FE, FI, FO, FUM- I smell a Big Pipe scheme by GIANT Sneak-lectmen ! Yarmouth Waste WaterBoard -Meetings a Brainwash-out!

 Quesy, Quirky, Quake = Tall Tale Tax Tremor

That quake you feel in your boots is most likely not coming from an Earthquake or an impending Hurricane but the tremor is the impending doom you feel when Giant Big Government starts kicking the can down the road .  That road is the road to your house, and Big road is our little RT. 28.  The Big push, is gonna put a Big Hole in your road or if not (because some don't get the Big solution in this scheme ) a Big hole in your pocket.  (Everyone gets the Big Hole in the rear pocket, how nice and fair of the Gov't know it alls).  The Big Dig, Big Wind, Big Government,  and Big Pipe combines for a Giant local Big Scam and Big Scare. The Big Lie is the Big Bargain.   So we have to send a Big Message.   VOTE NO ON BIG PIPE!  (Special Town Meeting on Sept. 12th, and Special Town Election on Sept. 14th).

    This whole process has been nonsense.   The newly minted Town Administrator,  who lives in Chatham by the way,   and another guy who termed Big Pipe for the Town, lives in Sandwich along with people who campaigned for the Newly minted Quirky Selectman.  Speaking of  newly minted,  we know why,  the soon to be minted Millionaire ,  who got a big raise over the salary of our previous Administrator (who had nearly 3 times the experience and  nearly  4 times in the Town of  Yarmouth)after being shown the big door by the people of  Chatham, still lives in Chatham.  He can afford it!  Although,  his commute is probably longer because of the Big Dig traffic Jam,  he created and is looking to do here in Yarmouth,  he doesn't seem to mind adding the nightmare on both ends. (Must have a nice Car Service can you say limo-liberal ).  Oh, and because I know without attending the Brainwashing, (good news no one else has either) that they haven't pointed out,  that this will happen just as seasonal residents return.  Oh, and the  Tourist too.  I prioritize Residents,  Seasonal Residents also Taxpayers and Tourist/Visitors  but no matter which way you see it,  its a bottleneck boondoggle.  More on that later and the one side questions not answered by the insiders. (The attendance at these set ups,  have not been exactly flash mobs).   Both the "Minted Millionaire" and the newest Sneak-lect Man,  took less than an hour of their first meeting on May 24th,  to start their big scam , scare.  These guys are  slick alone,  together with Queeny McPipe they must feel invincible. 

  Passive Agreesive vs. Encouraging Descent   

      We warned you about this before and just after the May 17th, election.  We also , told you about the 3-2 votes that were to come after the unanimous votes to push this to Special Town Meeting.  (Everyone knows those are inside bag jobs by insiders , that ensure a Special Town Election).   You will be able to tell that I have been sitting on this for awhile,  as you see the ripped from the headline analogies.   They tried the CLF,  the sky is falling in April , May , June , July, August, and now September loan threat . (Although they for some reason put an option on the urgency by putting a non loan option on the one sided ballot question.   Huh,  isn't that this weeks urgency with them,  the loan?  )   Talk about hedging your bets.  These guys somehow find a way to cash in their bets on the world ending.  I have heard of  past posting bets,  but this post apocylpse cash in,  takes the cake.  I forgot who we are dealing with here.  Remember ,  this is a Quirky issue, with Quirky Science,  and includes the Quirky Selectman who has the most  experience,  with playing both sides of  a bet.  Remember,  the Town of  Yarmouth lost on that one too , to the tune of  $350 k but  that was almost 20 years ago, adjusted for inflation,  or 19 years and 19 times the loss is about right.  He didn't make the recent Boston Herald story on ethics commission fines that were never paid,  but he sure could have.   That's why the fact that this backroom deal is wrong on so many levels,  needs a Big Message response on many levels.  These two newly minted commas.  You know the comma's in a Million Dollars worth of  compensation for one,   and the comma's in the difference in the spaces the townspeople will lose because of  the slick lawyer in different decades.   They didn't want to encourage descent and have public discussions before the Sneak-lectman vote to send this forward, or open and close the warrant.  That was unanimous by the way,  the hedge for the two descenters came afterwards.  "We will leave this up to the voters".   No, the voters will not allow you to  grandstand here.  You could have stopped this before we had to pay for a Special Town Meeting.  You could have waited for the regular Town Meeting.  (Oh wait the Regular Town Election has a Selectman Election, hmmm!)

