Romney Wins Massachusetts [Nor'easter Blues]

Front-Runnin' Mitten!

Super Tuesday came and went yesterday, and Mitt Romney won a fistful of states. However, wins by his rivals in other states tells us that the GOP throwdown is nowhere near being over.

Romney won here in Massachusetts by a wide margin. Turnout was low in the Bay State, with Buzzards Bay's Precinct 1 giving us a 222 out of 2500 voter tally (there was one lonely SANTORUM sign outside the polling station) by 6 PM, and with Orleans under 10% when my boss went to vote. The former Massachusetts governor was as close to a sure thing in this state as you can get, and that fact drove down voter turnout.

Romney took 72% of the GOP primary vote in Massachusetts. Rick Santorum just cracked 12%, Ron Paul  had 9%, and Newt Gingrich settled for a meager 5% share. We had about 350,000 voters turn out here in the Bay State. Cancel out Other and 2% of Mitt's vote, and I called the results a day before with almost no research.

Massachusetts was only one of many states up for grabs last night. Other delas went down in Vermont, Ohio, Virginia, North Dakota, Georgia, Tennessee, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Alaska.

Rick Santorum refuses to go away, and he won Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Dakota. Newt Gingrich swept to victory in his home state of Georgia. All of these wins throw a wrench into Romney's victory party, and ensure us that we'll have more time to watch these dudes rip on each other.

Romney has a huge delegate lead, but he can't seem to land the knockout blow. North Dakota, Georgia, Tennessee and Oklahoma don't seem to want anything to do with him. He only got 59.5% of the vote from a 2 man race in Virginia. If he wins, one seems to get a sense that he'd be like the safe, boring, rich boy that the gold digger settles for despite the fact that she is really more interested romantically in some struggling painter.

In the next week or so, we have a caucus or a primary in Maine, Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, and a series of islands that peak with Hawaii and bottom out in the Northern Mariannas. The next big state- 54 delegate Illinois- is contested on March 20th. 

Let's go state-by-state, shall we?

North Dakota

Santorum... 39.7%

Paul... 28.1%

Romney... 23.7%

Gingrich... 8.5%



Gingrich.. 47.4%

Romney... 25.7%

Santorum... 19.6%

Paul... 6.5%



Romney... 59.5%

Paul... 45.5%



Romney... 39.8%

Paul... 25.4%

Santorum... 23.7%

Gingrich... 8.1%



Romney... 38%

Santorum... 37%

Gingrich... 14.6%

Paul... 9.3%



Santorum... 33.8%

Romney... 24%

Gingrich... 27.5%

Paul... 9.6%



Romney... 32.6%

Santorum... 29%

Paul... 24%

Gingrich...  14.2%



Romney... 61.6%

Santorum... 18.2%

Paul... 18.1%

Gingrich... 2.1%



Santorum... 37.3%

Romney... 28%

Gingrich... 24%

Paul... 9%


Delegates so far, unless something kooky happens...

Romney... 404

Santorum... 165

Gingrich... 106

Paul... 66


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