Good Year for 2012 Predictions and 2013 Great Scott - Better!


This is the one we have to start out with because it has the most impact on next year in all kinds of ways.  It goes to sports and politics .  It is the reason why we spend the time making predictions .  Heck , it maybe the reason many of us get out of bed in the morning.  It wasn't over when the Red Sox didn't win in 86 years,  or when Doug Flutie took the snap in the "Hail Mary" game.  The reasons and not the excuses coupled with hope are why we enjoy both of these games so much.  It is the reason my mother treked over to Fenway every opening day and then found a way for her boy's to get to games and be involved in sports.  It is the very reason that Scott Brown won in 2010 in the first place. 

The reason he ran in the first place.  It is the can do spirit that we learn through sports and is the absence thereof that is the cause  of  alot of our problems in this country , in this state and more specifically on Cape Cod!  The past simply stated does not equal the future!    There are different dynamics, there are perfect storms, and then there are regular storms.   The Presidential election cycle dynamics and the local politics created that for the New Jr. soon to be Sr. U.S. Senator.  (See no name calling, no need).  You always have to do your talking on the court,  or on the field.  In this case in the field.   The worst thing that happened that did not happen in the Martha Coakley race is the Presidential race was perceived to be closer than it was in reality.  (Not by me,  from way back see Presidential predictions).  This brought money to the Boston -NH markets and it got the low information voters and the No information voters out.  (That is my line, despite Howie Carr pulling a Joe Biden on me).   That is just fact , and my prediction was right in line with that if you read between the lines. 

I said Scott Brown wins if it is anything between 2.2 Million (2010 turnout) and 2.7 Million which accounts for the extra votes Scott had earned being a hard working Senator.  (I say the hardest ever.)  I mentioned the extra 900,000 voters that had to stay home because of  lack of interest in either Obama or Romney.  That Presidential year election dynamics is a stark fact that I knew but could not hope against it.    The ball went through Buckners legs everything else does not matter,  no what the sports pundits or the political ones say.   Brown lost but the special election to come with someone less well known than Coakley will be a Bucky Dent reality for Markey.  Prediction:  Capuano will be more angry than after Coakley loss and that will divide party.  Scott Brown will wait awhile until whoever is in or out on Dem. side to enter.  He will decide for the same reason my Mother went to Fenway each year. 

You have to keep on plugging, and as long you are doing the right thing,  then defeat is always Temporary.   Scott will not go in the Prevent Defense.  He may go on the four corner offense,  and that will result in a bigger raw vote win for him and the people of Massachusetts especially Independents of which my Mother always was one.   Brown wins by 200, 000 votes with 2.5 Million Special Election Votes!  Markey will stay in Congress and his District will vote for Brown even the Dems.  He has a better chance of  being Speaker of the House, and for the people of  his District they get double power in D.C.  instead of  two rookies in two seats.  Brown will pick back up where he left off especially helping Veterans that will help all of us Veterans on the South Shore and the Cape which is more than anywhere in the Country. 

Oh and for the Cartoon Character Joe Quigley, who does not understand about sports,  Scott Brown played for Tufts University not the New York Yankees.  He was a hard working 2,000 point scorer in both High School and college (Wakefield Mass.  not Oklahoma) and is not a Lebron James Premadonna.   He is a bootstrap guy ,  who picks himself up, works hard, dust himself off, and plugs away and that is why Millions in Mass. still like him and want him to succeed and he will.  I know Joe Q. you don't understand sports but maybe you should read more Inside Ball.   You see it is why programs like Sheas No Limit Basketball will be embraced by both Democrats and Republicans on Cape to help solve the problems we are seeing with youth.  It is the reason that we never see the Massacre shooters as the kid who started on the boys'  youth league team.  They are loners, in their basement playing Call of Duty.   The athletes learn discipline or as in the Sheas No limit Youth Basketball League the kids give back to the community.  They are invested  in the Community.  They give back like those Veterans including Scott Brown who understand service.  They understand hard work,  and their Call of Duty is not on the computer but in their picking themselves up one more time than they fall down. 

Local and National Politics

    Results:  We predicted early in the spring, before anyone even mentioned him, "No Rubio on the ticket than four more years."  Prediction:  Rubio will be in 2016 talks, again and  for next four years but by that time Senator Scott Brown will be back in talk again! 

    Results:  Demitrius Atsalis will have challenger and lose in close one. 

This was long before I had ever even heard of  Brian Mannal and the prediction included Yarmouth being pivotal in race.  Also, in Yarmouth News- Suzanne McAulliffe challenger was predicted (I had inside skinny because if  Norm Holcomb didn't run I would have).   I predicted that Queeny McPipe would  lose both because of  her poor analysis of  Wastewater and pushing for the Forest Road Housing project.   Her prediction of playing golf was very short lived.   I mean I don't know who told her how hard that game was but I want to meet them before I throw my clubs in the pond, because thirty years of playing  has taught me,  no one gets it quick and nearly everyone never gets it to their satisfaction.  However, once again hope springs eternal and we dig out the clubs.  PREDICTION:  Yarmouth will make it three incumbent losers in a row in spring elections in May a few weeks before the Special Election for U.S. Senate.  The week before or after Flag Day June 18th is my guess.  Speaking of which my two year quest to get a Flag will be flying high by then and we will have people on 28 throughout the Cape including the West Yarmouth Library flying flags between Patriots Day and Flag Day recognizing and with Welcome Home signs and Yellow Ribbons around trees for Veterans of all wars. 


I predicted the Superbowl appearance and told you to watch out for Giants, but that will not happen this year.  Patriots all the way, against San Fransisco.  Celtics will be happy to get Bradley back and will make playoffs but Heat too much again.  Red Sox will just be happy with Farrell and rebuilding year will be Cliche by July.  We predicted when Bobby Valentine came to Yarmouth last year that he would be gone by break.  We were right ,  Red Sox wrong for even hiring him.  Bruins make it look like the only Boston Hockey Champions we will have is BC .  You can not win if you dont play!

PREDICTION:  Hyperpartisanship will take a slight nap except for Latimer, Walker, Quigley and Glynn!   People all over will give government a well deserved boo and start coming together for solutions.  Stay tuned for my article on the Sheas Youth Basketball League that will be a shinning example here on the Cape!

   In the mean time my prediction that the Mayan apocolypse would not happen was right on and I would have written an apology like the Cape Cod Times did on their fake stories.  I would not have pulled the past articles either.  You can look back at those predictions folks btw and see I was on the money.  Scott Brown was a big hope loss, but like the Sox , there is always Next Year.  I also predicted Alabama last year , (ask Kevin Matthews of WXTK  if you don't want to look in archives) and I will say Roll Tide again sorry ND but I will never forgive my robbery at Gun Point in South Bend , the week the Sox beat Yankees in 2004.   2013 is gonna be a great year folks , keep the faith.  Go Patriots, both sports and political ones!

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