2011-2012 Predictions: Slow Turtles and Stranded Dolphins

     So I guess the Kemp's -Ridley Turtles will be late.  In addition to sounding like a Congressional Bill, that  all to often show up ill and take too long to get here like the Sea Turtles!  (No insult to Kemp-Roth).  So my first prediction for 2012 is the Sea Turtles will be slow!   (May be a good nick name for the New Sturgis West, along with Sea Dogs, if the rumor of  'Sunami(Green Wave) is not true , or my favorite Sturgis West  Sea Wolves )!  So my Predictions of 2012 will be like my predictions of 2011 , predictable.  Slow Turtles and Stranded Dolphins are as predictable as the tides, but not all of them will be of the Sea kind.   I mean the point is to be correct, and the lay ups seem to be the easiest ones.  They are like solving crimes it is always the easiest solution.   You know,  most of the bank robberies will happen at banks, because that is where the money is held.  I did not make that prediction last year, or the year before and they were good non-calls (another key to good PREDICTIONS KNOW  WHEN TO PUT THE WHISTLE AWAY, TOO BAD H.S. FOOTBALL REFS. DON'T PREDICT CALLS BETTER.)  because mortgage, and bailouts stole alot more!  How about this one?  Politicians will attempt to sell their votes and groups will attempt to buy them!  Ok too easy, I admit.  How about some will get caught?  A little better but vague I agree!  Well, let me show you some of my far out predictions that were long shots that ended up, or are well in the works of coming true against big odds! 

YARMOUTH BIG PIPE-  This was the Biggest and the Best in so many ways!  One , making the analogy , and coining the Big Pipe phrase to help with the Big Dig connection made it easier for the astute Yarmouth Citizenry!  They were gonna make the choice, if they got the information, but the long odds were in blocking the GOOD information, and the Insider BAD WIC-FORMATION!   The sky was falling all summer long, and into the fall , into winter,  before and after Hurricanes, Earthquakes,  and Space Junk predictions that all were suppose to be the end of us all.   The proproganda started before the regular town elections, and my predictions on the mandate started immediately.   Several times including my piece on the new Selectman Quirk, and Town Administrator,  predicted a blow out.  (5/20/11 and 8/23/11 )  In the first I warned Quirk not to take his election as a mandate or the Townspeople will send you a Big message, and then later said "If this is not a landslide I will eat my sole, and it won't be fried sole".    Because this was wrong on so many levels,  from the WIC (I pointed out the absurd nature of the "Implementation" of a Committee that has nothing to "implement", which is still the argument), to the predictions that the board will move back and forth from 5-0 votes to 3-2 and back again.  The open and closed meeting, the cost of the project,  the hotel connections,  and of course, the fact that Yarmouth was not named in a suit.  The fact the suit was not imminent in May, June,  or Aug. and Sept. etc.  the reason for the Special Town Meeting urgency! You of course can now add every month, until the black robe solution,  but every Cape Taxpayer can thank the GOOD CITIZENS AND TAXPAYERS OF YARMOUTH for standing up to the nonsense.  Town Resources and Insiders were stacked against us.   The funny part now they are saying, well any predictions are premature.  Huh? That is what we told you before!  Oh, we introduced their past posting, their  art of  collecting bets after the event happens.   We predicted the premature nature of the CLF suit against the Town, and that they would past post, and change the bet!  I mean you basically just need to read all of the Inside Ball pieces from May on, and count yourself.  It may not add up to a 1/2 Billion but like that project , the predictions are escalating to that range!   2012 Prediction Fallout for Queeny McPipe McCauliffe will be to scramble all year 2012  with Coward Curt the Plumber, and the other Quirky Selectman,  while changing what they said all along, like 2011.  Remember , easy predictions like bank robbers!  Follow the Money!  The good news is we documented all along, and their words are a matter of  record!  (See Town of Yarmouth website/Selectmen's Meetings Minutes and Videos-a matter of record not conjecture or rumor from neighbors.  Whisper campaigns are your domain,  not ours).  This will lead to Selectmen replacement repercussions for years to come.  If Queeny doesn't take her poor record as  a School Board member (See D-Y situation)   and walk with the cumulative Sneak-lectman ramming record,  before losing an election, others will lose on this Big Failure on their Big #1 issue! PREDICTION: QUEENY MCPIPE walks or is run out before the first commerative pipe is laid anywhere, in town or on Cape!  PREDICTION: She says let them eat cake to the Cavalier Motel evictees and owner, before she is gone!

