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 The John Boenhner's Health Care Plan

The GOP has been railing against the Affordable Healthcare Act, calling it "Obama Care" hoping that title will mislead conservatives in a subliminal way, and calling it "Socialized Medicine" to conjure up Cold War fears among the older crowd with memories of it.

Considering its ongoing dislike of the Act, and considering their hope that the Supreme Court will shoot it down, a person would think the GOP would have a plan for some program to take its place. Well, they do. Their plan is to use the program they claim they hate.

If the Supreme Court rules the Affordable Health Care Act unconstitutional because of the one provision on the Individual Mandate, the GOP has designed a program that contains all the other parts that they have been saying were bad.

Although people do have problems with some of the provisions in the ACA, there are some parts that they like.

After opposing what Obama got passed, even though not long ago the Republicans wanted some of the same things until he did that, it would certainly be a mistake if the GOP left American citizens with nothing.

So, if the act is fully or partially thrown out by SCOTUS, Republicans plan to propose bills that will keep the popular parts intact. These are the ones that are consumer friendly. They want to keep things like allowing adult children to remain on parents’ health care plans until age 26, and forcing insurance companies to provide coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

But these popular sections are only possible because of the unpopular ones. The Individual Mandate will force insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.

The GOP is also supporting proposals that allow individuals to buy health insurance across state lines, help small businesses band together to buy insurance, offer generous tax deductions for the purchase of individual policies, expand tax-favored health savings accounts, and control medical malpractice suits.

Obviously time is not on their side as SCOTUS is supposed to render its decision in June, and there are elections in November. So if the GOP wants to have something before then to help with elections, they obviously cannot come up with a totally new plan in so short a time.

However, since the Tea Bag crowd hates anything Obama, apparently just on principal alone, people who speak for them have even condemned the GOP’s blatant reworking of what they have been consistently condemning.

When the GOP regained the House they claimed they would come up with a better plan for healthcare. So far they have produced nothing but a proposal to reintroduce what they wanted to get rid of and gvetched about for a year while they proposed all kinds of bills that helped neither with healthcare or employment.

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