You still might be from Falmouth if...

Falmouth Foxworthy Always brings a smile 

Judging by the responses to my thoughts on affordable development at 419 Woods Hole Road - and the associated vitriol - there is still much that divides us as a community.  The good news is, though, what unites us is stronger.  The soul of our community and the sense of identification it instills in us as Falmouthites is a binder stronger than the loose adhesive of village on village resentment.

In that vein, a dose of some lighthearted self-examination is in order. Much like Jeff Foxworthy brought a smile to many with his revealing "you might be a redneck if,"  a popular local adaptation has been the Troy's Take version of this, offering glimpses of local color like "you might be from Falmouth remember the original front entrance to the Library." 

So, you might be from Falmouth remember Santa sitting on that front entrance to the library after the Christmas bought gag gifts, candy and magazines, not ice cream, at Smitty' knew Peg Noonan before the park...or Ellen Mitchell before the bathhouse.  You might be a Falmouthite if you sat in your barber's chair at Stone's and saw people walking by J.J. Newbury's in the knew a "Doc" in Town Hall, a Johnny Rotten at the Post Office, and a Dinosaur at the DPW. 

You surely might be from Falmouth if you saw a movie near a Tea Room, a haunted house near Nobska, and walked on a knob.  If you ever got goose bumps walking by a funeral home in Davisville, thought you were special climbing into the top booth in the caboose for dinner, or bowled at the Falmouth Plaza, you just might be from Falmouth.

You just might have civic pride in the land of Bartholomew Gosnold if you remember Mike Giardi the sportswriter, Craig Stevens the FHS news anchor, and Eric Turkington the Selectman - and cheered when local Bob Ballard found the Titanic.  Ditto if you were moved by the Moving Wall, continue to be inspired by Dick & Rick Hoyt, and remember George Scott inspiring Little Leaguers.

Falmouth is filled with a rich cultural history, and you just might be part of it, if you ever watched (or performed in) a musical at the Falmouth have enjoyed a Thursday night at Marina Park...or bought art at an auction next the Edward Marks, Jr. Building.  You might be from one of our diverse villages floated in a boat in Little Harbor...fed the geese at Little Pond...or knew where to find Little Foreign Car.  Have you ever played in an arcade above a dry cleaners...contemplated the origin of Holly in Holly Park...or jumped off the Great Pond Bridge? If so, you just might be a Falmouthite.  

Do you remember the warm greeting of Nate Dondis and his empire, the smile of Harry Kamataris standing behind his chair, or Max Cohen and his New Bedford Bargain Store?

Do you remember Main Street with a grocery store...or a car dealership...or an oar & anchor? If so, you might be from Falmouth.  How about light blue police shirts...or safety officers at Halloween...or a walking beat in the Heights? Maroon & white all over, to be sure. Do you remember the original Jack in the Beanstalk...peanuts on the floor at the Ground Round...or a burger at Lum's?  How about a Fire Station at the Davisville lights...a Town Hall near the library...or a school in Woods Hole? If any of these jogs your memory, you just might be from Falmouth.

If you ever loved a pizza from Danny Kaye's...dinner from the Café Amaro...or ice cream from Mike's...then you might be from Falmouth.  If the old oven still remember Shrubs other than the ones in the front yard...and know where to find Captain Bill's bluefish bonanza...than you must be from Falmouth.

The list goes on...and so do the great memories...and the good feelings of being a Falmouthite. 

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