Political Round Up- Rubio/Rudy or Obama/Hillary Presidential /Local excitement yet to come !

    Local talkmasters and TV pundits are finally admiting I was on the money on how the Presidential race would play out a few months ago.   Ed Lambert (WXTK),   Howie Carr (WRKO),  Joe Malone (WATD)/ (Fox 25) and Jen Brien (WXTK)/(WRKO) all are starting to come around about what I told them months ago.   Ed suggested I go outside and scream the name and see who knows Marco Rubio.  When people were talking about Alan West,  Herman Cain, Donald Trump , Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Tim Palenty (bad when by the time you try to spell his  name you have to give up & so does he, first), Newt Gingrich,  Rick Santorum, George Pataki, Jon Huntsman,  I said Marco Rubio is the energy you will get to know.  Ed and Jen went through a dozen of those,  including Bachman when I made the call to have him put on the calender.   Howie, fought me for awhile,  but slowly came around esp. when I asked Newt Gingrich about Senator Rubio (FLA.) and he practically endorsed him and he is still in the race.   Howie finally agreed to attempt to get Marco,  for a dying man in a Hurricane (me-I am still dying,  I only have 100 years to live-Don't tell cc today-commenters I am alive, I'm pretending to be lost in the storm).    Newt and everyone else say that Rubio is on a short list of  one for Vice Presidential Nominee.  You know what I call someone who is on everyone's list to be VP ?  I call him the Next President!  Think about it he is the young energy candidate.  He is the Handsome Husband of a former NFL cheerleader /Model.    (SEE Scott Brown -model with former model wife).  The son of  legal immigrants,  Cuban Exiles,  who sought asylum.    Their children learned to speak the language.  So much so,  that one of them just showed up our Senior Senator John Kerry, on the Senate floor.    I have to admit I worked for John Kerry back in 1984 when he was the underdog and my Dot . friend Mike Wholley,  was his field guy.   I have always been an Independant who works for an underdog almost exclusively, unless the Candidate becomes a friend and is stepping up as an incumbent.    People change,  and sometimes very quickly.  John Kerry , is an example.  I couldn't walk a day in his flip flops.   Now Mike Wholley, went on to be a legendary field, guy, and another Dot friend Jamie Houton,  who worked for Kerry told me along time ago that in D.C. there is alot more cooperation than they let on.   It is especially true  with members of  Congress from the same state , and particularly with their staff, as they are trying to help the same people back home.  As an Independant that bothers me less than the extremist of either party.   Kerry and Brown getting along doesn't  bother me.   Some of Kerry's comments I have been offended by, but it is not like I am going out to Iowa for him again, and why I left the last time. 

     The bottom line it is all about "We the People".    The lunchpail Union guys, the Small Businessmen, the Cops or the  Jakes, and us everyday ordinary Joe's all just really want commonsense solutions.    We want the frauds to be exposed and we vote for the best candidate, in our opinion most of the time.   I admit I have worked for one candidate and voted for the other.   Mainly it was when I knew I was going to win big,  and wanted to keep my candidate honest or I had several friends in the same local race.   Several of those classic Boston races were like the Civil War.  No, not the  busing issues,  just that families were split amongst several candidates.  Marty Walsh rep race where Coakley came in 4th of 5 is one,  Menino v. Brett,  and Maureen Feeney for Dist. 3 Council race, another (btw Dougie Bennett is taking the Keating Carpetbagger Mantle to a new level in the battle to replace her  and more families are being split up there, but none of them Dougie's family).   Should be close between my friends John O'Toole ,  Craig Galvin and the brother of  a little league team-mate of mine Frank Baker.  (Frank was coming up at the Dot Boys' Club when I was Social Recreation Director and Mark Wahlberg was a regular) I tried to steer Dougie to one, but he wanted to waste his own time and money,  and did not know how wired I was up there before he pissed me off.   If  he wins that race I will have to go to the Reebok store and eat a boat load of  sneakers.  (His placard will have to read:  Councilor D. Bennett (R)-Dorchester,  North End,  Nantucket,  PA-Farm Boy-See Keating later on).   It should be O'toole and Galvin , although if  Baker  steals second O'toole is a shoe in.  There are those footwear Cliche's again.  Hey, appropriate for races, don't you think?

