Suspect In Custody, But Questions Abound After Bourne Murder

Bourne To Kill...

UPDATE: One suspect- Sonny Tavares, of Buzzards Bay- has been arrested and charged with murder, home invasion, aggravated assault and battery, unlawful possession of a firearm and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling.

As you may have heard, there was a murder last night in Bourne. Details are still sketchy, but 22 year old Antone Gutierrez of Pocasset (formerly of Wareham) was gunned down on Trowbridge Road.

David Curran had already published by the time I was ready for action, so I get the retrospective. Looking back, two questions jump out:

*What the hell was Antone killed for?

*Why were Bourne schools open Tuesday?

Here's what I know about the murder. At 9:40 PM last night, a motorist reported a man lying in the street on Trowbridge Road, near the Capeside Convenience store.. The shooting coincided with a reported room invasion at the shadowy All Season's Inn. The hotel rules prohibit them from telling me if the victim was a guest there, and they would provide no details on the invasion.

BPD Lt. Richard Silvestro said that the shooting didn't happen in the hotel. He also added that the clues "tend to support that this was not a random act."

Antone was conscious when police arrived, and even told police he had been shot. He had also been stabbed. I don't know if he named or knew his murderers. He lost consciousness shortly after, and at 12:32 AM, he was pronounced dead at Tobey Hospital.

The case bears similarities to the White Pines Motel double stabbing a few years ago, a case where two room invaders were stabbed to death during a robbery. I don't know who was doing the room invading and what circumstances led to the actual shooting last night. I have a sense that the police do, but they aren't saying anything definitive yet.

The killers (said to be the two black males who the police scanner had the BPD looking for) are still on the loose. They are armed and dangerous.

Rumors have a robbery by an addict turning into a fight, and then (Antone was nice with his hands, people tell me) there was a shooting. I'm even hearing rumors that the gun went off the bridge like Charles Stuart.

They are also ridiculously ballsy, incredibly stupid, amazingly poor crime planners, or some combination of the three. This conversation went down in Bourne last night:

"Hey, let's do an armed hotel invasion 75 yards from the State Police barracks on a generally slow crime night."

"Good idea! Let's kill the guy, too!"

Of course they got away. 

This leads to the question... who decided to let the schools open?

Now, I'm not Judge Dredd or anything, but it is safe to assume that the killers had a better escape plan than "hide in the woods for 12 hours." They were most likely in the getaway car before the victim made it to the street. Even if they weren't, they were probably running as fast as they could run. There is only a small chance that they went into the woods and hid.

However, if they did, they'd be in the general area of Bourne Elementary School... and Bourne Middle School... and Bourne High School.... and Upper Cape Tech.

Let's paint up a worst-case scenario. The killers scatter into the woods after the shooting. They hide themselves well enough that a helicopter doesn't find them at 11 PM. However, they have to leave the woods at some point, and- for all they know- the ghetto bird could come back at any moment. Where is the only place you could vanish?

In a crowd.

Where's the nearest crowd that two guys could hide in?

Bourne High School.

Imagine the fun if Johnny Law chased these two upstanding citizens into BHS or BES as the buses were letting off students? If you're looking at life in prison, and if you're already sketchy enough to kill someone in a coke-n-whore motel, would you be above grabbing Little Susie Cheerleader as a hostage. On TV, the cops shoot the gun out of your hand. In real life, you could probably get a plane to Cuba with that sort of marker.

If two guys who list "robbed a guy at the Coke Hotel ten hours ago" as their last gainful employment get a hold of my daughter as she steps off a school bus in Suburbia USA, there had better have been a damned good reason that the schools were open that day.

We've had a lot of snow days this year. We have Friday off, and we have a vacation for a week after. We're at the close of MCAS season. Those are the only reasons I can think of to roll the dice with 4 schools worth of kids.

Now, the cops know better than I if these dudes are still around the crime scene. I'm sure that the German Shepherd stopped sniffing right around where the fresh peel-out tire tread began. If they have witnesses pointing out two black guys, maybe they have witnesses pointing out the escape route.

However, there is room for error. Bourne's capable PD are still relative rookies to murderer manhunts. They have failed to solve the two robberies I know victims from. They could screw up. The chances are slim, but the potential cost was catastrophic.

Bourne should have shut down schools for the day. The police could have used some daylight around the murder scene to investigate further. They should have flushed the woods with hounds before opening those schools.

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