Obama's way out

Considering that in 2012, especially during the Primary season, which seemed to be all of 2012, the GOP was demanding that President Obama do something about the situation in Syria. Some wanted boots on the ground, while others wanted weapons supplied to the rebels. Since he wasn't doing anything, at least nothing overt, the president was being called weak.

Giving a line of demarcation, The "red Line",  the before any action and the point after which action had to be taken lessened the demand for feet on the ground and weapons for the rebels. There would have to be something everyone could agree on before we entered yet another war involving people who have been fighting each other for centuries.

Now it would appear that the collected intelligence has shown where and when chemical weapons were used, down to the minute and within feet of the target. It also appears there has been a massive role reversal.

Before the invasion into Iraq many people questioned the intelligence photos and other information that did not really explain why, since the perpetrators of 9/11 were Saudis, we were going after a non-Saudi country, nor could anyone disprove the invasion was really about oil not principles.

The people who questioned things were seen as supporters of terrorists and just about as unpatriotic as a person could get. Within a year most Americans began to question the war, and support of it began to wane. So, "support the troops" was introduced to get us to support something. You may not have agreed with why we were in Iraq, and may have seen the problem with the war, but you had to support the war for the sake of the troops who had been sent in with inefficient equipment and no real exit strategy.

Now, the "Rah-Rah", "America right or wrong", "Love it Or Leave It", "I'm more patriotic than you are" crowd is the side asking the questions, and repeating the very same un-American, unpatriotic ones that they had found fault with before.

So cutting to the chase, since some people are objecting to any action against Syria on principle while others are hoping either action or inaction  will make Obama look bad, and might give them the cart before the horse justification for the last 5 years of obstruction, the best way out for the president is to have Congress decide.

If Congress says to do nothing, then they will have to take responsibility for the results of that.

If Congress says to drop a few bombs and that goes all wrong, well, that would be on them too.

They have demanded some say in all of this. I suggest Obama give them just that and abide by their decision.

No flies on him.

And for the conspiracy nuts, d'ya think this is what he has been planning all along?

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