      Back to the Rubio underdog Candidacy.   He was Speaker of  the House in Florida  , the gold standard of transparent government.  (Not like Mass.  gold standard in Criminal Government).   He is young and energetic but the same  age range as Obama.   Those people who drooled over Obama like he was Denzel Washington will not have a problem with a Latin Heart-throb.  For you guys who think this is crazy,   I say,  Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman vs. Hillary.    I agree to an extent.   If we have to look at these people for 4-8 years ,  and they all will screw things up equally,  we might as well enjoy the view.   So here is what ties this all together.    Hillary resigns,  John Kerry becomes Secretary of  State; Gov. Patrick appoints himself, not so LiTe Gov.  Tiny Tim gets a two year boost up on the Governors Saddle;   Biden is invited to go on the speakers tour and takes itl  to buy good will for his son in Deleware down the road.  Besides how much beating up can a guy take .  He is the only one less popular than O'bama , ever!    This will give big energy to the Dems.  but they will hold onto until there is Republican energy.  Perry , the flavor of the week does not have the staying power and Romney has been done.  Romney could be King Maker but he is listening to the Krazy Kahezei Karl Rove want to be,  Eric Fehrnstrom.    Scott Brown has distanced himself already,  and the Shawmut Group might reconfigure and let Eric ride out the Romney gravy train.  That train is on a short track, that will coast home on cash but little else after N.H.   Rubio may try to take the easy way out with VP nod but that is a huge mistake.  Carpe Diem Marco,  Saturday Night Live Scott Brown will be winking his way around the Country in 2016 and you will be too attached to a failed Perry/Rubio ticket to smile out of  it.  

     On the other hand,  you and Rudy could win,  the South including the automatic FLA swing state.  Bachman and Palin will get behind you and get you swings-Iowa/Minn/Ariz/Alaska.  Perry would even be behind you,  although you could beat him now in Texas  and New Mexico another swing state.    Rudy would get you New York even with Hillary and  Christie would get you NJ.    The hispanic vote in cities like New York, Philly and LA could be different in their respective states.      Obama will have to fight the economy on his own,  so the Romney /Trump business logic means nothing.   This criminal  illegal alien stuff works from Arizona to Massachusetts,  and Perry loses with his Deval Patrick like illegal tuition stuff is a game breaker.    If  you don't run,  Obama wins in his sleep and we all have to look at Hillary's fat ass,  for another 4 years.  I don't know about you but don't all of those pant suits look the same.   We know she can afford all of the different designers but she still looks the same.   Talk about lip stick on a pig.  The all ugly ticket would be Hillary /Paul unless Kusinich wants in, but he already got a wife in the last deal.   His mother must be the only one who was happy he got in the race,  because she would never have grandchildren.    

    On the local front Keating may have to carpet bag again from Quincy back to Stoughton or Brockton,  as Lynch gets more of  Quincy and another more conservative South Shore Town.   Capuano and Frank will get Milton and split more of  minority Boston and liberal Cambridge.   Patrick will convince Oliver to go with some golden handshake, and the Cape will be ignored again!   I mean what do you expect when  Keating/Wolf/Murray/Atsalis/Peake/Turner are mum on their wastewater issue,  while  people are up in arms in their districts .  Crickets!   Tom Keyes might drain more cash from murray and cut into that small victory yet!  Inside Ball-  like the umpire in the Sox v. NYY Monday night.  I'm out.

     Speaking of the Congressional CarpetBagger,  did you hear his recent one, while he was down here on Cape (Not at Big Pipe meetings btw-Don't worry Cong. CB no else came either) about storm loss of power issue.  Yeah, he was making a candy coated appearance with the Coast Guard and commented, "...in my district we have National Grid...".   Fraudian slip of  redistricting proportions,  while saying that on the Cape.  Hate the break the news to you, or your constituents it is your District Congressman.  Most people still think their Congressman is Bill, but they think it is Delehunt.  They think this Bill is still in a fight with O'leary and General is yet to come.  The good news is he may be out our  hair (we can't be out of his) soon.  Either he gets totally knocked out as low man on totum poll in redistrict plan, they pair him against Lynch, or the rest of  agree with him that this isn't his district.  File under Congressional Power Outage!

     Despite the many instances of  mis-information on Big Pipe put out by the WIC  and their comrades in the Pravda media,  the most recent is the most disturbing.  They have put out that you can only vote by absentee ballot 30 days out.   This is patently false.  Absentee ballots can be recieved even after the election.  This is the main reasons elections are not certified until 10 days after elections.    Another misconception is that they count them later because of  the previous fact.   They are counted first actually,  if they come in before election day.  So, if you send one in as soon as you recieve from the Town Clerk and it gets there it is counted.  If you are say in Iraq, or  send in a few days before  it counts unless it is post marked after that date.  These absentee ballots have been important in several recent elections.   The same person who is in charge of the ballots at your voting location is in charge of  them , so you should trust just as much.  I like even better,  because it ensures my vote.  Alot of times ,  getting back into town is harder than we think,  and this is not a worry.  Also,  it is nice to spend time at the kitchen table really thinking about my vote with no rush,  like you are holding up the line,  or at a betting window,  even if  they seem like horse races.  Kitchen table issues,  kitchen table votes works great for me.   There is no third degree on this,  there can not be.   Health issues,  religious reasons,  (I religiously vote, and I pray my guy wins.) or if you are simply out of town, every reason is good enough.  ( This could be Hawaii, or Hyannis).    You can't vote twice,  but you can't vote early.   I like early and often but early works fine enough.   Low voter turnout  is not a good thing and usually favors those with not so noble reasons.  Keep them honest which ever way you want just keep them honest and vote!   If you are in Yarmouth Vote NO on Big Pipe!  Sept 12th  Special Town Meeting/Sept. 14th Special Town Election.


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