Politicians' NASCAR jacket [Quigley Cartoon]

 Deconstruction of a NASCAR politician

Every pay day a certain percentage of my pay goes to state and federal taxes. Usually about 20-25% from what I have seen.

Sometimes more. I changed from a professional job, you know, one that called for a degree or two with on-going training to one that has me ringing people up at a cash register. I guess you could say I am retired on a fixed income and working at a part time job to help make ends meet. I recently did my taxes.

Although I do get a handful of change back from the federal government and the state I now live in, I have to pay more to the state I left halfway through last year. I had assumed the taxes that had been taken out there were at the right level because they had been so before.

But apparently, and I am only guessing here, the original state is upset that I left, and it wants some more money from me before I am really permanently gone and they cannot touch me anymore. Who knows.

But the point is I had been paying taxes and owe a little more, basically the equivalent of what the feds and the present state sent back to me. It is an even swap. I guess I am not a person who creates jobs, but had to find one, so I don’t need the money.

I found that while they are not paying any taxes, and are making huge profits, there are companies that paid little or no taxes last year while making big bucks. I mean Ginormously big bucks. I have been told that they are the “job creators”, so I guess they need to have all that money I pay to many of them out of my pocket for their services, and the service charges they apply to any business I do with them, and all the money they get to keep instead of paying taxes like I do.

And I imagine it is extremely expensive to create those jobs and they need to collect a lot of money for a very long time in order to do it, and since they haven't actually created any yet, it takes more money than they have right now. After all they had all kinds of loopholes before the Bush Tax Cuts, and then got all kinds of other breaks with them, but we still have a lot of people who can’t find jobs.

Now the GOP wants them to have more with their proposed budgets. I am so excited and cannot contain myself at the idea that one of these days, when they have amassed enough money, they are going to unveil all the jobs they have created, and everyone can have one. I just can’t wait.

Oh, those companies? General Electric, Boeing, JP Morgan Chase, Conoco Philips, Citi Bank,Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Arch Coal, Peabody Energy, ACI, ALPHA, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, and Carnival Cruises.

Once they unleash all their created jobs, the price I paid for their products and services, and all the bonuses they gave their big wigs will all make sense, and America will be happy and well off. Thanks in advance, guys.

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