News to ignore

First there were the WMDs that no one was able to find, although there are those who now claim that they actually did exist provided you change the definition of the phrase “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.

And we know they existed because, even though we could not find them after having been in Iraq under one administration for six years and for the following one for two, those who want to claim they existed all along have pointed out that ISIS was able to find them in just two weeks.

Either we were really bad at finding things; these ISIS guys are REALLY good; or, as I said, we simply changed the definition of the phrase.

Then we had Assad in Syria killing his people with chemical weapons, while people like John McCain, besides having had his picture taken with them, demanded that President Obama give aid to the rebels who turned out to be the Syria in ISIS.

President Obama was condemned because the only obvious reaction to crossing a red line was to have a military engagement, but he chose to avoid that by seeking a diplomatic solution that would end the use of chemical weapons while keeping us from handing arms to those who could turn and use them against us because we once against used imperial power that the Middle East has had a hatred of since the European countries carved the place up for their own benefit at the beginning of the last century.

For a while the conservative right was praising Putin for his strength and putting down President Obama because he allowed him to take on the role of negotiator. For a while it appeared that the love of the red, white, and blue was applied less to Old Glory and more to the Russian flag.

We had Putin invading the Ukraine and aiding and abetting the rebels with people saying that sanctions were not enough and that our tyrant, Obama, was too weak to actually do anything.

There is nothing as threatening as a weak tyrant.

But then these things happened just this week.

Monday, international weapons inspectors confirmed that all of its chemical and biological weapons have been handed over by Syria without a single shot being fired.

Syria’s WMD’s have been collected and are about to be destroyed, and the United States did not have to send in troops, nor did it have to spend years dealing with the problem.

That shocks and awes me.

People had said that our tyrant had been outplayed by Putin, but Russia got nothing from the deal, while Obama gets international credit for this action.

So much for terrorists getting their hands on these WMDs.

Meanwhile, after the hawks were demanding our getting involved in the Ukraine business, and then condemning the president because all our weak tyrant did was institute sanctions against Russia, Putin has requested that the upper house of the Russian parliament take back their order for him to attack the Ukraine.

For a while the Right in this country was talking about Putin being the strongest man in the world, but just over the past few days he publicly urged the rebels to back off. If they continue to fight in the Ukraine, the pro-Russian rebels will get no help from Putin’s Russia.

What made him take these actions?

Why the about face?

Why did the strongest man in the world. beloved by the conservatives in the United States, suddenly give in to Obama who supplied no arms and avoided military involvement?

In a word, SANCTIONS.

As the Associated Press explained:
“The United States and its European allies are finalizing a package of sanctions on Russia's key economic sectors that could be levied as early as this week, though the package might be delayed because of positive signals from Russian President Vladimir Putin, administration officials and others close to the decision-making said Tuesday”.

As Obama had said, if Russia continued with its actions in the Ukraine, he would increase the severity of the sanctions, and even as the original sanctions were hurting Russia’s economy, these new ones would increase the hurt.

Putin is so angry about the effects of the sanctions already in place, that he is filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization because of the harm the sanctions are doing, and will continue to do, to the Russian economy.

So much for the new Soviet Empire.

So, in spite of those who seemed to be rooting for the opposite, the president’s approach has avoided our getting involved in Syria while the WMDs are being destroyed; avoided the mistake of arming the Syrian rebels which would have resulted in directly arming ISIS; and avoided getting us involved in the Ukraine, while having Putin call off his dogs and getting his own parliament to retract their directive to have him take action there.

Not bad.

But you know as well as I do, these accomplishments will be ignored by those who just can’t accept reality, and will gravitate to anything, no matter how minor to cling to their beliefs.

But to keep the minions distracted, the GOP is ignoring the news of the last few days, and, instead, has introduced the idea of a law suit against the president for using the power of executive orders that every president including he who must not be named, and this to a lesser degree than all but one president since the end of World War II.

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