cod's politicos who next seek our vote,
May you all get elected (hey, that's just a joke).

To our own Christy Mihos, instead of libations,
The support of Chatham & Dennis for his beautiful stations.

For candidate Chuck Baker, what else can we say,
The job wasn't worth it, neither was the pay.

To new Congressman Keating, a season so merry,
He'll forget he ever heard of a pol named Jeff Perry.

And to ex-Rep Jeff Perry who we pilloried the most,
A great paying job - I hear Fox News needs a host.

To Senator Brown for whom Tea Baggers pine, oh,
Complete transmogrification into our new Rino.

And to Senator Kerry, who still waffles on wind,
A stiffer new backbone, or he'll be a "has been".

Goodbye to Bill Delahunt and his éminence grise,
Now our politics will improve with a little less sleeze.

For new Senator Dan Wolf, what could be finer,
Let's give his Cape Air a Boeing Dreamliner.

To State Senator O'Leary who got beat in a tease,
A  shot at the job of Prexy at 4Cs.

To departing Rep  Patrick we'll deck all the halls,
For supporting Cape Wind when it really took balls.

To Reps Vieria and Hunt, we know winning's a peach,
But we hope Santa gives you a single term each.

Spyro Mitrokostas gets kudos I suppose,
For getting elected, although unopposed.

To our D.A. O'Keefe (we won't call hima liar),
But bisn't it possible your smoking started that fire?

To Democrats here as they drift ever more to the right,
A new name for their party - GOP sounds about right.

And to Cape Cod's Republicans as they disappear from sight,
It was fun while it lasted, sleep well and good night.

To the Oceanic heroes in Woods Hole, Cape Cod,
A thousand new fishes - every one of them odd.

To friend Robert Dwyer as he drifts to the right,
Be careful good buddy, you're almost out of sight.

To the Cynthia Stead, a bizarre change of will,
And a return to her liberal youth on Blue Hill.

To Cape Cod Healthcare, every doc, nurse and lackey,
A quiet New Year's Eve where no visitor goes wacky.

To Felis at Alberto's who fed me all year,
A week or two off with some Portuguese beer.

To Bill Koch and his Alliance, those fossil fuel fools,
Their support for Cape Wind, and watch us all drool.

To Clean Power Now for their for guts and strong will,
Led to a victory by Barbara Hill.

To Jim Gordon at Cape Wind, as he heads for the wire,
No more opposition, and another big buyer.

To our friends at the Times may their paywall be secure,
And kids start to read newspapers, this year for sure.

To the folks at Cape's weeklies, from Carol Dumas to Mike Bailey,
Continue yours habit of scooping the daily.

To the gang at the Globe, the end of its groaner,
As a liberal local mogul becomes its new owner.

To our policemen and firemen who work day and night:
Cars that drive safe, and matches that don't light.

To the Cape Cod Commission whose greed's overflowing,
A move to another county and our help to get going.

To Mashpee "Praying Indians" who forgot Jesus Christ,
A conversion to their old gods - hey, they got a good price.

For CapeCodToday.com an Internet heaven,
As more dig our motto: "Cape Cod 24/7."

To my hard-working wife Pat, who says "all is forgiven,"
"You can still write this column and not work for a livin'
On right from the top: Steve Peckham, Mihos and Baker, Keating and O'Leary, Delahunt and Forest, (the Cape's long-time éminence grise,) Dan Wolf and Matt Patrick, David Vieria and Randy Hunt, Jim Gordon and Spyro Mitrokostas, Cynthia Stead and Barbara Hill, Mike Bailey and Carol Dumas and my wife Pat.

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