The martyr is taking the money for us.

I have been wondering since this whole Bundy vs BLM thing is an ongoing event, how the militia men are able to remain at The Ranch.

They have been there a couple of weeks. They need to eat. They must come from somewhere. They must have mortgages, rent, and regular bills. They cannot all be independently wealthy.

Don’t they have jobs?

So out of curiosity, I did a little research on one of the leaders of the "stand off" who labels himself a " Christian Libertarian" because he seems to be all over the country advocating for fighting the federal government, and because a friend sent me his name when I asked if he knew the names of the people who keep popping up in the videos of the events in Nevada giving speeches and rousing the crowd.

This individual fights socialism wherever it rears its ugly head.

Turns out this enemy of the federal government and of socialism is able to go all over the place, on public roads mind you, because he receives a Social Security Disability check.

Mike Vanderboegh is from Pinson, Alabama, who once led the Alabama Constitutional Militia.

One of his major claims to fame is his exhortation for people upset with the Affordable Care Act to express their indignation by breaking to windows of any office of any Democrat who voted for the legislation anywhere that office might be.

After all, government should not be involved in health care. People should not rely on the government for health care or monetary support. People should not be "takers".

“So, if you wish to send a message that Pelosi and her party cannot fail to hear, break their windows. Break them NOW. Break them and run to break again. Break them under cover of night. Break them in broad daylight. Break them and await arrest in willful, principled civil disobedience. Break them with rocks. Break them with slingshots. Break them with baseball bats. But BREAK THEM”.

This man is serious. This man is principled. This man does not seem to accept that in this republic, whether you like the results of the election or not, and whether you agree with those elected, they were democratically elected by the We The People of the Constitution he and his ilk say they defend.

He lives off of his forklift operating wife’s salary and, because he claims to be unable to hold a regular job due to congestive heart failure, diabetes, and hypertension, Social Security Disability checks.

He also can oppose the ACA because he is covered on his wife's healthcare plan from work.

He needs the money from the mean socialist government o he can travel around to warn the mean socialist government that they are facing a bloody civil war.

At the Bundy Ranch he told the crowd, “All over this country, we are still staring civil war in its bloody face” because Harry Reid “is promising us all civil war on a vast scale, because state-sponsored violence is the only way they can win an argument with free people, especially free people who are armed and who are willing to use those arms in defense of liberty".

He is no slouch in the Bundy business as is shown by his special mention on the Oath Keepers' website..

He explained his “reasons” for breaking down to accept Social Security Disability checks, and among them are that if he takes from the evil government, he is attacking them, he is in revolt against tyranny, even though he point out that the amount he gets isn’t as much as he should be getting.

But we all know that all those other, mostly white people, accepting those same funds are lazy and milking the system. They are socialists.Their reasons are not as good as his.

His defense?

They feel that I am hypocritical for taking government pennies.
I must admit that this question caused me a lot of heartache when I fell ill and couldn’t return to work. I, too, felt that it was hypocritical.

Now my wife works and we have Blue Cross/Blue Shield through her employer. I never accepted Medicare because we could afford not to.

Of course, given the realities of the new “Intolerable Act” (the ACA), it is anybody’s guess how long we will continue to have insurance from her employer when there are such incentives in the bill for employers to drop plans and for providers to go out of business.
That said, at the time of the application for Disability several of my friends argued that I was being ridiculous, that I would never get back anything near the amount of what I paid in (and at $1300 per month, they’re right about that).

But it was my adopted brother, a current-serving Army LTC who made the most persuasive argument.”Look, Mike,” he told me, “what is the prime method by which guerrillas handle logistics?” “They take them from the enemy.” “Right,” he said, “so what is so very wrong with living off the substance of the tyrannical government you oppose? Especially since it is your money to begin with?”
Good point.

So if the collectivists wish to call me a hypocrite, I can only say that height of my hypocrisy does not rise to theirs, so eager are they to subject me to Guantanamo, the PATRIOT Act and prison rape that they would not wish on the guiltiest of Al Quaeda terrorists".

Read it again. Carefully. And you will see the usual "what I hate you for doing is justified by my doing it regardless of the complicated mental gymnastics I need to employ to do it”.

He is only allowing himself to be the victim of socialism because he is defending you against socialism.


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