"Jeff for Jobs" McCormick lands Post, puts Cape on "Jobs Map" !


The exciting buzz of an announcement on WXTK's "Ed Lambert Show" propelled throughout the day and through the weekend!  Jeff McCormick announcement on the popular Cape show, created a media race on who would get the news!  The local daily, Cape Cod Today,  and the Thursday weekly in Yarmouth raced to put  different information out about the story!  It was more like a sibling rivalry, than a step over you to get the story but still it drove the interest to get a better angle, on the story!  Of course, Inside Ball had the inside skinny but was happy for the interest to build and for all to do their jobs, as best they can!  They all did their own things.  The daily, had a reporter on scene, at the route 28 Diner and also,  announced on line at 6:18 am.  Matt Pitta led with the story at 6 am when they found out others would be releasing shortly!  The Yarmouth Register had a reporter away,  and the Thursday Weekly, was put to bed much earlier, so that they had to get good video, for their on line edition.  They did get good video!  Even the rough around the edges campaign trackers were present!  We always get a kick out of them!  I have worked some dirty jobs in my life but I always need a shower just looking at these guys.  I have met a couple good ones over the campaigns, who are doing a job, that I wouldn't do, so I let them do it!  I think they actually have an opposite effect, as most people, are more careful, than if they video themselves and place on line, in public.  Campaigns really have to screw up for it to be effective, and good campaigns do not screw up!  Sometimes, like in this situation, it is simply complimentary!   If a campaign was not relevant, there would be nothing to track.  For Jeff McCormick who has not been in the race very long and for Tracy only being in the race for few minutes, and a couple seconds, it shows there is a real concern, that  people are going to really like, this campaign, when they find out more about them!  This build up,  and sincere excitement of friends , despite being caught a little off guard,  was palpable, the whole weekend! 


    There were a lot of smiles of that off guard surprise even among Tracy's closest friends!  Many opinions of pride, were coupled with the mere excitement at the prospect of their Yarmouth Selectman, going to bat for them up on Beacon Hill.  People like Judy Provencher, said "...proud yes but not surprised"!  That was the feeling all weekend from many.  Many know that Selectman are on the front lines,  and that Tracy brings a lot to the table as a civic leader, a mother, a wife of a 20 plus year Active Duty Soldier!  Tracy  held down the home front,  family fort, during her husband Steve's active duty time, and still does as they negotiate both of their civilian jobs.   This delicate balancing act, that we all admire in such great  mothers, adds to that sense of competence of Tracy doing a good job.  The only hint of surprise to any of those who have worked with Tracy, befriended or interacted in both civic and personal life was that, she was the person, you knew was quite happy just being Tracy Post from Yarmouth, Cape Cod!  Tracy explained it in her speech, in her comments to the media,  and in the video,  the campaign put on the website and on you tube!  If view it on jmacforgov.org, you will notice the surprise and excitement is like a good friend getting a surprise engagement, or seeing them receive a well deserved home-make over,  because of their good deeds! 


The McCormick/Post campaign must have loved the reaction of Deb Clark of the Yarmouth Recreation Commission, and a "Soul Sister" of Tracy Post!  A candid reaction from a nice lady who has lived life, and was beaming (and probably still is)  at her "Honest" friend going off to campaign,  for solutions, not only  for her local community but beyond!  The best Consultants, Actors, and Directors  can not produce such sincerity from central casting, and even among good friends of candidates they can not produce the candor of the on spot reaction and fresh ebullience that was displayed in the you tube/website video "Jeff McCormick announces Tracy Post as LG pick"! 

Long Awaited Cape Golden Sunshine, for Long Awaited Sunlight under the  Golden Dome!

The video encapsulates the whole day excitement and a Cape experience, as the sunrises on the Sagamore Bridge.    Jeff McCormick drives on Cape while speaking about his unique pick.  People spoke all weekend  about the great optics of the setting around Cape Cod.  Even the least political observers recognized the serene  messages,  sent by the quaint diner named after Route 28!  Even off Cape Commonwealth Voters recognize, Route 28 and the old style diner with the flag waving, as Jeff held the door for Tracy! It harkens to a time, and attitude that can still exist with technology and this is the pair to prove it!  The timing,  the inside video of Ed Lambert's studio,  and the substance of both their comments on air and in the announcement, gave a lot of Ed's loyal listeners, not only a glimpse of what they envision as they tune in religiously to hear (weekdays 7-10) am or earlier( 6-7 am) for Matt and Jim on "Cape Cod This Morning"!  It is Morning in Massachusetts and the Sunlight of leadership, oh so missed, after our long winter of discontent in state government has a team with a sunrise vision!

