Well, after all the hype, talk about a group of "Drama Queens".

Washington delays doing what it should do, and then invents a "fiscal cliff". They scare the American people into buying into the fiction.

This is followed by cliff hanger after cliff hanger, making people wonder if they can pull the country away from the brink in time.

Congress solves the non-existent problem, anticipating the gratitude of the people they just "saved".

They arrive at the point they were  months ago, so nothing has changed, and they are ready to do it all again in two months.

The American people are supposed to be fooled into believing Congress actually did their job.

Now we just have to see what the next things is that they procrastinate on so they can almost solve a self invented problem at the midnight hour that satisfies no one, but makes it look like Congress has done its job.

Poor John Boehner, thinking he was playing his part well, played the tough guy, grimmacing when it was called for; smiling and looking cooperative when it was necessary to project that image; and then appearing angry when that tactic was supposed to put the president in a bad light while making his own party look like the reasonable ones. But all this to no avail as the same branch of his party that believed that the image of America that they had invented was actually the real one, and were shocked by the November 6 election results, convinced themselves they spoke for all Americans when in reality they were speaking only for themselves, and turned their backs on him.

Meanwhile, waiting in the wings for the wind to change, and playing best friend and supporter of Boehner, only to double cross him when the times were right and the situation beneficial, was Eric Cantor.

Oh, but wait.

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson had pledged millions of dollars to a group linked with Cantor.  Adelson had also pumped tens of millions of dollars into the presidential election, a bad investment crying for repayment.

Cantor also bet against the United States in order to increase the return on his investments. With one of the firms in his portfolio, if the U.S Treasury Bonds did poorly, he would benefit. This while he was Majority Leader in the House, and voted against those bills that would have helped with the US debt, profiting from that.

Basically, if the debt ceiling is not raised and the U.S. defaults on its debts, and Cantor opposes raising it, one of his investments, ProShares Trust Ultrashort 20+ Year Treasury ETF, stands to gain. This is not something new as the Wall Street Journal wrote about it back in 2010. And Cantor's opposition to raising the Debt Ceiling has been consistent since then. 

That's why it was important for him to oppose Poor John's Plan B.

His wife, meanwhile, is on the Boards of such financial firms as Goldman-Sachs of bailout fame, and on the Board of Dominos Pizza which is suing the Obama administration over the contraceptive provision in the Affordable Care Act, and stands to gain from that.

At best his opposition to raising the Debt Ceiling, and his opposition to "Obama Care" would appear to be major conflicts of interest.

But he is seen as a virtuous man by those who live in an invented reality.

In two months the debt ceiling discussions will begin again. John Boehner will be pushed and pulled by the Tea Party crowd. He will play and talk tough, putting on a great charade.

Eric Cantor, meanwhile, will appear virtuous and speaking loudly "for" the American people, while playing the debt ceiling debates to his financial benefit.

In the meantime, the Tea Party is still bent on having things as they want them, and may very well oppose Mr Boehner any way they can if he does not do what they want.

The GOP is divided, and some seem to ignore that little is accomplished when one side is fighting amongst itself.

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