Flock of Comments - Part 5 (I think)

Last week I wrote about infinity and the Big Crunch -- the singularity (a/k/a black hole) at the end of the universe into which all matter will one day collapse, thus reducing the universe down to an infinitesimally small size in space-time. Talk about a bad day, huh? (By the way, you might want to consider online payment of all your bills at that point, because when the universe collapses in on itself your checkbook will have infinite mass and will be impossible to pick up.)

Well anyway, all this "infinity" and "end of the universe" talk leads me to this simple question: "Where does this blog go from here?" Either it goes into the black hole to become one with the collapsing universe. Or else, I suppose, it travels beyond infinity -- if there is such a place -- toward new horizons (*see below). In mathematical terms, that place would be defined by the equation:

 Infinity + 1

 (That is, if the laws of mathematics don't break down within the Big Crunch singularity, in which case the number "1" ceases to be an actual number but instead becomes a Reuben sandwich with a bag of chips and a dill pickle on the side --hey, no one said infinity made any sense).

While I spend some time extrapolating that Infinity + 1 equation, and pondering where this blog might venture next, I present Part 5 of my recurring series of filler blog entries entitled Flock of Comments, in which I reprint some of my comments/addenda to my blogs over the past two months. So, here goes:

(In response to: A Man Named Apes):  There is so much interesting history attached to the Cape. For instance, few people realize that Cape Cod was discovered by the Irish back around 950 AD. It turns out that about a dozen lads made off with a keg of Guinness in a small boat just off Galway Bay. A wind came up ... and the next thing you know they awoke, hung-over, on Nauset Beach. The leader of the group, a fellow called Finnbarr Son of Finnbarr named the place Niwe Eire (New Ireland) and then uttered these now famous words in his native Gaelic tongue: "Mise ceartas tir i gcomhair Eire, anois direach tabhair mise leann!" which loosely translates as "I claim this land for Ireland, now bring me another beer!" And the rest, as they say, is history. 09/07/07 @ 4:27 pm

(In response to: Levitating with St. Joseph of Cupertino) :   I always liked Father Dowling Mysteries, even though Fr. Dowling couldn't levitate. Nor could Bing Crosby in Going My Way. Nor could Father Mulchahy on M*A*S*H, although he flew in a helicopter in one episode. Nor could Father Mapple in Moby Dick (now that would be something, considering that Orson Welles played the role). I think we need more TV shows and movies featuring levitating clergy. This walking on the earth business is for the birds ... well, not literally for the birds because birds fly ... well ... you know what I mean! 09/18/07 @ 1:47 pm

(In response to: The Ahmadinejad Anagrams):  "See Dick run. See Jane run. See Adam run. See Jane and Adam run off behind the apple tree. See Dick run after Jane and Adam. See Spot bite Adam on the shin. See Jane file for divorce to marry Adam. See Adam admit to Jane that he's already married to Eve and is the father of two sons, Cain and Abel. See Jane slap Adam across the face and beg Dick to take her back. See Dick run off to Cancun with his secretary. The End." 09/28/07 @ 2:53 pm

(In response to: What Would Jesus Do?):  It appears that Jesus was a tennis player. The Scriptures state that instead of volleying for serve He would say, "Let he who is without sin cast the first serve," which really irked His disciples because that meant He always won the honors since He was the only one of the 13 without sin. Biblical scholars claim that Jesus had a great serve, but His backhand was weak (according to the recently discovered Gospel of St. James the Lesser, who besides being His disciple was also His doubles partner). 10/06/07 @ 5:53 pm

(In response to: Extrapolating Nigh Infinity):  The best thing about the Big Crunch is that all my bills will be gone, crushed out of existence by the infinite gravitational pull of the entire universe reduced down to the size of a single atom. Unless that Nigh Infinity gets in the way! (See previous blog entry for scientific explanation of Nigh Infinity.) 10/12/07 @ 2:46 pm

Jack Sheedy

(*) Incidentally, New Horizons is the name of the NASA spacecraft currently heading for Pluto. It's expected to arrive there in the year 2015 to conduct a survey of the dwarf planet and her moon, Charon. There are no humans on board the spacecraft, although there are rumors that a curious monkey by the name of George snuck onboard just before liftoff. Fortunately, due to a NASA mix-up, instead of carrying state-of-the-art scientific instruments the New Horizons spacecraft is instead carrying 20,000 pounds of bananas. New Horizons is currently just beyond the orbit of Jupiter, traveling at circa 75,000 kilometers per hour (and that's only in 4th gear!). To find out more about the New Horizons mission to Pluto, check out this great site: http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/index.php.

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