What is and isn't Working for the Alcoholic and Addict


Having a loved one who is hooked on alcohol or drug abuse is horrifying. I lost both my husband and daughter from this world-wide disease. When I did, I wanted to know what I could have done better. Where to get the answers? I went directly to the source; the alcoholics, drug and prescription users who are struggling to get their life back. I asked them over 23 questions to learn what they think is and isn’t working in their programs. What do they need from us as family members, counselors, or doctors? 

One woman started drinking at five years old and another at seven. They follow what the parents do.  This is why I believe education with substance abuse should start in first grade.  Children are more informed about the use than we think.

This is the book not only family members but the professionals. As for readers who are struggling themselves, this is a book you will be able to relate to yourself. This book is a benefit to add to libraries and bookstores.

There are thirty-four testimonial stories of users from the USA and Canada. They are raw and honest. 

Addicts Statements:

Negotiating the ups and downs of the first few years of recovery contain numerous pitfalls which those in recovery must have the right kind of help with. The best-intention of friends, family, lovers, and co-workers can be healthy supports or obstacles to long-term sobriety. Having the addicts tell their story of what worked for them and what didn’t or doesn’t work would be a most helpful addition to the literature on the subject of addiction and recovery.
Addicts sharing their experience, strength, ​and hope with others​ is​ something that only a recovering addict or alcoholic can do.
It is a unique gift. ~John Daubney ~ Author, Mentor, and Retreat Leader
I was tired of getting sick, my hands shaking, my vision deteriorating, my nose bleeding, my bowels moving sporadically, not sleeping and feeling safe, along with the violence and running from many situations being paranoid to the point of staying home all day.
I would tell doctors and counselors to listen to us. We are drinking for a reason, but we can’t stop on our own. Help us to identify the reason we are drinking. What are we afraid of? What are we trying to hide, our insecurities, our short-comings? Maybe we just don’t like who we are sober and truly believe we are better people when we are drinking or using drugs. Most of all treat us as humans, not a disease.
It was very enjoyable to write this and take a look back on​ the journey to recovery! It helps a lot with letting go. The past does not define me anymore. It also reinforces the gratitude I have for sobriety.
~ Anonymous


I​ thought the book was an excellent account of the lives and stories of those people …

Many​ addicts stories
Very informative reading many addicts stories. What made them seek help. What helped them stay sober. What length of time needed in treatment. What treatment programs need.

John R. Daubney
5.0 out of 5 stars​ A Light in the Darkness!
Rarely has any​ book described a solution to such a devastating public and personal health issue, in such a variety of voices and pathways, as does Alberta Sequeira’s “What is and isn’t​ Working for the Alcoholic.”

Thomas Cirignano
There’s no better source of insight and understanding that​ the thoughts and beliefs of those afflicted. This was an ingenious concept. Each authentic and emotional story within this book gives you an understanding of the delusional workings of the alcoholic and addicted mindset. 

Alberta Sequeira
[email protected]
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