The Pink Slime Debacle [Cape Cod Coupon Queen]

A Pink Slime Primer

So, we all just recently learned of the ground beef filler named "pink slime" which is said to be used in 70% of all ground beef sold in grocery stores.  I'm not sure how you feel about pink slime, but I am appalled.  Ground beef is already expensive, why on Earth should we be paying for ammonia hydroxide-doused meat products salvaged from the scraps of slaughterhouses?

Not only are we most likely purchasing ground beef with pink slime in it at the grocery store, we found out ground beef containing pink slime is also used in school lunches.  It makes me thankful for once, that my school aged son does not like ordering school lunches. All of the rushed mornings where I cram my sons lunchbox full of food, wishing just once that he would order a school lunch to save me a little time-has become totally worth it.

As of the current time, the only grocery stores to confirm that they do not carry ground beef containing pink slime are: Costco, Publix, HEB, Whole Foods, and Top's Market.  All other grocers  have yet to confirm or deny that their store brand ground beef contains pink slime. As a faithful Stop and Shop customer, I am truly hoping that we will hear word soon on their answer to the pink slime debacle.

As of 3/13/12 it has been confirmed that Stop & Shop store brand ground beef does contain pink slime.  Certified Angus and Natures Promise beef are pink slime free.

It is important to note a statement has been made saying  all organic ground beef, stamped USDA Organic -is pink slime free.  I'm not sure ground beef is important enough to me, that I will spend the money on Organic-we shall see.  I already feel deceived enough by the USDA to even think about purchasing ground beef from the grocery store (organic, or not).

If you haven't heard of pink slime yet, go here to learn more.  There is also a petition you can sign to stop the practice of using pink slime in ground beef, which you can find in this article.  I highly recommend signing the petition if you feel as strongly as I do, about pink slime.

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