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Local Woman Killed; Bournedale Cleanup; New Seal At NMLC, BHS Graduation

Bournedale Road Cleanup Saturday Morning

If you don't mind a little chain gang work on a nice June morning, why not come down for the Bournedale Road cleanup?

Trash bags will be handed out, and entertainment will be provided. People will then move down Bournedale Road, picking up litter.

Be reminded that Bournedale Road has nothing even approaching a sidewalk, and that cleaners should exercise the utmost care when doing good.

Bournedale Road is the classic shortcut that lets you skip the bridge/rotary/Scenic Highway traffic. It also gets dirty, so we're going to try to solve that problem Saturday AM.

I'm pretty sure the meeting place is the Herring Run parking lot, at around 10 AM or so. Call first, I'm working from memory on a phone call I made May 23rd.

For more information, call 1-508-888-2796

Woman Killed By Jeep

We'll continue on a sad note. Annemarie Rita was struck and killed by a motorist Wednesday night, as she did her thing on the Cranberry Highway. She was in her mid-50s.

You don't think you know Annemarie, but you probably have seen her around. She was one of the more notable homeless people in town, and she had the gift of high visibility.

She looked sort of like a taller, more ancient version of the Chief Dan George character from The Outlaw Josey Wales. She was also notable for her giant backpack, with which she carried- always- all of her worldly goods.

There is a sort of Steve Irwin/you could see this coming aspect to her death, as she was always along the Cranberry Highway, often at curbside. The guy who hit her- 22 year old Eric Crowley of Wareham- did the right thing and didn't flee the scene. While the death is being investigated by police (both Wareham PD and the Staties), the fact that no charges seem to have been filed speaks to his innocence in the matter.

The 4 lane Cranberry Highway in East Wareham is a heavily used, high-speed road. There was another person killed by a car there recently.People speed to get through the lights, and any attempt to take a left turn out of one of the businesses there is essentially shooting dice with your well-being.

While Annemarie wasn't always pleasant to look at, she was a part of the town's landscape. More people saw her around than wealthier town residents like Bill Keating (no offense, we like Bill) or Bob Kraft. She will be missed.

Her death leaves Boxcar as the most visible homeless person in town... and, to be honest, I don't see Boxcar around much these days. Boxcar has a great urban legend about him. It seems that Boxcar's family is well-off, but they cut Boxcar off because of his drinking. That didn't stop Boxcar, however. It is said that the famiy sends money to the Bourne PD now and then, so they can make sure Boxcar eats and gets a hotel room when he needs it.

The Boxcar story is most likely Barbara Streisand, but small towns are built on such legends, and the real story probably isn't as much fun. 


Lucky the Seal At NMLC

The good people at the National Marine Life Center have a new guest in the hizzy.... Lucky the Seal.

Lucky had been looking sort of poorly off while being observed over several days near Gloucester. He has wounds on his flippers, was underweight and dehydrated, and his doctors recommended an extended rehab stay at the Buzzards Bay rescue facility.

Lucky was totally with that, because he learned through social media that Howland the Seal has a tentative June 11th release date after his own time served at the NMLC. You can see for yourself on their Facebook page... Howland was emo-thin when he entered the NMLC, but now he looks all fat and happy.

Fear not... Lucky (this column, very early on in the process, suggested "Dubba Doo" as a name, because it sounds cute and he looks like a Dubba Doo... but as the 13th seal they've had there, he was sort of destined to be Lucky) still has Townsend the seal to pal around with. Townsend is still being treated, but everything I've heard about him is thumbs-up.... well, seals don't have thumbs, but you know what I mean.

You are more than welcome to come down to the NMLC and visit my pinniped friends. Just go easy on Lucky, who is new in town and not quite used to people yet.

My sources tell me that there is also a goodly supply of red-bellied cooter turtles there, and no trip is a bad trip if you get to play with turtles.

The NMLC is on Main Street in Buzzards Bay, just before the Railroad Bridge parking area.


Oh, The Places You'll Go...

Finally.... big ups to the kids at Bourne High! The class of 2013 get their diplomas tomorrow.

Our best and brightest have the funniest named alma mater east of Athol High (who, I think, probably go to a regional school), but that hasn't stopped or really even slowed them.

I remember when I graduated high school... ok, maybe I don't, but that was another time.

Either way... congrats to the Bourne High School Class of 2013!!!!

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