Boycott Pacific Seafood! Buy Atlantic!

Support local fishermen, guard against nuclear fish, buy Atlantic seafood only!

As you most likely know, a monster earthquake/tsunami in Japan destroyed several nuclear reactors recently.

Yup... it's never good when THAT happens...

Those crippled monsters are spewing radioactive materials into the air. That air then goes over the ocean, where it contaminates whatever it touches. It also mixes with things in our atmosphere, like precipitation.

Long story, short... we have a lot of radioactivity coming off of Japan. Some of that might get into the jet stream and come visit us here in America. That would suck, but it's also a whole other article.

Today, we're more concerned with what is going to drop into the sea.The Pacific Ocean is the world's largest ocean, and it feeds millions of people every day. How would things be if those people were eating radioactive fish?

While radiation is diluted by seawater (as the Japanese Agriculture Ministry tells us) and they say that what you really want to avoid is Japanese vegetables, you still gotta wonder. Cobalt, cesium, and iodine have been found in sea water near Japan.

We aren't the only ones avoiding Japamese imported food and fish

Japan exported 565,000,000 metric tons of fish/fish products last year, pumping 2 billion dollars into their economy. Many fishermen depend on the Pacific for their livelihood, and I feel badly for them. However, I don't feel badly enough to start serving my family irradiated seafood. I'm not alone, as businesses and even nations around the world are avoiding Japanese imports.

Sure, the FDA will protect us from such food. I'm sure they already had a system in place, and that it went into operation seamlessly upon word of the catastrophe in Japan.

The top seafood-producing countries were, in order, the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan), Peru, Japan, the United States, Chile, Indonesia, Russia, India, Thailand, Norway and Iceland. These countries account for more than half of the world's seafood, roughly 85 million tons per year.

Representatives of major seafood sellers (in Boston last week for a convention) expressed confidence in the Japanese and FDA's handling of the situation.

We can count on the government to protect us, and we can count on the food industry to not buy shady seafood for their businesses. We can count on those nations I listed taking themselves out of the fishing industry, in the name of public safety. We can also count on Atlantic Seafood.

Buy Local. The job you save might be my cousin's.
Our fishermen need the work.

I personally won't buy a fish that I even THINK may have come from the Pacific. No Pacific salmon, no Alaska crab (I'll still watch the TV show), no Red Lobster (numerous Pacific fish on their menu), no McDonald's (their Filet-O-Fish sandwich is made from Alaskan pollock), and so on.

I, now more than ever, am a propoent of Buy Local. Our fishermen need the work. The local fish market needs your business more than Stop-n-Shop does. That fish mart, if they have any brains, would go out of their way to promote locally-caught fish. There is a greater market for it now than there was last month.

Shucks, I'd even call on Bill Keating to push for greater catch sizes for local fishermen. I would guess that more than half of the world's seafood comes from countries that may be catching irradiated fish. That fish has to be taken off the market. Other fish are going to need to step up, and those would be Atlantic fish.

Keep in mind.. I'm about to write a Gas Prices column where I sh*t on Big Oil for making profits from a disaster... and that I am now advocating for New England's fishing industry to position itself so as to stuff our pockets with the sudden demand.

Hey, why not? I'm not talking about making a few people wealthier, although that will happen. I'm talking about our dying fishing industry getting a shot in the arm. I'm talking about providing safer food for our suppers. Know that I don't make a penny of our fishing industry, in case you think I'm pushing for my own ends.

Granted, our stocks are diminishing. However, too much of the world needs fish to get by. You can't trust the Pacific Ocean right now, so we should step up and fill the gap until the P.O. recovers. Once they recover, Pacific fish can dominate the market. That is when we can replenish our stocks.

I'd hate to see us preaching conservation, while other nations lurk at our fishing limits and grab all the goods. While I'm never happy to see someone suffer, this could be just what our hurting fishing industry needs.

We should immediately market New England seafood as the only safe choice. Pacific seafood is irradiated. Gulf of Mexico seafood has been soaked in BP oil. Who knows what they're yanking out of the filthy Indian Ocean, aside from fish that have been eating tsunami washaways for 5 years? Shoot, you can't even trust South Atlantic seafood, because some of those radioactive Pacific fish might try to like swim around Cape Horn.

No, a man can only trust local fish. Guess who sells that? Locals!

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