Another partisan distraction from real needs.[Quigley's Cartoon Blog]

We send politicians to Washington D.C. to make sure our country works for all of us. We do not send them there to take care of their own business, or that of a small group of friends.

The majority of Americans are working class people, but there is a movement in D.C. to take care of the small number of the extremely rich by protecting their incomes from taxes and helping their corporations with subsidies. But what are they doing for the majority of Americans?

Here are we are heading into the summer storm season. Already places in Florida are dealing with flooding. Places out west are dealing with huge fires.

People have invested in homes and businesses which, through no fault of their own but the whims of nature, are being wiped out in an instant. Towns are being destroyed and infrastructure ruined. Towns and the people in them are suffering.

But what do the people in Washington do? Instead of passing a bill that would free money to help those who are presently being hurt by floods and those who will be in the future, the friends of the rich and corporations, and those who want to get the votes of the “religious right” have added amendments to bills like flood damage ones that protect fetuses from the moment of conception by claiming to be able to answer by law a question that religion, philosophy, and science have still to decide. They want to declare that personhood begins at the moment of conception.

This might be important for getting the votes of the “religious right", but how does that affect those who are already obviously people because they have been born.
It is as if they only time you can count on protection through the present Congress is before you are born. It is as if you only matter while you are a fetus, after that you are ignored.

Rather than attach an irrelevant amendment to declare personhood begins at conception to a bill that would help citizens after a flood for the obvious reasons, wouldn’t they more realistically shoe their commitment by proposeing a bill on this that would stand by itself as opposed holding the victims of floods as hostages.

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