A Flock of Comments

Laziness? Perhaps. Writer's block? Maybe. Out of Blogitor 2000? Could be.

Whatever the reason, a blog topic escapes me ... besides perhaps an exhaustive dissertation on the theory of a collapsing universe and what impact that will have on my current wardrobe. Let's face it, too much play and not enough work makes Jack a dull boy (or rather, reverse that).

So, I thought it might be a largely futile exercise to look back at some of the comments I've posted to various blogs over the past few months.

Come to think of it ... yes, I believe it is laziness.

When I was a youngster growing up in Braintree, Mass (a/k/a "God's Country") we used to play a game called Fresca Man. Somebody was chosen to be "it" and was handed either a plastic Fresca bottle (empty) or a Fresca can (again, empty). The rest of us would hide, while "Fresca Man" would count to 100, normally by the telephone pole in front of Joe's house. Then "Fresca Man" would go out in search of the hiders, and when he found one he would hit him/her with the Fresca bottle/can and that person would then become "it." Great fun! Unless you got hit between the eyes! 02/06/07 @ 6:00 pm

I just handed down to my son my goalie catching glove (looks like something Gump Worsley once used). Over the years I lost the "waffle" glove (nowadays called a "blocker") so I bought a new one for him a couple of weeks ago at Building 19 for just $19.95 - talk about "good stuff cheap." I'm told there's a big game today on the local kettle pond after school. I'll have to miss it - I've got the library late shift today. Oh well. 02/06/07 @ 8:54 am

I've taken to squeezing my own orange juice lately ... so I can better manage my pulp intake. Gotta look out for those seeds, though! 02/05/07 @ 9:17 pm

I think if I continue to let my emotions out, and continue to eat a healthy diet of popsicles, I will achieve my lifelong goal ... that is, to live to age 100. By that time -- the year 2062 -- we will all have evolved into glowing beings of pure light, which will save us quite a bit of money on lightbulbs. 02/05/07 @ 9:13 pm

Is it natural for a toilet to flush by itself? It just happened about 20 minutes ago, and I'm all alone here except for my dog, Lucy, and she hasn't yet developed the opposable thumb necessary to manipulate the handle! 01/05/07 @ 10:34 am

This country has been blessed with the knack of putting forward the right person at the right time as far as the US Presidency goes. Lincoln is probably the prime example of this. Truman is another. In his own way, Ford was the right person at a key moment in American history - a decent, honorable man who brought respect back to the office of president. Others will argue that Nixon should not have been pardoned, but I see the pardon as Ford's first step toward putting a bandage on the nation's collective wound. His two-year presidency was an important period in restoring trust. 12/27/06 @ 1:58 pm

That Curious George, he always cracks me up. Remember "Curious George Visits Chernobyl" ... what a riot! 12/19/06 @ 6:07 pm

Let's see what we have in the library lost and found ... hmmm ... a tuba, a set of drums, an upright piano, a cello ... hmmm ... sorry, no clarinets. Can I interest you in a set of bagpipes? (comes with the piper) 12/19/06 @ 7:12 am

Boy, the squirrels are looking rather chubby these days. I think they're eating all the foxes!
12/12/06 @ 4:16 pm

Everything I've written thus far has been clean. I have written some really bad poetry ... but all of it really bad clean poetry. 11/03/06 @ 10:58 am

My remembrances of "old" (1960's) Cape Cod was of a place populated by the working class, like my grandfather. In the 80's/90's the place suddenly exploded with a shift toward second homeowners, and the arrival of the elite who had trophy houses built to their egos ... Simply put, the Cape Cod that my grandfather knew no longer exists. It's been gobbled up by big money from off-Cape interests ... The rest of us are ... putting in our time on the job, paying our bills ...  I have a deep affinity for Cape Cod ... or rather ... "old" ... Cod ...  the place ... built around ... money ... is ... frankly... us ... working class ... stiffs ...  (I don't think my feelings could be more clear on this subject) 10/18/06 @ 8:04 am

It's true, I am soft on enforcing late library book fines, especially with our elderly patrons. But I draw the line on late DVD and video fines ... you won't find any waffling there. And don't even try to make a photocopy without paying the 10 cent per page fee. I'll chase you out into the parking lot if need be. Vote Whig! Take Back Maine! 10/12/06 @ 5:00 pm

You mean she was bitten by a 97-year old lady, too?! 09/30/06 @ 10:35 am

I have a phobia of Legos. I once thought I accidentally swallowed one of the smaller pieces (long story) and spent the next morning in the Cape Cod Hospital emergency room. An X-ray of my windpipe showed nothing. Or was that the X-ray of my head?! 09/29/06 @ 10:31 pm

Yes, Mercury is now the smallest planet ... and it also gets the best gas mileage. 08/29/06 @ 5:00 pm

Jack Sheedy

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