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YPD, Yarmouth Pantry food drive

YPD, Yarmouth Pantry, and volunteers join forces for annual food drive.

The Pantry serves over 800 families,  1700 people, 30 percent are children

By Jonathan Mayo

Spirits were high on this beautiful December day as volunteers gathered for this annual food drive. The Yarmouth Police Department, Yarmouth Food Pantry, Yarmouth Police Relief Association and the Yarmouth Police International Brotherhood of Police Officers Local 422  coordinated this event at 3 local supermarkets.

  The Pantry serves over 800 families,  or 1700 people, over 30% of which are children. Over 80 volunteers help staff their year-round programs.

Below we see Officer Diana Wells with volunteers at the Station Ave. Stop & Shop.

A van was being loaded with many donations as Officer Wells spoke with shoppers.  The community support for this program is inspiring.

Below we see Officers David Dickie and Melissa Alden with Pantry President Elena Schuck and a volunteer at Stop& Shop on Long Pond Drive  in South Yarmouth.

Below: Pantry President Elena Schuck with a dedicated volunteer, Stop & Shop, Long Pond Drive.

Below we see Officer Gordon Gibbons with Pantry volunteers at Shaw's,  Route 28.

The need for donations  and volunteers is continuous and growing. For more information on the Yarmouth Pantry go to their website.

Dusk at Wing Island

November's light wanes.

photos by Jonathan Mayo

Video: Bell's Neck Sunset

Chilly dusk in Harwich

by Jonathan Mayo

Flax Pond montage

South Yarmouth site sports some interesting views.

Photos by Jonathan Mayo

It seemed important to get out for some fresh air before the storm, amid the surety of today's cabin fever. I wanted to share some photos from South Yarmouth's Flax Pond.  The water level at Flax Pond is so low these days that it is possible to walk the circumference of the pond. What few may be aware of is  a cedar swamp adjacent to Flax Pond. It is a little hard to get to, but just as scenic as the ones on the outer-cape.

I'd like to share some photos from the area. Enjoy!

Stay safe!

Lost puppy!  so sad!

Interesting teepee in cedar swamp.

Iridescent moss...

Amazing, natural art...



and again, stay safe!


Photos Copyright 2012, Jonathan Mayo


Eagle Scouts spruce up Nickerson

Group effort revitalizes the Amphitheatre.

By Jonathan Mayo

Brian Chin, Tim Couto, Nick Couto, volunteer

Nickerson  State Park's Amphitheatre is getting a facelift, thanks to the efforts of some Eagle Scouts from Troop  77, Brewster. Led by Eagle Scout Brian Chin, above left, this group is making some meaningful improvements at the site. Eagle Scout  Tim Couto and Eagle Scout Candidate Nick Couto joined Brian and other volunteers in this effort.

   It all started when  Brian approached the Friends of Nickerson State Park. asking them to identify a spot that could be improved.  With the help of the "Friend's",  Hinckley Home Center, volunteers and donations, several improvements are slated for the site.

  • New benches have been installed.
  • Lighting was replaced to remediate recent vandalism.
  • The benches and stage will be stained/painted to properly seal them from the elements.
  • A washed-out center aisle will be given new gravel and some steps for safety.

We applaud the community-oriented eforts of these Scouts. They are performing very necessary improvements in a spot enjoyed by many.  Great job, Brian, Tim, Nick and Troop 77!


Wildflowers and Skyscrapers

Photos from Hither and Yon

by Jonathan Mayo

I'd like to share some recent photographs, spanning from Brewster to Boston.  My studies have been carrying me towards the city, but I still find rare moments to hike this lovely peninsula. Enjoy!

Wildflowers in Brewster

A water lily in Nickerson State Park

Cedar roots at at water's edge, an eerie display...

Fog Shrouds Boston

Last Wednesday, the fog was thick as we approached Boston. The expressway was murky and the  buildings were shrouded in deep gray.

Here is the view from the expressway.




Scargo Time-lapse

Photos and video by Jonathan Mayo.

It was nice to get break from rain this afternoon, and the opportunity to see a sunset at Scargo tower. The skies were ablaze! Enjoy!


Double rainbow graces Cape.

Amazing end to an amazing day.

Photos by Jonathan Mayo

Many of you may have seen this wonder  spanning the Cape this afternoon.DToday was an amzing day weather-wise and this double rainbow was a blessing.  

More Sunday sights

A Great Blue heron stand guard at Indian Lands, Dennis.

A somber sky frames Route 6 at Bass River.

A group of cormorants perch on wires above Bass River.

Photos from Far Afield

Reflections of a Summer's End.

by Jonathan Mayo

I'd like to take  a moment to share some recent photos, as summer's lease hath all too short a date, and the realities of school's return ring as much for me as they do for my kids. I've had some fun exploring areas of Dennis, Harwich and Brewster during rare moments of leisure. Here are some shots from "far afield"

       A water hyacinth dominates the landscape in Harwich.

Reflections of leaf and sky, Niickerson State Park.

Nature, still and timeless.

Deer tracks at watering hole, Harwich.

Flax Pond, Dennis

Dennis, looking towards Setucket from Flax Pond.

Stalking the Downy Woodpecker

Brewster is for the birds!

Photos by Jonathan Mayo

Deep in the woods of Nickerson State Park I spotted this playful,  yet dutiful Downy Woodpecker. I appreciate the poses,  little one!