Lucy Go Bragh

Musical accompaniment:

The Fields of Athenry, followed by ...

Four Green Fields, followed by ...

The Rose of Tralee, followed by ...

My Wild Irish Rose, followed by ...

Danny Boy, followed by ...

Kilgrary Mountain, followed by ...

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, followed by ...


Erin Go Bragh (Gaelic for "Ireland Forever")

Lucy Go Bragh (Gaelic for "Lucy Forever")

Well, Lucy and I spent St. Patrick's Day evening seated before the crackling hearth at O'Sioda's Pub with the usual suspects, tipping back some pints, sipping some Irish whisky, and dining on corned beef and cabbage. Lucy, as many of you already know, is my Boston Terrier.

It was quite an evening -- an evening full of drinking and singing, and talking, and laughing. By the time the band started up with I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen, it was time to take Lucy home and tuck her into her little doggie bed where she could dream of endless dog treats and pints of Guinness.

So, it was no surprise that this morning, as the March sun lifted its frail orb higher and higher above the eastern horizon, Lucy slept in a bit. By mid-morning she was up, splashing water on her face, and then scratching at the back door to go out. After a couple of cups of coffee, she was back amongst the living and ready to tackle the challenges of the day. The first order of business was to complete her census form. Being that she was still a little blurry-eyed, and devoid of opposable thumbs, I offered to give her a hand.

Reading the instructions, I immediately spied a problem. It read: "Count all people, including babies, who live and sleep here." Well, we all know Lucy is a dog ... just don't tell her that! But the wording was a bit vague and did say "including babies," and to be honest, when she's all tucked in her little bed she does resemble a baby. And, she certainly does "live and sleep here most of the time," with the emphasis on the "sleep" part. So I overlooked this minor technicality and moved on with the survey.


Question 1: "How many people were living or staying in this house...?" I crossed out the word "people" and wrote in "dog" and then put the number "1" in the box. Lucy didn't notice a thing since she was still half asleep.


Question 2: "Were there any additional people staying here...?" Again, I crossed out "people" and added "dogs" and then checked the "No" box.


Question 3: "Is this house ..."

[ X ] Owned by you or someone in this household with a mortgage (including home equity loans)?

[    ] Owned by you or someone in this household free and clear (without a mortgage)?

[    ] Rented?

[    ] Occupied without payment or rent?

I checked the first box since Lucy has a small home equity loan.


Question 4: "What is your telephone number?" No problem with that one as Lucy has her own cell phone.


Question 5: Last Name:  [Sheedy]     First Name [Lucy]     Middle Initial [T] (for Tiberius)


Question 6: Sex? Initially I answered "Not since neutered," but then saw the following boxes:

[    ] Male   [ X ] Female


Question 7: Age and birth date? 12 years 8 months (88 years in dog years)  -- 07-31-1997


Question 8: Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin? Answered "No"


Question 9: Race?

[    ] White

[    ] Black, African American, or Negro

[    ] American Indian or Alaska Native

[    ] Asian Indian

[    ] Chinese

[    ] Filipino

[    ] Japanese

[    ] Korean

[    ] Vietnamese

[    ] Other Asian

[    ] Native Hawaiian

[    ] Guamanian or Chamorro

[    ] Other Pacific Islander

[ X ] Some other race   [Boston Terrier - originally created by mixing English Bulldog and Bullterrier in late-1800's at Boston, Mass ... also half Irish]


Question 10: Live or stay anywhere else?

[    ] No

[ X ] Yes

        [     ] In military

        [     ] In jail or prison

        [ X ] In college housing [Working toward a degree in Philosophy]


So after completing the census, Lucy headed over to the back door and curled up to sleep on the rug within an elongated rectangular patch of sunlight. And I headed out to the mailbox to post her census form. Another St. Patrick's Day over. Another census form completed. And life goes rolling right along.

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