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Scenic photos from Harwich and beyond

Some sights along the way...

Photos by Jonathan Mayo


December calm at Island Pond, Harwich.

At the Harwich Rail Trail Rotary, shadows mimic the scenery.

A late sun pushes through the undergrowth, Harwich Conservation Trust.

A December sun fades at The West Reservoir, Bell's Neck.

The hike back reveals fire through the trees.

Dawn in Boston

This was the scene along Washington Street before sunrise. The holiday decor is in full-swing!

I'll be visting the city a lot in coming months, working on a Master's at Suffolk. I like the rare opportunity to take pictures in an urban environment, especially before the city wakes up.

Merry Christmas!





Waning November-Photo Essay

by Jonathan Mayo

As November wanes, we bask in these unseasonally warm temperatures well aware that colder days await. I'd like to share some photos from these latter days of November. 

This painted turtle was patiently crossiing the Rail Tral near mile 3.5. 

Below, fleeting foliage at Nickerson State Park.

Old fashioned line clearing by N-Star

Recent controversy surrounding N-Star's use of herbicides has resulted in resumption of old style methods of brushcutting along the Cape's many power lines.

To the right we see N-Star's recent clearing of power lines that run through Nickerson State Park in Brewster.

A 2010 moratorium on herbicide spraying expired early this year, but N-Star agreed to continue it until Spring 2012.

It's critical that we keep our fragile waterways free of such toxins.

Other sights from across the Cape

Fog shrouds the sun in Centerville

This peculiar flying grasshopper enjoys the final days.

A Thanksgiving sunset at Lone Tree, Yarmouthport

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Yarmouth Pantry's "Turkey Day"

Over 100 families helped in annual event

Story and photos by Jonathan Mayo

        Service with a smile greeted visitors Monday at the annual Yarmouth Food Pantry turkey distribution. Above the Pantry's President and Vice President,  Ellen Schuck and Susan Martin pose with poultry amid the bustle of volunteers and clients. The event, which distributed complete Thanksgiving dinners to over 100 local families is one of many efforts by the local pantry in their fight against hunger.   The first several visitors were treated to flowers, courtesy of Trader Joe's                                          


Pantry Vice-President Susan Martin cited the afforts of volunteers, civic associations and food retailers, saying the Pantry is well-stocked for winter needs.

Shaw's was credited with a recent program that allows shoppers to purchase pre-loaded grocery bags with well- balanced items for pantry distribution. Trader Joe's  and Panera Breads have  been regular contributors to the Pantry.

Community Support is Key

Pantry President Elena Schuck credited Yarmouth residents as providing 75% of pantry stock.

Recent efforts by The Yarmouth Police and and MLS Realtors have helped to make this number a reality.  From donations to volunteer Pantry help,  it's about neighbors helping neighbors.

Well-stocked pantry

Below we see the organization of the pantry stock, in order of expiration. Goods are carefully arranged and rotated.


New-Frozen Meats

    Boston Food Bank and Shaw's have partnered to provide frozen meat and other items to local pantries. Meat that is on the verge of expiration is flash-frozen and distributed.  This is great for Pantry visitors,  as full meals can now be made from combining items.

D-Y High Key Club helps out.

These D-Y High Key Club volunteers were busy helping with turkey distribution. Great job!

Frozen-Bun Run -New Year's Day!

The Pantry will host this event on New Year's Day.,  made possible with support from Yarmouth Police and Yarmouth Rotary Club. 

Runners should arrive with a $10 registation fee and 10 items of non-persishable food.  "Swanky" T-shirts will be given out to participants.(not to be missed)

For a full schedule of events, including details on the New Year's run, visit http://www.yarmouthfoodpantry.org/

We appreciate the efforts of the volunteers and contributors!


YPD food drive-helping the community

Yarmouth Police & Yarmouth Food Pantry join to fight hunger

by Jonathan Mayo

Yarmouth Police were out in force Sunday morning at local supermarkets, conducting their annual food drive in partnership with the Yarmouth Food Pantry.  Officers and food pantry volunteers accepted donations at Stop & Shop,  Lond Pond Drive,  Shaw's on Route 28 and Stop & Shop on Station Ave.

Above we see Officers Alden and Delaney at Shaw's in South Yarmouth,  joined by Yarmouth Food Pantry President Elena Schuck and pantry volunteers Marianne and Marc.  Officer Melissa Alden  coordinates this annual event of behalf of YPD.

Below we see Officers Alden and Gannon at Stop & Shop, Long Pond Drive.

Below, at Station Ave Stop & Shop,  Officers Sean Brewer and Louis Nickinello work with volunteers Leslie Nickinello and Tom Ulrick to seek donations.


The Pantry will host a Turkey dinner on November 21st, from 3-7. Attendence is limited to pre-registered pantry clients.

Yarmouth Food Pantry

845 Main St, Route 28, Unit 16, South Yarmouth, MA 02664 508-771-1135

  • To see pictures from the 2009 click here
  • To see the 2010 food drives click here.

