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Baby turkeys- forage fest.

Photos and video by Jonathan Mayo

These cute little critters greeted me this morning and after foraging in the woods, they moved on the greener pastures of my back yard. These 8  "poults" really stole the show!



Great Blue Heron takes flight.[Jonathan Mayo]

Nature shots from Brewster and Harwich

by Jonathan Mayo

I'd like to share some recent nature photos made possible by our weekly retreat to the Cape Cod Rail Trail. I was surprised to see this perennial visitor again enjoying the solitude of the Hacker Conservation area in Harwich. Strangely, I was seeking the same solitude and he didn't want company. He heard me coming and retreated to  a nearby tree, as I heard the snapping of dead wood. I opened my camera bag and attached the big lens, walking towards the edge of the water to get a look into the trees. He took flight just then.  I barely managed to turn on the camera to catch his retreat. I will approach the area much more quietly next time.

The bullfrogs of Brewster-reflections at water's edge



'Tis the season for highbush blueberry.(these are taken)

Stay tuned to see the road less traveled.

Carpe Diem!

Dazzling D-Y fireworks

Display kicks off a suumer of fun!

Photos by Jonathan Mayo


The Cape Cod summer seems in full-swing and the eastboubound lane of Route 6 is proof positive. We enjoyed a wonderful display last night, watching the D-Y fireworks over Flax Pond in South Yarmouth. Here are some highlights, in case you missed it.

Garden Art [Jonathan Mayo]

Shots from my gardens.

photos by Jonathan Mayo

I've been busy as a beaver these days, with full-time work and full-time grad school. I took a few moments to enjoy my garden with Pentax in hand. Summer is in full swing.. Carpe Diem!

Strange bird visits Brewster [Jonathan Mayo]

Nickerson sports Black-Crowned Night Heron.

Photos by Jonathan Mayo 

On our weekly visit to Nickerson State Park, we spotted a very unusual bird at the shore of Triangle Pond.  I didn't have the right lens on my camera, so I rushed back to the picnic spot to grab my telephoto lens.

Thankfully, this black-crowned night heron stayed put and I was able to get these shots.


Below we see it preening its grey wings.


 More from the shore...

I enjoy getting down to this level...

 Where land meets water...

 Eastern Towhee poses for pics-  Photos by Brandon Mayo

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Father-Son photo essay [Jonathan Mayo]

Trudging through the woods and waterways in search of shots.

By Brandon Mayo and Jonathan Mayo

My son Brandon and I have been having fun in the woods of Brewster and Harwich,  looking for those hard-to catch views of nature in action. Here is  Brandon, trying to catch a spider.

He was able to catch these with patience.

Triangle Pond, Nickerson State Park, Brewster.(photos by Jonathan Mayo)

Below we see the world through the eyes of  a bullfrog. Don't be squeamish, as thay are big part of freeshwater ecosystems. 


A Lady's Slipper in Nickerson State Park


From Bell's Beck

This woodpecker foraged uphill from the West Reservoir.

Stay tuned for the latest nature shots-carpe diem!

Photo essay-Birds of Spring [Jonathan Mayo]

Chasing birds in Brewster and Harwich.

Photos by Jonathan Mayo

The birds of spring abound across the Cape. Equipped with a new Pentax I was able to capture some of these hard-to shoot feathered friends. Below we see a red winged blackbird, chirpnig and posing in this springtime mating ritual. The beautiful songs of numerous pairs could be heard across Bell's Neck.

This cardinal was seeking a mate in the woods of Nickerson State Park.

This little guy was just upland from the cardinal.

This Baltomore Oriole was  camera-shy. Photo at Bell's Neck.

This butterfly calls Brewster home.

This swan with cygnets was spotted on the Rail Trail near Bell's Neck.

On the bank of the West Reservoir, a stowaway.

Feeding inthe West Reservoir.

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D-Y High deemed safe after bomb threat [Jonathan Mayo]

By Jonathan Mayo. Photos by Brandon Mayo

The D-Y High School students were dismissed just after noon Thursday when  a bomb threat was discovered.  Yarmouth Police, Yarmouth Fire Department and the The State Police bomb squad responded. A thorough search determined that no real threat existed. D-Y Pricipal Kenneth Jenks' use of the Emergency Notification sytem provided timely news of the threat,  early dismissal and subsequent safety determination. We appreciate this timely,  professional response.

Below we see the first responders.

D-Y Fire Apparatus,  understandably kept at a  safe distance.

Cedar grove nixed at Fort Hill [Jonathan Mayo]

Park Service destroys cedar grove at popular Eastham site.

by Jonathan Mayo

One need look no further than the Park Service's Fort Hill pamphlet to learn about early deforestation on Cape Cod. 

"Within three decades of settlement, the town was alarmed at the scarcity of wood. By 1850, the Eastham forests had become the Eastham plains. Only at Fort Hill was there any semblance of soil. Farming continued here until the 1940s. Now a forest creeps in. But the fields are still kept open, as a reminder of those yesterdays."

We are all accustomed to the vast fields  near Fort Hill in Eastham. But a recent,  bold move by the Park Service expanded this footprint,  removing a

red cedar grove adjacent to the "sharpening stone" The only apparent rationale is the one stated above, keeping with historical themes.  A similar rationale was used years ago to justify the cutting of a cedar forest on Wing Island in Brewster.

A return to the salt-hay cutting landscape of yore was envisioned, holding hopes that a vast meadow would replace that forest.  

Now,  years later, we see a hillside inundated with briar and brush, requiring regular work, virtually impassable most of the year.

Though placards near the site still identify it as a  "meadow", one might emerge bleeding if they were to endeavour a jaunt through this meadow. In my opinion, cedar groves are so much more stable, enjoyable and environmentally beneficial than open fields,  if our only purpose is historical. We might instead emulate another era,  when nature was left alone if it posed no threat.

I'd like to share some some other photos from yesterday's outer-Cape Jaunt.

This mariner was enjoying the waters off Fort Hill.


The Penniman House from a different angle.  I was never aware of the roof detail.

Edit_ Wow! My aunt just told me I am related to Captain Penniman! Never knew that!

Penniman begat Elvira Penniman, who begat Muriel Colby. She begat Walter L. Mayo, my great grandfather. Captain Penniman is my great, great, great, great grandfather. :)

From Wellfleet

A jogger skirts the open sea at Marconi Beach.

Classic Cape Cod landscape at Marconi.

From the Wellfleet white cedar swamp.

A gorgeous bird hides  among the lichen and new growth.

From Race Point,  Provincetown

a shot from the Amphitheater

what a day to fly!

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Suffolk Cape Cod in the news [Jonathan Mayo]

Suffolk MPA students conduct forum in Wareham, with "Move Wareham Forward"

By Jonathan Mayo

photo by Jaime Rebhan, warehamweek


         As some of you might know,  I am currently pursuing an MPA at Suffolk University Cape Cod.  The current MPA group led a candidate forum Monday evening at Wareham Town Hall, in partnership with "Move Wareham Forward."  Suffolk Cape Cod Director Michael Lavin and "Move Wareham Forward"  are credited with enabling the event, which was well received by candidates and citizens.  Questions were sought from those attending,  helping to assure that the public had a chance to be heard.

     Above we see Suffolk students Mark Deluca, Jonathan Mayo, Stephen Deluca, Elizabeth Sullivan, Paul McCormick and Taylor Cobb. Paul Mc Cormick moderated the event.

To read the full warehamweek story go to http://wareham-ma.villagesoup.com/news/story/suffolk-university-students-move-wareham-forward-host-forum-for-candidates/801418