Red Flags and Red Flags

     To be honest ,  I didn't have a dog in the fight on this,  and never would have been watching the ball,  if  a few of the interested parties didn't try to strong arm me.  (You got the wrong guy, I have been fighting the bad guy my whole life, and intimidation has an opposite affect).    My intuition kicked in,  when too many of the insiders " doth protest too much".  When the 2 degrees of seperation faded into no seperation, then the red flags turned in to Communist Red Flags.  Marx my word if  there is a poor turnout,  on this  thing,  they won't stop there.  Heck,  Marx my word they are  gonna try this alot of  ways and on your dime, and in their time.  They already thought it open season on the different budgets because of  overides.  They  will try to get 3 out 5  overides instead of  2 of  4.  Then 6 of  10 and so on.  Speaking of  Red Flags you better start checking if  there are Red Flags flying  over Town Hall because if they can go in your pocket,  and pull it off  with this  scam under our nose with a  Town Meeting a Red Flag is nothing.        

     Think I am crazy, that is too much, and locals  will not try extremist stuff.    The U.S . Flag code Title IV,  Sec.  6,  para e,  says:  a  U. S.  Flag  should be  flown at  all public institutions .  Well ,  I have been on this  respectfully,  with the West Yarmouth library,  about  the fact that their rolled up flag , never goes out,  but  this library flag does.   The excuses have gone on for months,  including the time period where the library budget was a topic, and  the  school budget  overide was being pushed on a daily basis by the library staff.  (I will get to Town resources being used  to push an agenda in a second).   I offered to get a new holder,  a new pole, and  a new flag,  knowing these would be used as  an excuse.  Then I hear, South Yarmouth library doesn't have one, then  none of the libraries had them, and  that this library flag is in front of  all the libraries  all over the country. (Acorn outpost all over,  spreading propaganda).   I went from two wrongs don't make a right to two hundred or two thousand wrongs don't make a right.   I also went from this is mere disrespect , to my gut instinct it was against the law.  Luckily,  I was in the library,  and the U.S. Flag code went up on the desk.  (Title IV  Sec 6, para e). The flag didn't go up,  but another response did.  "I'll pass it on." they said.   Don't worry I said, I just did!  Then I look over my shoulder an award looking poster board and easel siting feet from where the flag should be.  Professional looking with a nice easle .  That's easel not eagle.   The eagle would be welcome in here but not a screaming eagle from my 101st Airborne Division.  I have one to bring down to them,  but I feel like a cyicle and hammer would be more welcome in there.  

