Scott Brown Redefines The Term Chicken Hawk

Scott Brown Redefines The Term Chicken Hawk

  "I served in Afghanistan."
- Scott Brown, 10/1/12

 Until just this week, Scott Brown looked like just another chicken hawk.  Not as disgustingly craven as Richard Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz or Rush Limbaugh, but more along the lines of George W. Bush.  Like Bush, Brown has served in the National Guard, safely doing training exercises and maneuvers here in the good ol' U.S.A., with a brief stint or two overseas far from any actual fighting.

                Like Cheney, Woflowitz and Limbaugh, however, as well as Bush, Brown makes a big show of saying how much he "supports the troops," just never enough to actually go into combat alongside them.  Why, he even sponsored the so-called Stolen Valor Act in Congress, while he himself poses for campaign photo-ops wearing camouflage fatigues and claiming that he "served" in Afghanistan based on a two-week training assignment, far from the front, that he could have done here in Massachusetts. 

             Little Scotty used to be known as Cosmo Boy, a center-fold model for women's magazines.  Now, though,  he is the poster boy for stolen valor, claiming he served in a combat zone to bask in reflected glory at the expense of so many young Americans who have actually fought and died in the two Republican oil wars in the mid-East.  

            Right wing zombies like Joe Glynn never have a problem with commenting on us lawyers, but he whines about my "scurrilous" attack on little Scotty Brown for just playing at soldier in Afghanistan for political photo ops, while other American patriots were actually getting shot at, wounded and killed.  One needs to have a rational mind to practice law, and that's all it takes to recognize a phony like Scott Brown, whether one has served in the military or not.  

           For the record, I failed the draft physical because of chronic ear problems that have left me deaf in one ear and impaired in the other, and that's the only reason I didn't get sent over to Viet Nam to get my ass shot off back in 1963.   I also had a butt boil once like the one that kept Rush Limbaugh out of Viet Nam, thanks to his rich daddy's connections, but that was a minor topical problem that cleared up in less than three weeks.  I didn't try to get a deferment like the Republican chicken hawks did, the Limbaughs and Cheneys, but on the whole I am thankful I was rejected.  I consider my chronic ear problems a mixed blessing having seen how traumatized so many of my contemporaries in college were after returning from Viet Nam, like so many Iraq war veterans are today.

            Glynn says there's no place in Afghanistan that's safe, but the same can be said of many parts of New York, Boston or any other major American city, and many shell shocked veterans of Bush's two phony oil wars are dying right here in America, committing suicide because of what they went through over there -which is something that pretty little Scotty Brown the cover boy has never had to deal with.    There's no doubt that Brown has served honorably as a military lawyer, but that actual service as  lawyer is basically the same as my work as a litigator.   I respect that and have said so in my prior posts, but that clearly is not the message Brown was trying to send by saying he "served" in a combat zone like Afghanistan after posing for photo ops in camo fatigues.  "All Army" or no "All Army," that message was a lie.

            All that, however, was just being another phony,  run-of-the-mill chicken hawk and so what else is new for a Republican politician?  But just this week, Brown has totally redefined the category.  It's one thing to chicken out of a shooting war while waving the flag to support the politicians who started it, but Brown has just chickened out of a scheduled debate with a woman, Liz Warren, right here in Massachusetts.

              All he's done throughout the campaign season, when not posing as Farmer Brown with the barn coat and pickup truck or GI Joe in fatigues, is attack Liz Warren.  That's all he's got and anyone with even a shred of intelligence knows it.  So there he is, little Scotty Brown, standing so big and brave after attacking Liz Warren about one triviality or another on video, saying "I'm Scott Brown, and I support this message."  But now, when he has to go at it with her for another round, face to face, he's chickened out.

            The reason for that is clear.  Liz Warren, with her superior intellect, firmer grasp on  economic reality and far more honest concern for the general welfare of all Americans, has been kicking his ass during the last three debates, erasing his big lead in the polls and taking the lead herself.  So now, little Scotty, so hawkish on the "values" issues, as well as the GOP's corporatist economic agenda, doesn't have the guts to go at it again with her. 

           He's surely worried that she would ask him again about the corporate clients he served during the housing bubble, mortgage servicers like his client Fidelity National whose subsidiary DocX was writing all the fraudulent robo-signed assignments for Wall Street that drove the bubble.  He's also worried that she might ask him about his relationship with Bank of America, the banking corporation that was just indicted for massive mortgage fraud. 

          His F.E.C.  financial disclosure statement shows he's bought a lot of BOA stock, but he won't  say whether he was also doing title work and closings for them during the massive Wall Street scam that nearly bankrupted America in 2008, thanks to GOP tax cuts and deregulaiton under G.W. Bush.  Why not? 

          So, instead, little Scotty got the scheduled debate cancelled on the pretext that the people really needed him out there with them during the hurricane, and now it's too close to the election to reschedule it.  That's even lamer than the excuse Rush Limbaugh used, the pilonidal cyst also known as a butt boil, to get a medical deferment during the Viet Nam war which, of course, he staunchly supported. 

         Today, Scotty boy staunchly supports the mindless anti-tax mantra of  the Republican Party, along with other right wing economic nonsense, but he doesn't even have the cojones to face a mild mannered college professor and a woman to boot, in a final debate of the issues.  Even Rush Limbaugh would show more courage than that, while little Scotty has taken the concept of chicken hawk to even greater depths of cynical depravity than Limbaugh, Cheney, Wolfowitz or Bush ever thought of doing.

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