Stranded Dolphins Swim Away-  Our predictions were right on the money, both literally and figuratively,  on D-Y stuff.  (Including being football favorite to win it all).   Our MCAS , Budget, Salary, and School Choice predictions caused huge uproar but people have started to come around to the realities we were pointing out.  Is it too little too late?  Well considering I have been saying this stuff for 5-6 years, my predictions recently were mostly I told you so, exit speech for my own kids D-Y Education.  However, when the GOOD people of the Town realized my intentions were noble, in an effort to make improvements and smarter heads prevailed and are prevailing.  (D-Y Supt. interview on hold on my forthcoming info, and timing)

    This prediction is equally cutting edge:  D-Y will make major improvements, all around!  I have very specific solutions, that people seem to be open to listening to, and that is a major improvement from the past.  D-Y will be amongst the best in the State in MCAS  and given they have lost close to the number of their total current enrollment in last ten years, their enrollment figures can not be as drastic a deficit.  Prediction:  D-Y will increase enrollment.  Huh, you say?  Remember,  I am not shy about Bold Predictions so don't be surprised at the new,  HAR-DY-HAM DISTRICT!  This may be the biggest one of all.  I am putting it with my bucket list for future achievements that will be in planning stage.  I started this before the Monnomoy District, but the Har-wich, DY, and Chat-Ham district can still happen, although I am putting it with my Brokered Republican Convention , UMASS-CAPE COD,  and the Plymouth-Cape Cod Monorail.   They can all happen but I am going to use up all of my prayers to pull off!  See by comparison,  now this expanded regional District is not that far fetched!  Nothing is impossible, even on Cape!  Change has to happen, if we are to survive!   Like the Stranded Turtles coming late, those interested in D-Y improvement, will pull their heads from the wet sand!  PREDICTION:  Stranded Dolphins until the stranding network comes together.   The network of Good people with GOOD intentions, AND GOOD SOLUTIONS!   Good news is it looks like the community is coming together for Excellence.  People who were not talking before are now, and both realize it is counterproductive to spend anytime in the past.  The horses have left the barn, so it is not about closing the door.  It is about taking care of the latch, and improving the foals we have,  so the Thouroughbreds return before they graduate to racing or after they begin.  Those retired to graze can guide the others back, and the good ones who began their careers off Cape,  may return before they are put out to stud, or the rest of us will be paying until we are put out to pasture!  This is an evolution! Whether it is Turtles, Dolphins, Horses, or Humans,  we are creatures of habit, and we either learn from the mistakes of others of our species, or we let the training interfere with our education!  As, I coined for my kids: "You can learn from my advice, or learn from your mistakes, but either way you are gonna learn a lesson"!

Politics and Sports:  Seeing how everything here falls into these sport and political files, there are alot.  Bruins were down 2-0 to Montreal when most everyone had them out, or did not care.  We enjoyed that comeback and rode the confidence through that series and the next ones.  The confidence in prediction was on right through the Red Sox "1978 like collapse through Sept."  Hate being right on those ones.  It is like the schools,  or kids you try to warn everyone to avoid the pain of the let down.    Prediction:  Patriots homefield and then vs. Dallas in Superbowl.  No one has this folks, and this may not survive the weekend.  If Pats beat Buffalo this weekend and Dallas beats Giants,  (This winner going longer than the other NFC Division winners) you can get great odds on this one.  Everyone has Green Bay or New Orleans in NFC with some Matt Ryan BC fans with Atlanta (very few after last Monday nite vs Brees) and still others think Pats D will stand for Destruction for New England 2012 early Feb. hopes.  Others think Baltimore or Pittsburgh will simply outplay us.  Other predictions I am on record for from 2011 was Alabama would be in BCS Championship and would beat LSU.  (See Kevin Matthews WCOD and Matt Pitta from Nov. WXTK listener appreciation party)  I told Kevin after LSU beat Bama and Pats had lost to Buffalo,  that Pats would win more playoff games, and Bama would win National Championship.  Now that seems easy now as there is only one bowl game playoff but it was a Bold Prediction back then!  Besides Bama could still lose to them again. 