NO WIC-Checks

     When can the Non Big Pipe Implementation Committee get their money to pay for and put up signs educating the public on this issue.   We don't want anymore money than what the implementation committee got, and we will not use "Town" Workers or "Town" Time to put the information sheets together.  We ask for the Selectman to borrow their yard signs and election day banners to put our Vote No on Big Pipe signs over, although all five of you will not need signs when the word gets out on the way you let this even get to Town Meeting.  Oh can we have that money back too, that it cost for the Special Town Meeting.    Yeah, you think when it is proven that the half billion that is saved they will cut us a 2 and 1/2%  under ride back in our pockets or will they have a an open and closed warrant to have a Special Town Meeting where instead of  voting they just hand out rebate cash.  They might have to hire back Ann Quirk and she might have to file another ethics notice.  Oh, there not hiring in this economy, you say.  Not so fast, feet from the easle is a job posting in the assesors office.  No not Firefighters ,  who got burned by lack of Selectman support on the 4 Jakes that would have saved a fire-boat load of overtime,  and $350k worth of  free Federal Safer Grant cash.  Free cash for those of  you who think Fed. cash is not our money.   I know this is infrastructure, and our Federal and State Taxes pay for that.  Don't be silly that would make sense.  This is Jack in the Bean Stalk fairy tale land.  We have to worry about Mythical suits, and an unreasonable Judge.  We have a newly minted Congressman  and State Senator,  they will make sure we get that money right?  They say the revolving funds-Fed and State for this is important.  A top priority.  Great than we don't have to worry about a loan,  heck this is shovel ready infrastructure , this problem is a ferry ride away from a Democratic President on Vacation who is ride behind Keating and Wolf.  Oh let us not forget Atsalis and Turner who represent Yarmouth.   I mean what did all these guys say at the Waste Water -Board Meetings.  Oh, they were a wash out.   They must have been on their respective hills , passing laws.  What's that August break?  Well then it must be every single one and two Sneak-lectman up for election.  You got it!  Same reason the Quirky Selectman had to wait for Sister to call the election.   If this thing doesn't go down the drain in a land slide I will eat my sole.   I either will be eating fresh sole from Bass River waters, celebrating or shoe leather somewhere else, because we will be fried sole otherwise.

 Office of  Political and Campaign Finance and Ethics Commission

     Riddle me this,  what is the difference between the ethics violation that was handed down when the Sandwich School Supt.  used the school alert system to push for one side of an issue,  and a WIC commitee spending money for propaganda , posters, printed materials?  What is the difference between   using Town facilities , that department heads previously  said they could not rent for Recreation Department purposes  (See the upcoming Flax Flacks=Tax Hacks article in subsequent articles) and using public resources illegally to push one side of an isssue).  Oh, by the way,  it has been recently mentioned  that the WIC is a citizen group.  No!  It is a charged government body,  appointed and charged by the Selectman.  Much like the Conservation Commision that Attorney Quirk was on when he was busted by the ethics commision.    Not that I care,  but I will be watching who files conflict of interest notice with the State Ethics Commission or the OPCF.   By my count there should be more than a half dozen from the Selectman and WIC.  It is easy to do people, if you want to see one look at the one,  Ann Quirk filed a few days before the election.  Sound familiar, Ann Quirk, was Assistant Town Clerk while her brother Jim Quirk was running for Selectman.  Now he could not support the Waste Water Plan that week, but give him a week or two and election certification and shascam a motion an hour in to his term.   Yeah, that is quick,  but getting election certification is quick as Quirk when your sister is in the Town Clerks office.  In case you don't know, the Town Clerk counts the ballots.   There is a new Assistant Clerk now,  too bad because I would like to imagine the reaction when brothers' perceived mandate gets a dose of good ol' fashion American Flag waving humble pie. ( Apple pie of course).

Famous Last Words from The Chatham Squire

     Just so you know, they are not gonna give up.   The Chatham Squire better known as the Yarmouth Town Administrator will try this every which way until Sunday.   If it passes it will go through the roof.  We will work it out later.  This is what Patrick Cassidy(you remember him,  he asked those questions of  the Selectman Candidates when they were against it  in May before,  during and after the Gun incident , as well as,  doing  the expose on a Selectman's race making it the most covered race ever) . He (PC Writer) wrote in the Cape Cod Times on Tuesday; Quoting the Town Administrator:  " The specifics on how the cost will  be allocated can still be worked out once the town meeting passes the spending measure, he said adding the selectman as sewer commisioners could decide on such a change after a public hearing".  This tells me the sky isn't falling, it says the sky is  the limit.   They say they will save between $11 Million and $22 Million. That means they admit they could be off by $11 Million.    I say they could be off by $11 Million alright between the Zero and $11 Million.  Probably closer to the  $ 1/2 Billion they are off by.  It will not save us anything . It  will cost us way more. 

