Zombie Apocalypse In Carolina, Scheduled Bourne Bridge Repairs Delayed, School Name Vote

Weather Concerns To Blame For Delay

Scheduled repairs on the Bourne Bridge, which were supposed to start today, have been pushed back a week.

The reason given was weather. We're supposed to have a bit of wintry weather this week, and the resulting high winds will make the work be, like, unable to be done. The weather should clear up Friday, but why jam up the bridge on a weekend?

Repairs being made to the bridge's  fixtures and wiring, reset for March 29 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., will require closing one lane in each direction. No wide loads will be permitted.

For further updates, go to www.nae.usace.army.mil/recreati/ccc/news/bridgealerts.htm/

Our forecast for Wednesday and Thursday shows what might be the last of our snow for the winter. Sure, I've said that before, but I mean it this time.

Very light snow should start Wednesday night, and will continue through most of Thursday. It will be off-and-on, flurry-type snow. We're not going to get buried, and should only see a dusting. There will be considerable mixing with light rain.

We could get some more flurries Sunday, but the weather after that is more 40s/50s than 30s/40s. Spring is coming!

Those high winds that the Army Corps Of Engineers are worried about will actually be in the 15-20 mph range, nothing terrible. I'm not calling them cowards or anything... I keep my eyes closed when I go over bridges.... which, if I'm on the Ted screen name, explains a lot.

The Zombie Apocalypse In Carolina...  another good thing to keep your eyes closed for.

Somebody hacked into the highway department signs that nomally say things like "Accident Ahead: Reduce Speed." Those signs now say "Zombie Alert." They also say "Be Alert For Hunters" and "Look Out For Tanks Ahead."

I should add that the original Zombie Apocalypse vehicle- George Romero's The Night of The Living Dead- involved a plague of airborne radiation causing the dead to rise and eat the living.

Of course, that film was made in the 1960s, and the idea of a nuclear Japan poisoning the world with radioactivity was absurd at the time. They needed something believable, like a Venus space probe bringing back radiation that caused corpses to chase blondes for their brains.

Either way, this paper is hearing reports of zombie activity in both Wareham and parts of Hyannis. Know that the only sure way to stop a zombie is with a head shot.

We'll keep you informed as the story develops.

Kids Vote For School Name

The newly-formed Chatham-Harwich Regional School District needs a new name, because "The Chatham-Harwich School District" is a bad name and is tough to fit on a football jersey.

They decided to let the kids choose the name. I presume that they were choosing from a list the teachers gave them, as no finalists were named Justin Beiber High School or OMG High School.

I'm being told that there was originally a list of 50 names or so, including Five Bays, Bay Shore, Cape Elbow (I would have intervened if the kids chose that one), Marconi, Satucket and Cape Tip. Here's a list we developed, which is now obsolete.

The kids had their say, and 5 finalists were chosen. I presume that the adults from the interim regional school committee get to choose from this list to name the school.

Here are the choices they made, and the votes each choice got:

- Atlantic Coast (496)

- Monomoyick (112)

- Monomoy (600)

- Pleasant Bay (505)

- Nantucket Sound (174)

The name of the school mascot may also be put before the children.

Here's our list of candidates:

- Sharks

- Seals

- Cranberries

- Capes

- Sachems

- Dunes

- Stripers

- Bluefish

- Alliance

- Hairleggers

- Chowderheads

- Washashores

- Charwich (make it a sandwich, and sell it at games)

- Nor'easters

- Blizzard

- Gale

- Shamrocks

- Summer People

- Windmills

- Admirals

- Commodores

- Great Whites

- Clams

- Lobsters

- Seagulls

- Mooncussers

- Lobster Rolls

- The Fighting Fisherman



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