God in Pastel

Late night musings ...

i) The other day I did a life-size drawing of God in pastel. It was on a really, really big piece of paper.

ii) Got back from Italy a couple of weeks ago. Went to the Vatican. Saw St. Peter's Basilica. Saw Michelangelo's Pieta. Saw the Vatican museums. Saw the Sistine Chapel. Saw Michelangelo's "Last Judgment." Didn't see the Pope. He was out of town. How rude!

iii) Saw the ruins of Pompeii. Saw ancient cobblestone roads. Saw ancient dwellings and buildings. Saw ancient temples to honor the gods Jupiter and Apollo. Saw ancient erotic frescos painted on the walls of an ancient brothel. Boy, ancient history is cool!  

iv) Tried to have a spiritual conversation with a squirrel this morning. He seemed genuinely interested in what I was saying. He stared at me for the better part of a minute. Then he scrambled away and climbed a tree, out of sight. I waited for him to return, but he never did. I think I need to seek professional help.

v) Viewed the waxing gibbous moon and the planet Jupiter tonight. As I gazed at the two heavenly bodies above I contemplated the meaning of life. Why are we here? What's it all about? Is there a God? Is there a Heaven? Do we go there when we die? And if so, do they serve Guinness?

vi) Visited the Colosseum. Saw where the early Christians were eaten by lions. Visited the Catacombs. Saw where the early Christians were buried.  Visited various basilicas. Saw where the bones of early martyrs and saints were entombed. Boy, I'm glad I wasn't an early Christian!

vii)  Thought long and hard about the uncertainty principle today. Gave it some deep, serious thought. Quantum physics. Hmmm. The more one knows a particle's position, the less one understands its momentum, and vice versa. Hmmm. Tried like mad to give the concept my complete and undivided attention. Hmmm. But, you see, there was a squirrel eating a pinecone atop a fencepost outside my window ... and I must confess to being easily amused.

viii) God. He must be really old. Really, really old. Really, really, really old. Something like 13 billion years old, at least. Since that's how old the universe is according to the experts. Wow, that's old! But if you think that's old, image how old God's mother is!

ix) Currently working on a series of drawings of all 12 apostles. So far I've done Peter, John, Thomas, Matthew, James the Greater, James the Lesser, Simon, Andrew, Thaddeus, Phillip, and Bartholomew. I'm having trouble with Judas, though, because no photographs of him exist.

x) The apostles died horrible deaths. Either they were crucified or beheaded or flayed alive or stoned to death or speared to death or any combination of the above. Terrible, horrible, terrible deaths. Terrible. All except for the apostle John. The author of one of the Gospels, as well as the Book of Revelations, John died in his 90's from natural causes, or so scholars believe.  In fact, scholars have discovered that shortly before his death he was asked if he had any regrets. "Yes, I have one regret," John replied, "I wish I had learned to play the piano."

Jack Sheedy, the Lesser

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