Hey, All You Local Misogynists, Here's Where To Shop

                                              Hey, All You Local Misogynists, Here's Where To Shop


"What does it say about the college co-ed [Sandra] Fluke who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex -- what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex.  -Rush Limbaugh, March 1, 2012 


                By now the whole English Speaking world has heard about professional hatemonger Rush Limbaugh's assault on basic decency two weeks ago, when he tore into a female law student, Sandra Fluke,  for speaking up at a Congressional hearing about the need for young women to have insurance coverage for birth control.  This went out on local radio broadcasts all over America, including Cape Cod's own WXTK, 95.1 on the FM radio dial.

               This purportedly "conservative" media star of post-Reagan America  revealed far more about his own lascivious sexual impulses than he intended with this gem: 

So Miss Fluke and the rest of you feminazis, here's the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch."   

Yeah, ol' Rush wants to watch, alright -no surprise there, and I'll bet he won't even ask the government to pay for his disposable hanky either. 

              Of course, unlike working women all over America, he can afford to go through dozens of hankies  and buy all the on-line porn vids he can keep it up with on what he makes in less than a minute of air time spewing out misogynist trash like that.   Hey, Rush pays for all those porn vids he watches, dammit, so why  shouldn't he offer to pay for video of Ms. Fluke, an intelligent, healthy young woman with normal sexual desires, having unprotected sex with some well-hung young stud?  He can dream, can't he?

              Rush  thinks Ms. Fluke is just like all the girls he gets himself off on by watching on-line, because the way he sees women in general, from the neck down,  what's the difference?  For guys like him its a love-hate kind of deal -all women are bimbos who exist solely to be their inflatable sex dolls, in addition to serving as housemaids and  breeding cattle, but when an intelligent woman ever dares to speak out  as a real, thinking human being on a socially and economically important issue like a woman's reproductive rights, well, then she's just a "feminazi" slut.  Rush still wouldn't mind watching her do some guy on-line, though, because what else are women good for to "real men" like him?  Hey, he said it himself, didn't he?

              Ol' Rush was just being honest here for once, though,  telling us  about his personal  sexual outlet, and if he likes to get himself off by watching "co-eds" having sex, who are we to judge?  After all, we're not Rick Santorum who  knows everything there is to know about how sex is "supposed to be" just by listening to the Catholic Bishops, those old men whose "conscience" compels them to cover up for pedophile priests in their Church while denying birth control coverage for young, sezually active women like Ms. Fluke.   

             I wonder, though, does Rush's  health plan pay for his Viagra, or does he get it free for promoting it on the air?  Rush is selling a stimulant for men who seek to enhance the sexual experience for themselves as well as their partners, but that doesn't make him a "pimp," does it? 

            Of course not, because the executives at Pfizer have assured him that they only sell Viagra to men who intend to father children, and they put strict warnings on the label not to use it with a condom or if a woman is on the pill.  Sure they do, or else Rush wouldn't be selling it for his male listeners to use for randy, wanton sex with "sluts" like Ms. Fluke, would he?  And we can rest assured that no gay men ever use Viagra, because if they did both Rush and Rick Santorum would be all over Pfizer's case -for sure.

            Rush got himself in deep doo doo for this latest public ejaculation over Ms. Fluke, though, and he's lost most if not all of his national radio sponsors because of it.  Meanwhile, leading GOP presidential hopeful Willard Romney could only muster enough outrage to say that Rush's terminology describing Ms. Fluke  as a "slut", and  saying she's a "prostitute" who "wants to be paid to have sex", weren't the words he would choose. 

            Maybe Willard would have found a more refined way to attack this healthy, sexually-liberated young American woman as a whore, maybe calling her a wayward woman given to infamous employments or something like that.  Or perhaps he means he would have uses a more erudite term, like "slattern."  After all, unlike Rush who, um,  "dropped out" of South East Missouri State after two years,  Willard has a Harvard education paid for in full by his rich  daddy George Romney.

             Anyway, Rush has lost a big chunk of change with the defection of all those national advertisers, but he's still on the air at local outlets like WXTK here on the Cape, thanks to local business sponsors buying ads.  So, for all you  misogynists who want to help Rush continue his war on  women and modernity, here's a partial list of his local sponsors on WXTK gathered by old friend Dave Kent:              

             Majors RV in  Bourne;

            Tracy Audi in Hyannis;

            Mall Vision in Hyannis;

            Daniel Webster Inn, in Sandwich;

            Botello Lumber in Mashpee; and

            Yarmouth Jewelers in South Yarmouth.

So if you share in Rush's venal and mysoginistic attitude toward the modern liberated woman,  young working women or college students  like your kid sister or your daugher or your favorite neice, be sure to shop at all of these local outlets that keep him on the air.   Hey, Rush really needs the dough now,  for all that Viagra it takes to keep him up all night watching the kind of pornographic video he wants Ms. Fluke to give him in return for getting insurance coverge for birth control. 

            This is just a partial list of Rush's local sponsors here, because Dave could only stomach listening for a half-hour or so.  But he plans to tune in again to add to the list, and he's seeking volunteers to listen as well.  So this list will be updated soon in a future post for the benefit of all you local misogynists who want to support Ol' Rush.  Stay tuned.


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