Did "Somebody" shoot down "L'il Kim's Fireworks?" [Dick Farley]

Do we have a "Space SEAL Team 6?"

WASHINGTON, DC -- Was North Korean "incompetence" helped along by any of a plethora of space warfare capabilities, causing yesterday's celebratory launch of a prototype ICBM by Kim Jong Un's personal "Prison Planet" of a country to suffer its premature emasculation?

Conspiracy mavens and seeders of "UFO speculations," take notice! It's open season!

However: we may never know!

Thus, an ultra-high tolerance for ambiguity is necessary here.

Hence, permission is hereby granted to exercise your wildest fantasies, UFO "wet dreams" and anti-space-weaponization ideologies, as we engage in limitless but fun, nonetheless, explorations of High Frontier politics leading upward to "War in the Heavens," as it were.

According to U. S. Space Command's (of our U.S. Air Force) Gen. William L. Shelton, we (the collective American "we") at present are, or until very, very recently were, orbiting above our very own planet -- that'd be Earth, for you who may be visiting from elsewhere or "elsewhen" -- an operational space plane, the X-37. The key word, obviously, is operational!

The good general reportedly mentioned X-37 at a March 26 breakfast meeting with defense writers, here in Washington. (But only a mention.)

Now, for all of you "Peaceniks-In-Space," the X-37 is now President Barack Obama's space plane, just to keep the records straight. We wonder: do we have a "Space SEAL Team 6?"

Alas, we digress. Back to the Obama X-37 (and whatever else he is flying around up there).

Yep, it's the same President Obama (on right) so recently and continuously vilified by NASA fans and ex-space contractors for "killing America's space program," by zeroing out planned manned Mars and maybe Moon missions from his public budget, the one Congress is told about.

But apparently not from his "black budget?" (Please pardon the color reference; it's neither ethnic nor racial. In our parlance here inside the Beltway, we mean "Above Top Secret!")

Despite persistent hand-wringing and anti-American lobbying by self-anointed peaceniks and "UFO" cultists pushing for disclosure of what the U. S. government knows about suspected "extraterrestrial visitations," crashed "alien craft" and alleged "abductions" or hybridization programs conducted against humans by interstellar gynecologists, the U.S. is still in space!

Indeed, the primary "disclosures" sought by many self-proclaimed UFO believers and their idealistic advocates are of America's secrets, specifically of ongoing U.S. space operations

So, while NASA is being shrunk, at least publicly in a pruning of tax dollar expenditures, space has not been completely abandoned to our terrestrial neighbors (neither to any "E.T." friend or foe). Nor is the High Frontier being abandoned to "private enterprise" gearing up for space tourism by wealthy Narcissists or New Age seekers after Higher Truth (to visit God?).

It's just that President Obama has at long last ended the grossly inefficient cover operation for America's space militarization, which for decades has been embedded in "civilian" space ops.

Former President George W. Bush's signature "return to space" likely was a thinly veiled scheme to allow collaborative development of a space-faring nuclear propulsion system, dubbed Prometheus, by the Department of Energy, NASA and U. S. Navy reactor folks. It continued a decades long -- even generations long -- effort to develop nuke-powered craft.

Not that any of our adversaries, potential enemies or even closest allies were ever fooled by such a charade. It was fomented principally for our American citizenry, which has long held a distinctly "schizophrenic" mindset about our half-century foray into near-Earth orbits, at one point led by "converted" Nazi rocket men sheep-dipped by Disney and the Army into being "space pioneers," who cut their weaponized teeth on WMD which targeted British civilians.

That's not to omit or forget our nation's Cold War "dueling rockets" race to Earth's Moon, as inspired and ordered by the late President John F. Kennedy. The space race thus precipitated allowed a "hide-in-plain-sight" covert strategy to proceed along Manhattan Project levels of pace and funding, spinning up a program of outpacing and eventually bankrupting the former Soviet Union's failed efforts to keep pace with American space superiority (i.e., "Star Wars").

Of course, because we're "good sports" about winning the space race, we've deferred to the Russians and now hire them to ferry our astronauts and other "public" space goodies into orbit, outwardly jousting with Vlad Putin and his buddies, yet collaborating in space oh-so-clandestinely against our common extraterrestrial foe, the Peoples Republic of China, et al.

So, let's think! How likely is it that an American President who has already figured out how to conduct secret operations, even risky ones like assaulting Pakistan to take out Bin Laden at a safe house likely provided by that country's highly compromised intelligence service, would not afford himself of highly classified space defense (and perhaps offense) options for use if his more public "global conversations" with various terrorists and rogue states were to fail?

Before North Korea's admittedly failed launch of its "Dear Leader's" intercontinental ballistic missile, as much for its dictator's familial honor as to showcase its weapons technology to the usual suspects among its regular buyers of such weaponry, a number of nations in the region had threatened to shoot down "L'il Kim's" festive rocket on ol' Grandpappy's 100th birthday.

Only last Tuesday, Russia joined Japan, South Korea and Taiwan in pledging to shoot down the North Korean rocket if "any part of it" came near their territory. And the U.S., which in the public domain, at least, doesn't have much by way of anti-ballistic missile defenses, said we'd give tacit approval to allied efforts to shoot down any straying rocket.

And "maybe" we had one of our X-37s in orbit, as so said U.S. Space Command boss Shelton, cryptically but pointedly and publicly! Like so many successful secret operations, silence is the usual "after action" posture. Let 'em wonder! Remember: high tolerance for ambiguity!

Meanwhile, Ambassador-cum-Energy Secretary-cum New Mexico (Roswell!) Governor  Bill Richardson -- who has a demonstrable if mysterious "portfolio" in dealing with North Korea historically -- is back on the air urging the Obama administration and other global players to "Give peace a chance?" He encourages us to keep feeding the North Koreans, while "things" happen to their rocket dreams and principal industrial exports: WMDs and delivery systems.

Whether yesterday's crashed rocket dream of North Korea's well-fed "Dear Leader, Jr." is a result of technical failure, courageous sabotage by unknown (and hungry) indigenous rebels, or a "good shot" by one of our nonexistent space warfare capabilities, its outcome's the same.

Below is a link to the "highly classified" source where you, our above-average CCT readers, may find your own "Yellow Brick Road" that leads "Through the Looking Glass" to America's space weapon secrecy. It's disguised as Popular Mechanics, and... imagine... it's pretending to be a magazine published on, of all the quaint disguises, paper! From dead trees! (Ugh!)

And remember this: the X-37 is the technology "They" are TELLING us about!


Watch the skies!

Follow the money.

And more about Prometheus can be found here.


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