How Recovered Alcoholics Deal With Anger

 Is there "Anger Management"  for Alcoholics?

"The grouch and the brainstorm were not for us. They may be the dubious luxury of normal men, but for alcoholics these things are poison." [1]


"Grouch" is not the name of a Sesame Street puppet. It means a "fit of temper." [2]  In 1938 a brainstorm was not a bunch of people creatively bouncing brilliant ideas off each other.  Back then a brainstorm was "an outburst of passion or agitation so violent as temporarily to deprive one of reason".[3]

Violent temperament and agitation cuts us off from our access to sane reasoning. No Sunlight by which to spiritually reckon - plus loss of intellectual reasoning and it is no wonder life becomes unmanageable and we feel adrift on a sea, rudderless. It is true.


We are always touched by cruelty or  injustice placed upon us by people places and things. These are inherent in the Stream of Life.What differentiates a spiritually awakened person from a spiritually sick one is how he responds to those who torment him.

When we respond to others with patience, we grow – if we respond with anger, we die. 


 Everyone who has not 'mastered" anger, struggles to find the elusive serenity an acceptance of their spiritual studies yet unsatisfied, continue to hurtle toward their death. Someone who believes they experience zero effect has already responded with bitterness and merely coped by going numb of seeing it. This is suppressing anger and it is how we became alkies in the first place! Doing that stuff.

‎"The first principle of success is that you should never be angry”. [4]

Anger is not a normal trait for us to 'accept' and to 'own and control. It is something we need to be saved from. Only God can do that and when we try to do it ourselves, we are playing God. The suppression (Management) of resentments is a future fourth step in the making - but not before a long time spent languishing in bedevilments. Having to do yet another fourth step inventory  is spiritual regression NOT progression. 


Only ego-self proposes that we are getting better and more spiritually "sophisticated" while ironically going backwards in the Step Process (Back to 4 from 12) when we are as wrong as ever and probably worse.  That self is a liar.


Isn't amazing how some clinicians and addictions counselors will tell their clients that they support AA’s Twelve Step recovery process and the “unmanageability” idea of alcoholism and addiction  but  then proceed to rob them of this vital Step One experience by engaging them in “Anger Management”? Anything for money, I suppose.


“Killing in the name of  . . . . ” [5]

We do not create anger.  It’s already there, at the doorstep, waiting to crop up inside. We allow it in for ego to gorge upon.  


Meditation, not all meditations but the unique exercise I propose * to everyone I work with, permits protection from the "angry" forces lurking. It allows you to separate from that ego-self. When you do it begins to starve and diminish. Your protection becomes effortless and there is no more frustrating struggles with anger, impatience or resentment.


Neo: "What are you trying to tell me, that I can dodge bullets?"


Morpheus: "No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to." ~ From "The Matrix"


Eliminate anger and all our problems drop away. Try to “Manage Anger", as corrupted, secular clinicians propose we do, and what we have is a miserable, dead-end management job in a bankrupted concern - ME, Inc.  There is no religion, no pseudo-spirtual movement and no moral psychology with the authority to bail us out of it.

 If you are attempting to live by the principles in the Big Book, "Alcoholics Anonymous" then you would do well to avoid recovery charlatans proposing "Anger Management" techniques.

Not only is "Anger Management" an ineffective, albeit appealing lie, but it is entirely incompatible with the Twelve Step spiritual principles delinated in the magnificent spiritual text, story and “how to” book, “Alcoholics Anonymous".


You find this is true despite all protestations to the contrary.


The answer to anger and all your problems lies in a spiritual solution and all attempts to merge clinical theories with spiritual principles may earn salaries for "Twelve Step", God friendly counselors and render profits for treatment facility investors, but the collision of ideas ultimately  makes for confusion, conflict and spiritual disaster for anyone searching for the spiritual path to discover God. Always.


The Big Book co-authors demonstrated their understanding of this spiritual Principle when they said, “If we were to live, we had to be free of anger” [6]  implying that managing anger is not the answer but freedom from it is; and unless we develop resilience to resentment, we will die.  Once we get free from it, there is no anger to manage and we can set aside that willfulness and finally walk in the Sunlight of the Spirit.



Peace and Love,

Danny S – RLRA

Real Live Recovered Alcoholic




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