The New Jesus

In my very strict religious upbringing I remember Jesus as being the Prince of Peace, and someone who had said that a person who lives by the sword will die by one.

I assumed He referred to swords as those were the weapons of the day, and that if he had said anything about rifles, handguns, or phasers, people would have no idea what He was talking about, and the parables were often confusing enough.

What would He have gained by referring to weapons yet to be invented.

Sort of like the Founding Fathers who spoke of the weapons of their day, and did not get involved in speculation about future ones.

That being said, I found this interesting.

Church is for communal prayer and receiving of the gospel.

We can all pray separately, but there is strength in community, and as churches are structured things, hearing the word of God as a group makes sure that large numbers of people hear the same thing at the same time, and that eliminates scatter.

Last month at the Lone Oak First Baptist church in Paducah, Kentucky, people gathered as they usually do every Sunday. However, they were not there just to fellowship, hear the word of God, and to pray, but to get a gun.

More than the usual parishioners were there, and the line wrapped around the church with each person hoping they would be one of the winners of the church’s gun raffle.

Twenty-five guns were up as prizes.

This may seem a little odd for one church to use a gun raffle as a way to get people to come to church, but according to the Kentucky Baptist Convention these raffles are such a good way to get people to attend church that at least 50 “Christian” churches have had gun giveaways in Kentucky alone.

As a person connected to that church, and someone who educates children about their religion put it, “We’re doing two things here. One, we’re going to talk about the Second Amendment to bear arms. But that isn’t the primary thing. The primary thing is who Jesus is".

Apparently the Second Amendment is now part of the “Christian” religion.

The preacher that Sunday said, “If giving away guns allows them to come into the doors of the church to hear that the church has a message that’s relevant to their lives, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. There’s no government on the face of this earth that has the right to take this gun from me”.

Can he get an "amen", or does he have to brandish his firearm to get it?

As far as that Jesus turning the other cheek thing, this preacher also explained that Jesus meant to only turn the cheek to a certain point and only so many times.

I have looked it up in my concordance, but I haven’t found the qualifying words.

This seems to be another instance where those who claim this to be a “Christian nation” have to ignore the words of Christ as they do when they vote for those who favor greed and inhumanity.

Just look at all the cuts to programs that help the poor, the children, and those whom we like to call "hero" so we can ease our own guilt for putting them in harm’s way for greed.

Some people in politics have even gone so far as to claim that because of religious beliefs companies can refuse to do business with those they feel violate those beliefs, and this includes Jews and African Americans.

A church in Joplin, Missouri, raffled off two Black Rain AR-15 semi-automatics.

The lead pastor there said, “If we get people in the door, we get to preach the gospel. If we can get more people to follow Jesus, I’ll give away 1,000 guns. I don’t care".

The church admittedly was attempting outreach to the male age 18 to 35 demographic, and to do this they had already begun by starting their Sunday service later, replacing hymns with loud music, hiring a pastor with tattoos and a Mohawk, and sponsoring shooting and hunting events.

But when that failed to pull them in, they decided to give away the two rifles. :

Apparently the message is not enough.

Caroline Sparks’s parents gave her five year old brother a .22 caliber rifle for his birthday. It was one of those rifles manufactured for children and labeled “My First Rifle”.

Her brother shot her with it.

She was two years old.

The children’s religious grandmother explained the death was “God’s will”, and that “It was her time to go”.

God and guns.

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