Politics-YARMOUTH SNEAK-LECTMAN and SCHOOL BOARD -  Well started with that it was "not a toy gun", and that "Bud was DONE"!  Then that term Sneak-lectman was a prediction in itself.  They tried to Sneak the open and closed warrant on Big Pipe (above) and the Special Town Meeting, but continued on WIC renewel, Motel /Hotel conversions, and Forest Road Project.   Now I never predicted that they would avoid trying to spin.  PREDICTION:  Continued spin by at least three, and changed approach by at least one based on lessons learned.   Voters will not approve any overides for School/Wastewater or Affordable Housing based on mistrust.  Voters will demand accountability more than ever and will demand again at the ballot box.   Big Pipe- Will be issue in Selectmen's race for both Tolley and McCauliffe.   They did not want this to be the case, which is more of the reason than the loans on the Spec. Town Meeting in Sept.  as opposed to waiting for regular town elections.  Remember they were for  Premature Vote  before they were against Premature Assessments.  PREDICTION:  The entrench Chairmen-Tolley(Current) McCaulliffe (Past) will have a challenge and the challenger will simply say look at their votes /minutes and video. PREDICTION:  They will continue to be rude when citizens point out their mis-deeds in Public Comment, by rolling their eyes.  They welcome out of towners and other people we pay, in a lovefest welcome, but insult with pot shots Townspeople who disagree with them.  They wonder why they are not trusted!  Prediction:  Steve Edwards may have a similar problem with the School Board.  Despite the above predictions on improvement Steve may not be ready to admit what others are willing to right now.  This will make timing for him difficult.  Despite past ability to justify actions, the Status Quo Board may not be able to save Mr. Edwards.  Those who have kept the pressure on the board have some political capital.  I will be surprised if Christine Greeley doesn't finally jump into the ring, after being a vocal critic for so long.  Christine benefits from the situation,  and being an accurate analyst as well as creating good will from those who might normally being against her , by going old school on election day,  and providing goodies to all supporters.   Hey, I must have eaten a hundred bucks worth of stuff from her these last few elections.  The way to a man's political support is through his stomach!  She can say a chicken in every pot,  and a sandwich at everypoll and mean it!   PREDICTION:  GREELEY BEATS EDWARDS!  This would have seemed impossible last year, but Steve may be the sacrificial lamb.  (Christine may serve Lamb sandwiches).   Doug Peabody has the WIC albatross and the fact that his kid played football for Barnstable after he lost for D-Y school commitee.   Hopefully,  Doug licks those wounds and comes back around.  Needless to say, that will not be this election.  That leaves Greeley as the Conservative choice.  Edwards will get it from all sides.  Dennis comrades on the board, or Yarmouth Taxpayers.   My other predictions aside things don't look good for those attached to D-Y schools.  Unless you don't  believe my predictions you can't believe Edwards can survive the annual D-Y school fight.  This has become more of a tradition than homecoming weekend.   That said, people who I never thought would come down from their high perch , have come down to earth.  Others who have had their head buried in the sand,  have seen daylight.  Either way, this will be positive for D-Y. 

VP HILLARY-  This is a prediction I have made way back, including that it will be held awhile close to the vest.  This can go in both 2011 and 2012 PREDICTIONS:  Robert Reich former labor Sec. and Candidate for MA. Gov.  let it fly way after me.  He says,  Biden flips with Sec. of State Clinton.  I have said , it is Senator John Kerry.   It plays into alot of stuff.  Queen Elizabeth Warren, Deval Patrick, John Olver and Barney Frank retirements, even Setti Warren and Alan Kazei exits from Senate race.  Those have to be carry overs.  My hedge was that their would have to be enthusiasm in Republican race.  My stretch was a Brokered Convention and Marco Rubio coming out with nomination.  That is up there with Cowboys in Superbowl but it was up there with Colts in the Superbowl  only 8-9 weeks ago.   Everyone said this would be settled and Romney could be only one standing.  I am Tebowing for this long shot.  Rubio would make Hillary prediction a sure thing.  They just do not want to make the Hillary thing a sure thing for Rubio nomination.  If everyone realizes that Obama /Hillary ticket can not be beat by current crowd, the convention will have the option in Tampa.  Oh, Tampa , Fla home of former State Speaker of the House and current Florida US Senator Marco Rubio.  Sans Rubio PREDICTION:  From the summer,  if there is no Rubio on the ticket,  four more years.  Some think it means four years or left for our existence.  I will not make that past posting Prediction!  That POST Apocalypse PREDICTION, spin is left best for the Sneak-lectman!  Here is a Pre-Apocalypse Revelation.  There will be an EVERY DAY REGULAR JOE, elected to off set the know it all Career Politicians.    However, if I am wrong about the Apocalypse or lack thereof it will not matter if  the Democrats  is involved in or the cause of it!  Stranded Sea Turtles and Dolphins will not be a Yarmouth problem or a D-Y Dolphin problem.  Regardless, the Predictions will confirm or deny our evolution theories.    PREDICTION:  DOLPHINS will need LUCK next year.  The D-Y Dolphins didn't need much luck this year but will next year.  Twenty Seniors is a big problem for any team, but believe it or not Dolphins did not have a lot of luck.  First,  they were odd team out in the Gillette Stadium New Superbowl line up.  (Everett and Duxbury went back in bad break).  Then 4 other Cape teams took the light away from Dolphins then the Boston Herald printed a picture with the All -Scholastic Story, of D-Y and Duxbury .  Duxbury won the Superbowl too, but the picture and caption showed the Duxbury victory of last year of D-Y.  Imagine going undefeated and getting a loss.  The real question is : Will the Pro Dolphins have anyshot at Luck, Andrew Luck.  The Stanford Standout might slip but not that far.  Speaking of Stanford, Condi Rice will be on the ticket in 2016. PREDICTION: SCOTT BROWN will win by more than Obama did in Massachusetts vs. John Mc Cain and he will be on the ticket in 2016  BROWN/RICE!   (If you want to win bar bets without waiting for  Predictions bet people what the spread in percentage of win in Presidential Elections in Massachusetts.  People will say 50% (also think the % of  Dems is above that too)  in blue state Massachusetts.  If you bet a beer a point you can be drinking for a long time.  Look it up yourself.  Do it for them all.  Then read again my PREDICTIONS,  after you recover from the hangover.  I predict you will have a whole new outlook on INDEPENDENT voters.  I also PREDICT  you will continue to read:


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