Habitat for Humanity-New Store

Habitat's "ReStore" to open soon in Yarmouth.

by Jonathan Mayo

     Habitat for Humanity recently announced the mid-November opening of their "ReStore" on White's Path in South Yarmouth. This store will focus on building materials, fixtures and appliances.  Its inventory comes from donated items, subject to guidelines outlined here.


Over 700 Habitat "ReStores" are open in the US.  The community welcomes this new addition. Homeowners and landlords alike might find a bargain or two. On the donation end, the store offers a neat way to get rid of useful, bulky items rather than scrapping them.

I look forward to visiting this innovative store!



Off the beaten path at Nickerson

Exploring the State Park's hidden spots.

Photos by Jonathan Mayo

This is the view looking up an embankment in a lesser-traveled area of Nickerson State Park.  A logging road was cut to access this location many years ago.

The DCR has been piling up storm debris here for over 2 decades. 

Most of these trees are from Hurricane Bob in 1991. The area boasts an unusually rich ecosystem.  Wildflowers grow here and my son saw a 6 foot snake,  no doubt well-fed in the seclusion of these enormous woodpiles. This salamander was hanging out under a log.

Some very old equipment lies wedged against a boulder at the edge of the woodpile.  "Self-oiling bulldozer"  Given the age, this equipment likely helped to build the Park.



Signs of Past Lives on the land now known as Nickerson

In 1934, multimillionare Roland Nickerson donated the Brewster site to The State.  Despite the passing of years, signs of the old inhabitants can still be seen, including an old family cemetery and this decorative glass mug,  buried in an old tree stump deep in the woods.

No more then 10 feet away we found a small circle of bricks.  It's barely visible above ground,  but not to be disturbed. To find this in a yard would seem normal, but in the middle of the woods? Was it the work of  a child long ago?  These bricks are very old,  hand-made,  giving us hints of Nickerson's interesting past.

Foliage is peaking in The Park.

Night falls as we return to mile 0.


Enjoying the Shining Sea Bikeway

Falmouth's gem offers many sights to see.

 By Jonathan Mayo

A recent ride along Falmouth's Shining Sea Bikeway was refreshing, with many sights to see.  The Rail Trail could take a few cues from this path,  which boasts a center line and frequent signage reminding riders to "Keep Right Except to Pass"  This results in a safer ride overall.

The path, whose recent extension brought it to North Falmouth,  passes through extensive marshlands and windswept beaches as it winds towards the village of Woods Hole.  I'd like to share some photos and video from our recent journey.

    This mother swan ventured across the path near Great Sippewisset Marsh, hoping its young would follow.

Her children swam with Dad across the way,  chirping for Mom's return.

Mom braves the path to answer their call.

Her return, as the almost-grown cygnets chirp their approval.





Nature's Whirlpool

As the tide moves in to fill Great Sippewisset Marsh with thousands of gallons of seawater, an incredibly strong whirlppol forms near the culvert. It was a novel sight, never having seen a whirlpool form naturally.

Classic Cape Cod- the path skirts Surf Drive...

This mosiac, most appropriately themed,  graces an underpass.

New Gardens at Highfield Hill

Take a break from the ride to visit Highfield, with new gardens.

The Woods Hole Aquarium

No ride would be complete without a visit to the aqauarium. The residents are happy to oblige.

Visit the Shining Sea Bikeway for fun and adventure! 

Fog and Foliage in Centerville

Sights along the Centerville and Bumps Rivers

Photos By Jonathan Mayo

Friday morning's fog came in  heavy and enveloped many villages.  Below we see The Centerville River,  early morning.

The view at The Craigville Bridge

Looking out towards Long Beach

Bumps River Foliage

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Visit Yarmouth Seaside Festival!

Fun for the whole family!

By Jonathan Mayo

The 33rd Annual Yarmouth Seaside Festival is in full swing with rides, vendors, music and numerous events and attractions. For a full schedule of events, including a road race,  parade, canoe and yayak race, visit http://www.yarmouthseasidefestival.com/

Here are some photos from today...

The National Guard set up a miniature course with very cool pedal cars.

Some heavy duty fire apparatus!

These youngsters were happy to be led  through "drills" with National Guard members.  When I thanked one for his Service he humbly replied, expressing The Guard's desire to connect with the community through such events.

Dizzying Rides!

Face-Painting by D-Y Art Club





Wild Animals are here too, with numerous displays, including birds of prey and reptiles.

A parade will be starting at noon tomorrow,  so choose alternate routes during that time. Fireworks will be at Seagull Beach, 8PM Sunday. Bring the whole family!


3 car accident In South Yarmouth

Yarmouth Police and Fire respond.

Story and photos by Jonathan Mayo

A three car accident occured around 5:20 Monday evening at the intersection of White's Path and North Dennis Rd. Two cars sustained major damage, the third appeared more minor. Individuals were transported by ambulance following the accident.