   McCormick/Post - Cape Cod Campaign Train rolls,  as rivals are handcuffed to the tracks!

  Signatures on nomination sheets flowed in by the hundreds in the few short hours after the announcement!   Rarely, are comments overwhelmingly so positive!  When their are dozens of candidates remaining, usually people representing the opponent(s) side, have a little snide comment!  I do not know if it is because of the clear optimism of Jeff and Tracy, or their individual perspective and competence!  I am not sure if it is the lack of enthusiasm of the other candidates, or the realization that something has to change!  It seems that everyone especially here on Cape are shedding their leanings for some common sense or at least some common courtesy for this campaign!  To a person, I heard from numerous sources:  "It is about time" or "I am an Independent too"!  I heard it from people that last I checked, were card carrying members of other parties.  It also could be that the other candidates are not garnering that excitement,  are stagnant or more unknown and are not inspiring the interest, to find out more about them,  like this Jeff McCormick campaign, is creating!  It could be that the supporters of other candidates do not want to wait for the other shoe to drop!   Investigations, court dates,  rulings and plain ol' business as usual,  accentuate the clear message this campaign is addressing!  Their issues to change the culture,  inspire change in government with innovation and technology while address the issue everyone has been speaking out for sometime, JOBS!    It is clear to the regular folks, that a whole range of issues, can be solved with JOBS and vibrant economic opportunity ! 


Townspeople are not only identifying with the campaign theme but focusing on embracing it!  People of all walks of life are standing up, for the people who are taking the chance on them.  Tracy and Jeff, are no strangers to risk.  They have taken risks with their families for a better life, previously and have been blessed enough to appreciate how to give back.  They both understand what is important and both have been successful.  They both have been raised correctly about hard work, and giving back.  Jeff describes his humble start as not ever being poor, but "optimally hungry"!  Jeff despite his major economic success, has not forgotten the skill set that was imperative to that success!  They both are successful because they think outside the box, and believe anything is possible!  They have in many mentoring roles, lead by example, by having a positive attitude!  I laugh at the prospect at anyone calling these two people spoilers, and they probably will too or at least smile from within! 


They are not cockeyed optimist, they are pragmatic results orientated problem solvers.  They do not wait around for someone to come along and discourage them.  They just get things done!  So as Jeff was driving down from his home in Boston,  over the bridge at Sunrise ,  I wonder if he was thinking what Tracy's husband I were thinking  in 1988 in Korea (The land of the Morning Calm) as we served in the U.S. Army.,  in separate units,  years from meeting each other! I wonder if Jeff was thinking: "Tracy and I,  will do more before 9 am then most do the rest of the day"!  It is clear that the other candidates, and many Bacon Hill Pols, have not served, created or taken risk at any time of the day or in the combination of their opponents entire lives!  The future looks quite bright for the shining city, on a hill!  The sun shines bright, on this management team!  That dome may shine again, with optimism of all things being possible.  Jeff McCormick, quotes Nelson Mandela on this subject: "It is impossible, until it is done"!  These two can get it done, and I can think of two other presumed leaders who are done, because they can't !  They can't tell time!  It's about time for a change," For a Change"!  The campaign caravan traveled up to the street where the light shined from the Old North Church!  The Golden Dome not far away, and the current  Dolce Vita oh Hanover Street, where the Candidates met, stood even closer to the Old State House!, and equidistant from the Green Dragon and earlier public meeting houses and eating establishments of yore.   The ideals and vision from history,  not far from where great leaders met, and where these two great leaders met to start their ride into history, were very similar!   It was not long for those great leadership 1775 until their historic Independence Day in history, and close to the same time forward for McCormick/Post's  Historic Independent's Day battle in November !  Governor, I declare it is a nice view and a great vision!  Revolutionary, my friends, REVOLUTIONARY!  The fields of battle change, and the strategy different in some ways, but the campaigns are much similar.  Like the sports, military, and political analogies, and references point out, the competition and opponents make a difference, by their heart.  Deb Clark spoke of Tracy's heart with such candor it has to make a difference.  It makes a difference back in the day, and it does now!  That conscience matters in war, in sports and in politics. revolutionary my friends, REVOLUTIONARY!

  Sports and Politics-The Best Games in Town!

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