Three Little Bears or Three Big Bears

The Three Big Bears is the reoccuring $3 Million.  The Three Million Bears for the Design,  the three million they were off  from $55-$58 Million.  Three Million for the phase two Design.  The Three Million difference in the Loan savings that was originally $8 Million to $11Million in Loan Savings.  Then their is the  threes little bears.    The three little phases this was suppose to be, and the three little more phases now.  Don't worry Phase 3 Million will solve the problem.  Not!  Three Million Dollars  a year in Beach revenue,  and Three Million Dollars in Golf  Revenue.  (See Barnstable  Golf  to see if there is money to be uncovered, or wasted).  Three Million dollars each in cost for both of  those ventures.  Funny how that works out.   Three Million More reasons to vote NO!  If you plan to go to  Hyannis on Special Election day.  Request an Absentee Ballot.  Request one anyway.  If you don't go out of Town or simply want to vote in person then Vote NO!  (Just so you know the same Town Clerk that counts the ballots, and check the machines puts your absentee ballot in the box).   There is no inconvience for not voting.  Rarely do we get what we want, sometimes we get what we need, but if this thing passes you will get what you deserve and you know where, in your rear....Pocket.


Big Sell Carnival put on the road,  and a tree fell in the woods. 

     Just when you think they are listening to us about waste ,  fraud and abuse in Giant government,  and they are seemingly getting it however,  minimally the can gets kicked down the road,  our road.  Just when you think that everyone is getting the fact that the cronies in the backroom are a thing of the past transparency gets the smoke and mirror treatment. Just when you thought everyone was getting the fact that you can not sell us deals that will be under budget on a promise,  before or after a bid.  Just when you think you can not convince us that they will not cause traffic jams, and especially not in the summer,  they come up with one scheduled for you guessed it, the summer.  

Titantic Gov't Ram Big Pipe while Phasing us with Phase 1, 2, 3...etc shell game! 

    The Waste Water Snake Oil Salesmen,  I mean (WIC) Women Infant and Children, I mean the group tasked with selling Big Pipe who have not convinced two people,  are starting to panic.    They are a victim of  their own scheme.    You see they did not want to educate .  So much so  that even  when they were  given a new charge they did not want  to  risk the chance that they would have to educate.    They knew they couldn't say that we are going to take  the  carnival act on the  road,  or  even imply  they were  selling  anything.   They had  to  pretend alot of support,  while pretending  to be un-biased.   Funny thing  about  feigning  descent,  your  opponents don't  participate in their own demise.  You see they didn't want  both sides out, or opposing opinions because  then all the resources they got  ,   would have to (if everything was on the up and up)  give the same amount to promote the opposing view.  If  you can write the ballot question and formulate the frequently asked questions,  your opposition gets steamrolled.     You see no education. Actually, you couldn't see , because you can not pull a fast one and let people see at the same time.    They avoided public outcry by using the old shell game.   You can't see the ball in the old shell game.   They were inventive though.   Usually,  its the cover of darkness that you  get the wool pulled over your eyes.   Here it was the cover of  Summer.   Now they are being hung with their own rope.   Those of us that were  ready to simply point out what was going on,  simply had to wait.   The other  good  part is they have no time  to respond with more  propaganda when we point out how wrong this is on so many levels.   They have been so use to  hoping  that low voter turnout will help their inside quiet track.   Yeah,  that works when Town Workers have their jobs on the line.  It works if   you  can convince the library supporters if they don't vote for schools a  library or fire station will be closed.   If some other budget will be affected then one of the other teams may come out,  on top of the crony base.  In this case,  no one benefits.   The groups that will be after an over-ride later know usually only 2 of  4 pass at best and usually not 2 years in a row.   (In this  economy  probably not  at all).  They also know,  that the biggest project ever will eat up a large portion of any good will or political Capital they get.  

