How to Stop Drinking Forever

 We, in our turn, sought the same escape

with all the desperation of drowning men

A Special Message to Newcomers and Those still Drinking 


So you want to stop drinking. You want get well. You have been drinking and ruining your life, your relationships, alienating people you love and your actions have destroyed your finances, your reputation and your future. Yet no matter how hard you try you cannot stop doing it.


According to "Alcoholics Anonymous" you can ask yourself this question: "Will he 'you' take every necessary step, submit to anything to get well, to stop drinking forever?" (142:1)


Maybe You Are Obsessed

The obsession to start drinking plus the inability to stop once you start, is a good sign that you probably have a condition that will not be helped by any known method of moral psychology or talking cure. That's why your rehabs have all failed,  your counselor has not been able to help you--doctors, ministers, family and firends have notbeen able to give you any magic bullets to stop this thing insdie. Even your AA meetings have just bored you to death, maybe even pissed you off.


Not even praying seems to solve the problem, though you know it is supposed to. It seems to you as though, if there is a God, He must not hear your cries -  or else He is ignoring your miserable pleas for help and forgiveness.


Your calls to Him seem to go unanswered as if you were leaving messages in the voice-mailbox of Someone who never checks it. 

You wonder if you are under some kind of curse. You are. You have been shut off.


Even after completely detoxing and receiving what seems like sound psychological advice, counsel and fellowship - you will still succumb to your disgusting 'obsession' - like a dog returning to his vomit. You are out of control. You are out of your mind. You are walking in darkness.


There are many of us under such a depressing, miserable spell.


There are also many of us who are no longer obsessed; no longer shut off from God’s help as you are. 

We have learned how to quickly reestablished contact with God and been restore to mental, physical and spiritual health - and you might be able to become one of us “recovered alcoholics”. It does not take long either. Just days for most of us.



"How dark it is before the dawn! In reality that was the

 beginning of my last debauch. I was soon to be catapulted into what

 I like to call the fourth dimension of existence." ~Bill W

No More Relapsing

No relapsing. No long stays in dormitories enduring upsetting treatment center dramas or strained, irritating relationships with unqualified counselors, nurses and doctors – themselves barely sober or sane. No commitments to ‘sober living’ facilities or sick dependencies on other people at all.


Like you, we were unable to be rid of the alcohol obsession element of the Alcoholic-Syndrome (Mental Obsession and Physical Craving combined) until we first admitted that since we were not surgeons and could not repair our broken bodies, to regain the lost ability to metabolize alcohol without experiencing craving that we were therefore powerless over it; and so became willing to allow the grace of a Higher Power, named God, to enter us and expel the obstinate and potentially lethal obsession.


We learned of, and wanted to share in, the experience of Bill W, a hapless stockbroker who, after meeting with an awakened, alcoholic friend, had a sudden spiritualexperience and was spontaneously relieved of his drink obsession. Forever.


No amount of human willpower can break the alcoholic obsession from a mind so deranged as ours. Yet the spiritual principles conveyed through the Big Book, "Alcoholics Anonymous" when practiced as a way of life, can expel the obsession to drink - an obsession so subtly powerful that only such  act of Providence from a Higher Power can remove it. Then it just vanishes.


It is suggested you hook up right now with a ‘friend’ like AA’s Bill W did - like we did;  The longer you wait the closer you may be getting to death. 

Find a knowledgeable, spiritually awakened individual who will forgo all the slogans, meetings, Pantheistic religious jargon, pseudo-spiritual New Thought philosophers and those secular theories emanating out of rehab centers; who will not propose silly “Cure” books or New Age therapies and gurus, but will instead place a healthy focus on getting straight to the meat of the matter;  which is to pass on to you what was passed on to all of us who have recovered.


 Many a man, yet dazed from his hospital experience,

has stepped over the threshold of that home into freedom.

Break The Spell

It is a proven, nonreligious, Judeo –Christian based, no-nonsense, spiritual lifeline to God called the Twelve Steps, which will enable you to have a spontaneous spiritual awakening which will, among other things*, instantly break the vicious cycle of the alcoholic-syndrome and remove the sick obsession to drink EtOH. Gone. You just will not do it anymore –  and this liberation from alcoholic obsession will come automatically, without your  placing any sick reliance upon anyone else in exchange for that freedom.


You will regain power over your drinking, over your life and instead of spreading negativity, bitterness and ill will all around you, as you have been doing for a long time, you will positively affect the lives of those you love and those you will love. The curse will be lifted. There will be the Light on for you once again;  the One that once illuminated your way as a child - but not before you choose it.


Give It A Shot

Maybe you can recover too. You might not be able to. It may be too late for you, but at least you will have been presented with a real chance and not continue to be lead though a useless maze of complicated secular solutions for a spiritual problem - a problem that is amazingly simple to solve.

If  you can find the willingness to at last begin living your life one moment, one day at a time - then you will find the ability to stop drinking for good, for all and forever -  just like the the co-authors of the magnificent spiritual text, story and “how to” prayer book, “Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism”


Peace and  Love,


Danny S – RLRA

Real Live Recovered Alcoholic


* Other Things - Not only has the author of this article fully recovered from alcoholism and substance abuse but through this technique integrated into the Twelve Step process he has been able to overcome major depression, anxiety, smoking, onset type II diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, sugar addiction, colitis, hemorrhoids, and even erectile dysfunction. His doctors have un-prescribed virtually all of the prescriptions he has been given in the past decade including Lipitor, TriCore, and ADD medications like Adderall as well as the antidepressant drugs Effexor, Welbutrin and Lexapro. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on