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Gun activists destroy Porsche 911

Bay State Gun group perforates German metal. 

(Porsche fans cry)

A Bay state non-profit group organized this offbeat event after the Porsche's owner, tired of excessive repair bills, offered it as shooting gallery fodder.

The group's website is below.


"An anonymous owner of a Porsche 911 donated his troublesome car to a local gun club rather than pay more than $20,000 to have it fixed. The wealthy motorist was so fed-up with the car's constant engine problems he was happy to see 140 members of the Massachusetts club Comm2A fire 10,000 bullets into it. Photographer and gun enthusiast John Beauchemin says: "By the end of the shoot, the Porsche was so perforated that it was folding in half under its own weight. It was hauled off to the junkyard on a flatbed."

CCRT-time lapses & more

May growth, cute dogs & Lady's Slippers

by Jonathan Mayo

The Cape Cod Rail Trail is heating up and greening up as summer approaches. Memorial Day weekend was marked with many visiting the Trail and Nickerson State Park. Id like to share a slideshow of time lapse photographs, as well as some other shots from recent visits.  Flaura and Fauna abound! 

Highbush Blueberry on the way!

I can almost taste the pancakes.


Maggie The St. Bernard   (awwwwww!)

Lady's Slippers in bloom, mile 1.

DCR-Mow Please!

Many areas on the Rail Trail need some serious mowing and trimming. I saw a concerned citized donating his gas, equipment and time mowing near mile 7.  He recieved accolades from all who passed.  The rotary in Harwich was mowed recently, but without any trimming it didn't do much good. Watch for ticks!

The Elusive Funnel Spider (aside CCRT, Brewster)

This unique creature  builds a funnel-shaped web to catch prey.

Reflections near Mile 4,  Harwich


Suffolk Survey Cites CapeCodToday

Suffolk University cites site's importance

by Jonathan Mayo

I recently visited the local office of my alma-mater, Suffolk University, to inquire about their MPA programs. I will be receiving my BS from Suffolk in 4 months and I am considering a Masters Degree or Law School,  both hopefully at this great institution. While inquiring.  I noticed that capecodtoday appeared on a survey question.

I sought comments from Suffolk,  happy that the site had been mentioned .

Dr. Michael Lavin stated "We try to keep track of where prospective students hear about us and online sources are as you know an ever increasing personal resource... CapeCodToday is an important local outlet, and that is why we list it... I use the data to assist marketing decision-making..."

To learn more about the Suffolk University Cape Programs visit http://www.suffolk.edu/academics/1832.html

Tree-climbing turkey

...and other animal tales.

Photos and video by Jonathan Mayo

This turkey was walking around the yard before it flew 30 feet up into a pitch pine. It was an interesting sight to see, though not uncommon, according to old-timers.

Baby turtle struggles towards water

In the old outdoor theater at Nickerson State Park, we paused last Sunday to sit and have a picnic.

I moved my foot, rustling last fall's leaves when I saw a tiny creature belly-up, struggling to right itself.

It was a baby painted turtle, recently hatched and bone dry, struggling towards the waters of Triangle Pond. 

When this little one arrived at the water, instinct eventually took over. He/she burrowed into the mud.  It was emblematic of our daily struggles.

The kids  at Long Pasture

Swan uses water as looking glass, CCRT, Harwich.

A cardinal in Centerville

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If anybody has any unwanted Canon D-90s, I am very much in need, lol!

Municipal projects in full swing

Work in progress at South Yarmouth's Flax Pond and Osterville Free Library.

by Jonathan Mayo

Progress continues on various public projects on-Cape, including South Yarmouth's Flax Pond and   the new Osterville Free Library. 

Flax Pond renovations approach completion.

Below we see the new main building at Flax Pond.  This is part of  a larger project funded in part with private donations and made possible by diligent grant-seeking efforts.

The new road from White's Path is now paved, and a large parking now sits at the site of the old soccer field.

To read more about the project click below.



Osterville Free Library takes shape

Work was bustling along Wianno Ave. in Osterville, where the all new Osterville Free Library is being built.  The video below shows roof panels being lowered with a crane and welded in place.

The library should be complete before the close  of the year.


Video-Homemade General Tso's Chicken

By Jonathan Mayo


Having recently perfected this dish, I thought I'd share it with you all. Though far from professional grade, this video shows you how to make this flavorful dish at home! Enjoy!

Army Tanks in Marstons Mills

And other sights and sounds from the Mid-Cape.

Video and Photos by Jonathan Mayo

Someone took a  great deal of time to restore these WW2 era tanks, fitted with "AA Orelikon" guns. It's quite a sight to see in the sleepy village of Marstons Mills.

D-Y Concert Band, Chorus and String orchestra perform in Formal Concert.

Watch some great performances by D-Y students.

Another Great Sunset from Scargo Tower

Spaywaggin' Visits The Cape

The Animal Rescue league of Boston has a mobile animal hospital, dubbed the "Spaywaggin",  which travels The Bay State offering low-cost spaying and neutering services. It recently paid a visit to Cape Maid Farms. To learn more about the "Spaywaggin" click the link below.


Swan enjoys Indian Lands,  Dennis.

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Flax Pond has new road at White's Path

South Yarmouth site boasts alternate approach

By Jonathan Mayo

A newly constructed road will offer access to South Yarmouth's Flax Pond from White's Path.  Previously Flax Pond's only entrance was from Old Main St.  The new road is over 1/2 mile long and winds through previously unspoiled open space. 


        Above we see the end of the new road as it approaches Flax Pond. Construction hasn't been obvious from White's Path because the new road is an extension  of an existing road,  Dupont Ave. 

The road has not yet been paved, and access is limited to work crews.

Antennae dominate the view at the entrance to the new road.  It also crosses the old railroad tracks, providing access to Flax Pond from the proposed Rail Trail extension. Obvious CCRT parking options are also present at the site, where the town owns a great deal of land.


Below we see recent additions to the main building at Flax Pond.

Bass River sunrise

Monday morning at Wilbur Park, Bass River.

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End of days & Nickerson repairs

Photos and video by Jonathan Mayo

Scargo Dusk-3-14

Sunset at Bell's Neck, 3-15

Repairs to Pavilion at Nickerson State Park

This old pavilion, with a fieldstone foundatio0n has graced Area 3 of Nickerson State Park  since its opening in the 1960's.  Below you can see the transformation as DCR repaired it's failing roof.

Old VW dealer in Falmouth?

Here's one for the old-timers.  For as long as I can remember, Tracy VW was the only VW dealer on Cape.  But I found this old dealer sticker on the engine lid of an old VW Beetle.  Does anybody remember "Walker Motors" from Falmouth?

Update- I found Walker Motors in an old dealer listing from 1975- Courtesy Everett Barnes.

Their address is listed as 171 Worcester Park Ave in Falmouth. (now known as Worcester Court)

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Spring Break-Photo Essay

A brief respite from "cubic regressions"

by Jonathan Mayo

My blog has been on hiatus for a few weeks now,  having immersed myself  again in higher education,  more specifically completing my math credit,  the last class I need to receive a BSBA from Suffolk University.  Needless to say,  spring break is a welcome opportunity to at least temporarily put down the books.

I'd like to share some recent photos! Enjoy!


These two ducks were bathed in light alongside the railroad tracks in Yarmouth.

Jalopnik- Capecodtoday style!

I recently uncovered this sleeper, a 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible.  I have owned this for ten years now, and I am currently gathering parts for a restoration.

A possum had apparently taken up residence underneath.

The lone horseman of Yarmouth