      They also know that the 55 million grew to 58 million already,  and the $275 Million will surely grow,  especially when the bidding hasn't started.   I mean really,   when has a project ever come in under bid,  or the bid been equal to the estimate.   Throw in the fact that this construction has to begin within 6 months.   Hello,  6 months from November-December equals you guessed one "hell" of  a summer of  traffic down 28.   So, people who even don't care about finances, (good luck finding them these days) care about an intentional traffic mess.    Any secret cut throughs will be well published detours.   Not to mention the business that are going to be hurt.   Yeah,  the two hotels that will benefit from this will ride it out.   You have to ask yourself why they are willing to pay for this,  and the disruption.   The answer is they are gonna save alot of  money,  and guess who is paying for it.  You guessed it ?  

Fee, Fi , Fo, Fum  I smell a Big Pipe Ramming from Sneak-lectmen.

FEE, FINES, FAUX, FUMBLE-That's the way the wallet and cookie jar begins to crumble.    This scheme has more smoke and mirrors than a fire in a carnival fun house and an equal amount of  clowns performing their shell games while looking in the Mirror as we pay full admission.    Wait until you see the biased ballot question .  It will probably read something like.  A Yes vote means you are the smartest most unselfish person in the world,  who would be Sainted if you weren't  as dumb as the no people who believe in an unscientific God.   A No vote means you are an idiot,  who is uncaring,  and selfish.  Now the Yes vote for Big Pipe will use words like "bargain",  that will painfully remind you of the promises we heard about the Big Dig, and  Big Wind.   This one-sided education of the public, that used our funds to use our funds, makes the recent posturing of  League of Women voters a mere blip. (They admitted they were wrong,  and have a good  history of  allowing both sides to write their own view of any Yes/No Ballot Question).  Now this Circus is jumping through more than 3 rings.   The numerous potential conflict of  interest filings,  should number at least a half dozen or more, between the Selectmen and the WIC,  should fill one ring.   The bass-akwards town meeting warrant,  a flawed process,  and  the more strict Massachusetts State Voting Laws and deadlines will make this vote real difficult to accomplish.   Finding someone who can explain how this process came about without their nose growing is equally near impossible. 

     We told you about the unessecary  farse of the implementation commitee.  They did not want to change to education commitee because they did not want people to think they had to be convinced.   This is despite the fact that the public came out against this on their own, and so much so  that they could not sneak it by on the Regular Town Meeting.  So after not convincing a soul they,  tried a different scheme. 

Titantic Big Pipe Ramming flush good money after bad down the toilet with shell game phase 123

       First, lets refresh your memory, because any good shell game consist of  slight of hand and a memory deceptor.    Normally, it takes from January until May for the regular town warrant.  (This is no normal group).  They have to be extra slick, because this is the biggest  and most public project in History for this town.  (See Big Dig, and Big wind).  The amazing part is these guys did it, in  minus 2 weeks squared.   Yeah, it is a confusing formula, this is the Fee, Fi, and the Faux.  You see,  or actually you did not see , as aforementioned, any of this.  So "we the people" stopped the Regular Town Meeting, and then  sky was  falling  for  a short fuse  future June Special Town Meeting back in May.   Now this you can see, (See on -Demand Video and Minutes on Town website) : The infamous Debate and Town Elections were early May.  The Selectmen Candidates and the current Selectmen (with one Gun Slinging Member of  both groups)  could not or would not publicly support any plan.  The Candidates said so during the Infamous Gun Debate, after question and re-questioning by local media.   The Selectmen in their regular meeting  just thereafter could not support at that time.  Try as she did,  a Citizen was accused of  interogation.  Kind of ironic given the Waste Water Board Meeting one sided Brain Washing,  that an honest question is described that way.  Furthermore, to add insult to injury,  in the first hour of their first meeting the new Selectman and Town Administrator amazingly had a motion ,  a date for a special Town Meeting.   This was May 10, May 17, and May 24th respectively.    Amazing because the finance portion was discussed July 12

