U. S Senator Scott Brown is "Still the One" ! Popular " Rock Star" is Best Retail Politician Ever!

   There is a reason that Scott Brown has the highest favorable rating of all politicians here in Massachusetts and probably anywhere.    There is no one who has taken more pictures with people then U.S. Senator Scott Brown.   The "Rock-Star" popular leader is not just compared with other boring Politicians or only at fundraisers with Business Leaders or Veterans.  Think about it,  has Tom Brady,  Justin Beiber,   or any sitting President taken as many pictures?  Now grant it , Ronald Reagan didn't  have the advantage of  digital or phone camera's.  (People did take pictures with cut -outs of him if that counts)?  Presidents have security precautions  to deal with that Senators don't always endure such restrictions.   I am sure John Kerry isn't on anyones facebook page with recent photos, if ever.    Tom Brady and Justin Beiber avoid camera's as much as possible, and certainly don't pose much.   I was with Scott Brown twice in the last few months in Dorchester.  (Not exactly a rich Republican stronghold although Reagan Democrats was coined when President Reagan came to the Eire Pub).  The Irish Festival in Dorchester turned out tens of  thousands,  and I can tell you that at least 75 people came up and asked me to take pictures of them with the Senator on two separate visits.  The Senator was so popular,  that  he came back,  after going  to a hockey charity puck drop at a Boston college .  He must have taken 200 or so camera photos.  There were other pictures where people  kinda jumped in behind just to get in shots.  Mainly,  because they didn't want to wait for the backup.   If you don't believe me look at Bill Brett's( the famous Boston Globe Photographer of  Dorchester) photos on his site.   Queen Liberal Lizbeth, is not in any of  these pictures.  You find poses with famous local Democrat's in the pictures.  There was a big local City Council race,  that all had union backing, but no one wanted to be around the Queen.  State Rep. Marty Walsh ,  a former labor leader,  and Congressman Steve Lynch,  who was an Ironworker,  were all  in Brett's photos.   Former Mayor, Ambassador Raymond Flynn and Southie/Dot.  State Senator Jack Hart are in a bunch of  pictures with Senator Brown.  The only proof  the Queen was there, was leaflets on the ground.  She came to litter.  Oh and this crowd was full of  families, not like the rabble at the occu-sty.  They really did have to estimate with cameras and count those in establishments at the Festival but we have to estimate a couple dozen with local Cape Occu-sty squad.  They are rolling out dead people now,  like good election day Democrats!

      What's wrong with these  "I know better than you",  intellectuals?  They can not count to 24?   I know it is tough when the pictures are of  three heads bleeding out of the picture.  It is , admittedly difficult to count bodies without heads.  (Headless and brainless seems to be a prequisite, and lately breathing may be optional).   How about counting while you are there?  I will tell you why.  They won't miscount.  It is easier to estimate and round up.  Otherwise, someone with a cell phone camera would expose that lie, and expose the count included  the punks in the background dealing in front of  Town Hall.  (Oh,  laptop stolen that weekend at the Library-hmm?)  They took pictures from above at the Dorchester event.   I know there weren't aircraft that day flying around but I saw some great pictures from what must have been roofs not top floors locally.   That is the local flight path, but not Wolfe's Cape Air usual pattern.   However, if they need pictures to include the Cemetary up main street I am sure Wolfe would help with the "estimated" number inflation .  I mean the CC Times can not avoid thousands of  long time entrenched, I mean entombed residents.

    My favorite Occu-sty Obamaville  one,  is the two heads of  the Queen , and our St. Sen. Wolfe heads extending from the tight shot at an Occu-sty.  This is great because the great minds heads put together can only fit in one shot, and because they are both one percenters who have leveraged their competition.  They both use their money to buy elections,  and try to buy votes from their middle class Democratic opponents.  I mean Sheila Lyons, Marisa Defranco and the other hardworking candidates have been ignored .  The estimated dozen (I can count them all for you) opponents of these two members of the top one-percent ,  have a combined income less than these two.  I would be willing to bet it is less than all of the Cape Occu-sty members combined.  That includes the Liberal Lawyer from Falmouth, and Beth Verani the D-Y Teacher who some how got out of  school by 3pm.  (She never took my challenge to protest the President on the Vineyard this summer).  Her salary was 75k plus,  not including any summer income less tent cost.  Oh,  no tents in Hyannis.  Sorry I did not know because there were NO PICTURES!  Oh there was the CC Today pictures in front of the CC Times.  Wow,  they are calling the Times Conservative.  Too funny.  That is like Latimer complaining he gets less time on here than me.    Rich wasn't in the picture .  Objective Journalism he might say.  Can't count him in the estimated two dozen then, or the regular bums hanging on the Hyannis Village Green.    The most recent one Yesterday had another estimated dozen with an estimated listed on the injured reserve list for questionable for the next Occu-sty not because of  lack of interest because of lack of life-literally. 

What's Next Gravestones to represent the Democrats they roll out on Election Day !

  What's next are they gonna bring gravestones, for people who would have been there if they could.  Peter White doesn't count as he is an anti-war incumbent, not anti-wall street.  He will go anywhere they don't throw him out.  The reason there is no other news coverage, is the same reason there are no other pictures.  Its an embarassing turnout in a tornado, not some rain.  It's not like they all couldn't fit under the bandstand.  Give up walter and print this if  you want to show that  you are better than the Cape Cod Times. 

    Anyway the other event was the Dorchester Day Parade where thousands lined up over miles.  Fans of  "The Rock Star Senator", of every race ,  creed and origin  along Dot Ave ran up for pictures with Scott.  So, Queen Elizabeth had an estimated thousand in Roxbury, where she filled half a Gym with a half court screen.  Hey,  at least we could count if we wanted to with this camera angle.  My question is that they all looked white.  That is not the crowd I see outside the Reggie Lewis Center,  now or back when Scott Brown and I were playing hoop back in the day.  As a matter of  fact,  Scott's Tuft's roomate lived not far from there.   So Elizabeth had a black lady introduce her, and imported the crowd.  They must be making some big carpet bags these days in the Peoples Republic these days. 

    So to answer the Dave Kents rhetorical question about the crowds Senator Brown can draw for free.  I would respond with the question if the NBA is playing this year.  Because Scott Brown would need Boston Garden,  and he could play hoop with his 99% friends from the neighborhood.   Oh, and btw Senator Brown will be having a Charity event at the Boston Park Plaza , December 9th ,  the same place where his victory party was Jan. 19th , 2010.  The crowd was thousands and thousands spilling outside, into Park Square bars.  Not estimated,  local, and national photos all over.   The food bank will benefit,  and people will pay. 

U.S. Senator Scott Brown the most popular and simply the 'Best' retail Politician ever.   The most popular now, and will be at the next victory party.  If you haven't got your picture, there is still time not to be the last.  But not long!  -Inside Ball!  Sports and Politics the best games in town!


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