Peake & Maloy: Campaign Finance Reports Similar

The reports were due yesterday (October 30) for candidates for the 4th Barnstable district.  Covering the period after the pre-primary report (September 11, 2006) to just one week before the election next Tuesday, the total numbers show stark differences between the two candidates.  However, a more throrough analysis of the reports for Aaron Maloy and Sarah Peake show similar patterns in where they trace their money.

The best way to access the reports are to go to the Office of Campaign & Political Finance and click on ---> Online campaign finance reports.


You can search either by a candidate's name (Maloy or Peake) or by office sought (House) and District (4th Barnstable).  The morbidly curious can also access the reports for those (un)fortunate enough to have lost in the primaries.

While the law breaks the reports into two pieces, I find it more useful to combine the reports.  This indicates where Peake and Maloy got their money starting January 1st of this year.  For this analysis, we'll stick just to what was raised and perhaps save the topic of what was spent for another time.

Aaron Maloy - Republican

Aaron MaloyOf Maloy's $19,321.16 raised in itemized contrubutions, slightly over 16% of that ($3,120.00) came from outside the district.  Almost 20% ($3.8781.16) was a contribution from Maloy himself on September 1.

One curious itemized contribution was on June 3 for $20.00 from "annonymous (sic) donor".   Not that one would quibble about a small contribution like that -- after all, amounts less than $50 need not be itemized.  But to itemize it as anonoymous, is not only strange.  It defies the intent of campaign finance disclosure.

And this leads to an even greater question of Maloy's $4,010.00 in unitemized contributions.  His pre-primary report shows no unitemized contributions.  But for the sake of argument, we should count the "annonymous" twenty dollars as an "itemized unitemized contribution."

Since the primary, however, over four thousand dollars comes into his campaign in unitemized contributions.  Adhering to the law that these must be less than $50, this would mean that at least 82  people gave him the maximum amount allowed for these not to be itemized.  At the most charitable, it would be assumed that this amount came all from within the district.

On the other hand, it could be intepreted that none of this came from the district and was delivered in a suitcase.  Just like in the Provincetown primary, when poll workers failed to keep track of which voters took which ballots, there's really no way of knowing. What is known is that Maloy chose to record some of his small contributions and not others.

Sarah Peake - Democratpeake_at_beach

Since January 1, Peake raised $55,498.00.  Of that, 36% ($20.128.00) came from outide the district.  Like Maloy, Peake reported unitemized contributions -- $1,670 before the primary, and $350 afterwards -- totalling $2,020 or 4%.  Like Maloy, this could have come from individuals giving less than 50 each, or all at once stuffed into a plain brown envelope.  We just don't know.

This means that Peake can only prove 60% ($33,350.00) of her contributions come from inside the district.

Bottom Line: 

          Peake          Maloy
Total raised$55,498.00 $23,331.16
From candidate$0 $3,781.16
From unknown sources$2,020.00 $4,030.00
From district (non-candidate)60%53%
From district (including candidate)60%69%



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