Yarmouth Sneaklectman vs. Barnstable Counzillas

People are begining to compare the  Barnstable's infighting to Casey Anthony and her banged up bunch.  Now despite the fact there have been more shootings, and killings recently close to Town Home then Fla. Down home,  I think the Yarmouth Sneak-lectman more like the Bulger crew if we are gonna pull from the headlines.  The Yarmouth bunch like Whitey, Billy and Jackie,  pretend not to know what eachother are up to  but show up together in public forums in support of eachother.  Ironically,  both groups had guns conviscated, very recently.   The Santa Monica and California government analogies aside as well as   their combined common affections of living close to the water,  their are many close calls in the comparison.   Billy Big Dig-Sneak-lectman Big Pipe/Unanimous disregard to taxpayers $/Jim -Jim with White Hair etc.    Barnstable seems like a sibling rivalry that will be worked out by the Parent voter, either in Nov. or by a Mayor election between Crocker and Klimm after reorganization of town government.  Now I love the fact that people are speaking up, if only to remind their Elected Representatives who is actually in charge.  Crocker and Klimm are playing a nice game of chess.  It looked for a moment like Crocker would be put in the Crock pot of public opinion.  Jim too his credit faced the music,  and countered.  This is shaping up right down party lines and like the town it is appropriate.  In my opinion, this will end up being about the City of  Barnstable, and Klimm or Crocker will be Mayor.   My money is on Klimm taking the $ 1/4 Million, and spending time with his family as they all say.   Crocker was smart enough not to fall into trap of  comprimising the agreement, and his reward maybe the First Mayor of the City of  Barnstable.   Klimm wants to rally support , but maybe rallying the wrong team.   The transparency and government waste crowd who are against the golden handcuffs, may realize that his team were responsible for both.   This may seem dysfunctional but it looks like the double doze of  sunshine may disinfect nicely.  Yarmouth Selectman on the other hand are walking hand in hand in to the tunnel of love,  leaving us all in the darkness of the tunnel   I delayed the writing of this article and you can see how the headlines changed.  As predicted throughout nothing much has changed in Yarmouth while we the Taxpayers are getting the Pipe.


 If you are getting that sinking feeling in your gut it is probably because what is left of your savings is gonna be flushed down the toilet.

     If the Bruins Goaltender Tim Thomas defended the goal like the Yarmouth Board of Selectman defends the "People" of Yarmouth,  we would not see the Stanley Cup as Champions for another 39 Years.   The Extra-Terrestial Chairman of the Board of "Sneak-lectman and his Co-Conspirators in Big Pipe, tried to pull a fast one on us by letting goals go past us.  If they were our Goalie, and I was our Coach, I would pull the Goalie.  Oh, wait they are suppose to be our defenders and we are their bosses.   


     It was looking  like ET (the Extra-Tall Giant of a Chairman) was gonna have the pucks, and make a big save, but Tim Thomas he is not.    After we warned you that they would do an Open & Close Warrant ,  they did it!  If that is not outrageous enough, they even kept the "Implimentation Committee" name.  ET, led with his now standard preamble passive disclaimer and apology opening, "this is not gonna be popular."  (Ironically it is the most popular statement from this  board ever, if  you mean with the townspeople).   He meant with the "we know better than you Sneak-lectman and WIC".   ET went on to properly point out, as we did in that warning post,  that the Big Pipe issue should be presented in a balanced manner.  (You know the way the league of Women does it,( well I mean use to do it).      Fairly, is a tag line these days, as is equality, but the Sneak-Lectman "know better than us".   Just ask them.  Don't expect an answer,  but watch their actions and you will get it. 

     They know we busted them trying to "Sneak" this through .  They know there was overwhelming opposition in the few public meetings they have had.  (At least the ones that were announced in advance and recorded).  More on that later.   In the mean time,  request the Absentee Ballots, tell you friends,  (especially if  they are buying or selling anytime in the future) to VOTE NO!!

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