Sandy Update

It's Time To Worry

Sometimes we in the media tell you things to sell papers, and sometimes we tell you things so that you know when danger is coming. This is both of those.

Hurricane Sandy is a Category 2 storm that is currently whaling on the Bahamas. Here is current (1 PM) information on her.

Sandy is forecast to plow through the Bahamas while brushing Florida with strong winds. She then moves out to sea off North Carolina. If she kept doing that, I'd be writing about football right now.

About Friday night or so, Sandy will turn N/NE. She'll then move towards the Northeast United States. Where she stops, nobody knows.

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If she hits around Delaware or New Jersey, we here on the Cape may get off somewhat easier, although we could still get rain and flood tides. If she plows into New York City, we may get a national nightmare, tens of millions without power and Mitt Romney winning in a landslide as the dead float in Harlem or wherever.

If she moves to the north/east of that track...well, that's where things get sketchy out here on the Sand.

Even a tropical storm can knock power out for a week around here. All of us can remember the last blackout. Many more of us remember the Halloween Gale, which destroyed whatever coastline Hurricane Bob missed.

The NWS forecast discussion puts this storm pretty much right on Nantucket in 5 days.

Sandy could still do any number of things, such as run out of gas or move far east over open ocean. However, the landfall and damage charts being shown by the weather people show Cape Cod to be pretty much smack dab in the center.

The worst effects of the storm will be 50-75 miles from the storm center, and what we just need to know right now is where that center will be. It goes without saying that we get off a lot easier if the storm hits Virginia, but too many forecasters are sending the storm right up Buzzards or Narragansett Bay for me to blow this off. Accuweather sent it right into Rhode Island as a Category One storm, making this like a Little Bob for Cape Cod.

The timing for a New England hit seems to be Sunday night through Tuesday morning. The forecasters leave a lot of wiggle room, because storms are fickle girls.

It's better to be a well-prepared person who is angry at a storm that veered offshore than it is be a slacker who thinks that storm was gonna miss him. Even a marginal storm hitting New York could do costly Damage $ totals, maybe even historically so. A nor'easter of the Halloween Gale variety could do major, major damage to Cape Cod.

You have this whole weekend to prepare, so get on down here and board up. Buy some supplies, have enough cat food and peanut butter to feed everyone if the power fails for a few days. Score enough cigarettes, weed, and beer to entertain for a week. Buy batteries and clean up the yard.

We've said it before and we'll say it again.... this storm could easily miss us. However, the threat level is such that it could also do catastrophic damage to Cape Cod for several tides, and you need to  be and keep aware of any developments.

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