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Fowl Play at Rail Trail

...and an enormous cranberry heart in Harwich...

Photos and Video by Jonathan Mayo


Riders were surprised to see some chickens rooting around on The Rail Trail, near Pleasant Lake General Store, (mile #5) They were  tame and energetic, not afraid to mingle with the bikes and activity.

Giant Cranberry Heart in Harwich

At a cranberry bog along Great Western Road in Harwich, the growers arranged a work of art with leftover cranberries, corralling them into a huge heart. We  offer heartfelt thanks for this thoughtful display.

More scenery from Harwich

The ascent over Route 6

A small pond in The Hacker Trails shows color.

upland,  nature shows an arch...

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Beautiful Sunday Skies

Seen from Dennis, Harwich and Brewster

Photos by Jonathan Mayo

Sunday's sun was reluctant and the fog stayed awhile, resulting in some interesting skies on The Rail Trail and elsewhere. I managed to capture a few examples while enjoying a 24 mile Sunday ride. The other walkers and cyclists seemed especially friendly today,  no doubt due to the changing demographics of the "shoulder season".

Highbank Bridge,  Dennis Yarmouth line.

CCRT, near mile 3

Namsksket Creek, near Brewster/Orleans line

After the Apocolypse

How would nature respond?

Photos by Jonathan Mayo

At an abandoned  rest area near Bass River we can see hints of nature's response, after 20 years of neglect yield cracking pavement and the slow,  but steady creep of vegetation. It's amazing how trees and grass can push through and swallow up roads, even granite curbs.

Parking spaces are obliterated

Picnic area ruins

This rest area could be put to god use with the Rail Trail extension, on the other hand, wouldn't it be cool to just let nature reclaim it? :)

Cloud-Shrouded Moon

I strolled outside at bedtime Monday evening to look at the sky. The moon was remarkable.  I zoomed through the treetops, yielding this.

Carpe Diem!

Irene debris & other oddities

Including an ant who prefers daddy longlegs eegs

By Jonathan Mayo

Though blessed by less work than expected,  local landscapers and homeowners had some serious yard work to do this week.  Many wooded properties were absolutely blanketed with branches and green foliage that fell during Irene. 

This is what a true truckload looks like these days, almost impossible to cover.

An enormous pile has been growing at Cape Resources in The Mills.  

Other sights across hill and dale...

Wild cranberries are growing along the power lines in Yarmouth. I imagine they'd make some gamey preserves.


The ant below has chosen a most unwilling meal, that is, a Daddy Longlegs... Ant 1, Daddy-0

Yellowjackets gorging on Wild Blueberries

While walking along the paths near Flax Pond in Yarmouth today, we came upon an area that was full of ripe bluebberries.  As we picked with vigor, imagining a batch of blueberry pancakes, we were met by buzzing yellowjackets. We watched as they would choose a nice juicy blueberry and then gorge upon it until they practically fell asleep inside the flattening fruit. It was a weird sight. I imagine as the fruit begins to ferment these gourmands might not fly straight.

From Brewster, Nickerson State Park

Late Blooms in The Garden.

New signage promotes safety on Rail Trail

Whether counting miles or reporting emergencies, the new markings are a plus-

By Jonathan Mayo.

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation recently worked along the Rail Trail, marking every 10th of a mile with signage indicating both distance and location. These are ideal for accurately reporting emergencies,  mile counting or fun with the kids as they travel along the trail.

Town Lines Denoted

Workers even marked town boundaries.

Inline skaters will be happy to see that some holes and dips  have been patched with asphalt.

All we need now is a center-line like The Shining Seas Bike Path. That really helps to keep folks in their lane.

August Pondside-Photo Essay

The gif below shows trends afoot, try as we might to resist them.  Special thanks to Brandon Mayo for technical assistance.

Let it rain!

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Time for more LSAT study.   :(

Baby birds, bees & bullfrogs

Brewster blueberries, too!

Photos by Jonathan Mayo


Summer is in full swing, with lots to see and do.  The weather has been great, despite the occasional hot spells.  No complaints here, as there is no better place to be.  I'll be pursuing a Masters Degree in Fall, so I regard the coming August with all the enthusiasm of a schoolboy, determined to squeeze the most from summer in its waning weeks. I'd like to share some recent nature photos from Cotuit, Centerville and Brewster. Enjoy!

Baby birds, close to flight, in Centerville

Bees at Baxter's Neck, Cotuit

Bullfrogs of Brewster


A Sunday shower 


Brewster Blueberries, ripe for the pickin'

Look in the woods beside ponds for Highbush blueberry,  now in season. 

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Xiarhos Memorial Ride

Big Nick's Ride passes North Dennis Rd.

by Jonathan Mayo

Surprise thunderstorms popped up as the participants in "Big Nick's Ride" circled back towards D-Y High in the 2nd annual event.  The procession was enormous. Support was overwhelming. We thank the efforts of YPD, the Motorcycle Clubs of Cape Cod and the riders who participated.

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Bell's Neck rebounds after forest fire

...and other sights from Harwich and Brewster.

 by Jonathan Mayo

A recent trip through Bell's Neck revealed an encouraging rebound from the Forest Fires of March 30. Such brush fires are common and often forests recover rather quickly. We thank the quick work of the fire departments responding last March.

This area of low brush is recovering from the bottom up. 

These tree trunks show the height of the flames.  Ferns are happy to fill in.

Other Sights from Bell's Neck

This lily bed sits in the woods alongside the Herring River

The West Reservoir,  in Black & White-

Despite poison ivy, ticks, horseflies and thorns, the path less taken has appeal.

Traffic snarled, Barnstable Fire Dept and State Police respond

By Jonathan Mayo

A car rolled into the woods on Route 6 Eastbound around 5:00 Wednesday.  The Massachusetts State Police and Barnstable Fire Department responded to the crash, which occured just before exit 7 Eastbound.  It appeared that single car was involved and occupants(s) were transported by ambulance.

This post will be updated as more details emerge.


Dazzling D--Y Fireworks

Video by Jonathan Mayo

Friday evening marked a spectacular fireworks display at D-Y High School. We avoided the crowds

at Station Ave to watch the fireworks from Flax Pond.  It was a sight not to be be missed,  including a dazzling finale, and a brave, perhaps even foolhardy pilot flying dangerously close to the display.(seen at 13:26)

I wish everyone a wonderful Independence Day.  How fortunate we are to enjoy it here on Cape Cod!