Barney Frank-ly we don't give a Dem, about Deval's Advocates, Queens, Kings or Warren Factions!

 See ya,  still wouldn't want to be ya!  Now WE don't have to pretend,  to like YOU! ( not that we ever did!) 

      I guess there were times where we had to be polite.  Other times when you might help someone we respect.  The only people happier than me, are those people who lived in his District and had to fight daily to say I never voted for him.  Imagine a Conservative New Bedford FisherMAN VETERAN!  They know what he didn't do for him, but had to say it more than me.  That guy must be skipping down the Yellow Brick Road, like the Mayor of  Munchkin Land.  See ya, ( well I hope not), and still don't want to be ya!

    So Barney Frank is leaving.  " Don't cry for me New Bedford.  The truth is I never loved you"!   So what is Barney to do?  The Evita of Newton , a man/evita without a country,  (Even if in Mass. he has a bathroom)!  Casino lobbyist?  Banking Lobbyist?  Financing for Casino's ? Spend more time with the family?  Coach Basketball in Central NY?  Football in Penn?  Is there a  bigger plan here?

    John Olver did not want to leave Congress, and he gave up a Mass. seat on appropriations .  So there has to be a bigger plan, or Frankly, Barney  would have retired before, Olver, right?  (GerryMander 2.0-200.00).  Oh, so that is what Demi (I am no longer with Ashton) Atsalis meant!  (Gerry Studds) Mandering.  I was only joking, but surreal how this works out!   Next Stop Syracuse or State College for real?  The Next Stop may be the stop Bill Keating will make on the way to the Cape.  Carpet Bags not unpacked!  The traffic on the bridge is because Bill left his belongings all over the road turning around heading back to Stoughton and Sharon! 

It's  appropriate!  Something "Fishy"  in New Bedford District-Sec. of State Kerry!

      I still think Hillary is gonna step down as Sec. of State,  and after this weekend, it may be accelerated!  John Kerry has clearly indicated that he thinks he is smart enough to become Secretary of  Obummer School of International Relations .    (Barney is right behind him)! I mean really,  which one of  them thinks he is smarter?  Answer both of them, just ask them.  I mean,  Barney was right behind Teddy in Liberal stature.  Or was it Staute/Bust/Butts?  I mean amongst the  Congressional Delegation, Barney did not think Lynch deserved the nod to take any mantle,  and  Capuano can't say he lives as Liberal a life as Barney!  I am Still trying to figure out what Olver got?  Oh, wait, a western Mass. Casino Gaming Commission slot.   You can not make this stuff up,  but the Western Mass. town in the lead is PALMER?  Yes, like the writing style!    Hey, don't look at me,  these are just the truth better than fiction, facts.

Willing to Bet-ti there is a Setti,  but not willing to bet you know what with this crowd!

    So,  is it Deval or Barney who walks into the appointment for Kerry's seat,  or was that what Queen Elizabeth Warren was projected to become?  (Self Appointment the Royalist of  Flushes).   Take an outside shot at down-town Scottie Brown and we will reward you!  If it doesn't go  well, we will reward you with the same Corronation in  the Kerry seat Special Election.  Wait how about both of them?  No you can not have two Queens running at once.  One thing is for sure, Barney was never going away quietly,  so create your own scenerio.  I mean he is not the type not to see an opening and take it.  Or is he?  Syracuse and Happy Valley too far from Newton.   Oh , wait there is another Warren/Deval connection.  Hmmm,   Newton Mayor ,  touted by Deval?  It is   all coming together.   Should I say they are coming together?   Want to bet-ti there is a Setti endorsement by them all?  I just wonder if they all met on Martha's Vineyard or in the West Coast of  Mass.  in the Summer State House for Olver, by Deval's pool.

  The other Newton Liberal Lyin' Bankin' Barney,  would love  a  Temporary "Occupy the Senate" !  It seems more his style, or up his alley.  I mean John Kerry is more insider, 1% than State Senator Wolfe,  and he would love to be called the liberal lion of the Senate for a day!  Even it it was the Nittilly Liberal Lion as Obamma might say, he would be in Happy Valley or some other way to describe a Most Merry, Cherry Fellow!    This is a beard, if I ever saw one!

     I definitely think they are gonna wait to see who is the most likely Republican.  The party seems to be , by default,  throwing a wrench in the works.  If this stretches out to the Convention, it will be clear that Florida Senator Marco Rubio will be the King maker.   My Brokered convention has gone down from the cost of the Yarmouth Big Pipe numbers to a million-1, to a thousand -1 , to Romney showing in NH.  If Mitt doew not crush them, it will come down to South Carolina, which will come down to Florida,  and then a Brokered convention is a 4-1 shot.   I am talking 30 or 40 pts in NH then high doubles in S.C.  and a strong showing in Florida.  If  on the other hand,  he gets crushed in Iowa,  splits in NH, then Gov. Nicci Haley of SC will not be able to hold back, Newt and Herman .  It will be off to the convention with no one on board after but the establishment guys who will and always have hedged their bets.   If  Rubio comes out looking like I think he will,  the above Hillary plan will be the play they call.  The question is will it be a basketball or football play and will be Barney be a coach?  Obama will not be able to say he knows nothing about it, like Paterno or Boehiem.    Sports and Politics the best games in Town!  The Sports of  Kings or Queens? 

A Real  Bummer after all!

    Maybe that is what we will see in the Bathroom Bill?  If I am right, we will be seeing old Bathroom Bill Clinton around more than some of us want.   Scroll down because my real Throw the Bums out piece, got accidently thrown out with Walter's Thanksgiving Day left overs!    Maybe it is just in the back of the fridge.  Maybe cold, on D-Y sports stuff , but the rest can be re-heated.   I know my meal with my kids watching the Pat's was very tasty!  (You may have to hit "older post" because it seems it is hidden in back of  fridge and the light is broken).

You heard it here first!

     Remember,  I told you we would have a new Cape Representative before anyone.  I also, was first to say, Keating will Carpet Bag around!  I also said Stoughton /Sharon home district would come back into play!  I was first to mention Hodgsdon.  Now I still think there are others on the Horizon, but Hodgsdon has right of first refusal! 


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