A Wine Delivery for Memories & a Cranberry Blast

      Well, I have to say I ampretty stoked today as I got my shipment of Truro Wine. Once every 3months I get an extra special reminder of Cape Cod when I get my wineclub delivery of Cape Cod goodness. Some of you are already laughinghysterically that one could get so excited over a wine shipment. Buthere is a memory that continues all through the year to help meremember special times. For instance, last year when my son and I didout spring get away together, just the two of us. We had gone out toProvincetown to visit the monument, and go over to MacMillan wharf.Then drove over to National Seashore and the Coast Guard Beach, andover to Race Point. One the way back we stopped off a the winery topick up a few goodies to take home with us. Its always good to meet thepeople that are preparing, making, bottling and shipping your wine.
      Then there have been past years that the wife and I have takenspecial trips to the Lower Cape to see Highland, Nauset and ThreeSisters Lighhouses and since we were that close we just had to stopover the to winery and check out what was going on. One year I rememberwe left DennisPort in warm sunny weather, yet the further up and out wegot the skies got cloudy and darker. Then up past Wellfleet the skieslet loose and rain came down. All we could do is pull over and wait itout, and in about 5 to 10 minutes it passed then on we went this timeto the Atlantic Spice Co. A wonderful store that can supply you withjust about any spice and herb you could ever want, and what else goeswell with good spices and herbs used in good cooking, well good wine ofcourse.
      There are other visits that I could talk about that all pass theTruro winery, but the winery itself is not the issue. There are otherplaces that have mail orders that you can get things sent to you,Chatham Candy Manor,  Chatham  Jam & Jelly shop, then there isGustare Olive Oil with speciality and flavored oils and vinegars thatcan be ordered and shipped. What about Mrs Mugs on 6A over by Sandwich,and a host of other shops that are on line and fun reminders of theCape can be shipped right to your home. No this is not a Commercialfor,,,,, well Ok it is a Commercial for the Cape. But what a fun way tobring back memories of past trips is to get something either onoccasion or on a regular basis that helps stir those happy thoughts andbrings a smile to your face.
      Oh ya I did forget to tell you that if you go at the right timeof the year, getting out to the National Seashore if free. My son and Ialmost turned around and did not go much past the airport, but we wereable to drive right past the entrance and go right to the Seashorebuilding with all the stuff about the area. We were able go to top andout onto the deck and walk all the way around and look from Race Pointaround to Nauset Light. It was a little windy but it was so worth thetrip, something I had not done in a long time, and had never been tothe new Visitors center and was able to do that with my son.
      So, what have you gotten recently in the mail or by delivery thatreminds you of the Cape, did you share it with anyone, did you sharethe memory or story behind what you got with someone. Why not? Try it,,it doesn't have to be expensive, or big, or through a club or yearlymailing. But do something that will bring a smile to everyone's faceand a warm remembrance to their hearts and minds and maybe even a tastytreat to their tongues.
      Well so much for a cheap memory right? I'm not so sure, sometimewe forget that the most simple things can bring wonderful memories,even if its just about visiting a small winery that you can enjoy theirproduct over time. Well, if someone would please check the oil in theLighthouse lamp and be sure it is full and burning bright, so I canfind my way back as soon as I am able and call the Cape my home.
      As you know I love cranberries and just about anything made withcranberries. Now turn cranberries into a juice, straight or mixed withother fruits and your doing good, mix that into a cocktail and yourdoing even better. The next level up would be to make a wine or liquorusing cranberries and finally the ultimate would be to use the juice ofcranberries in a drink that is using a cranberry liquor. Ok now that Isound like the town drunk, which I am not, nor do I keep much liquor inmy house, one I can't afford it and even it I could I really can findsomething better to waste my money on. But every now and then I doenjoy a fine liquid libation and I enjoy the studying about differentspirits, wines and brews.
      This weeks recipe is one that I truly believe that one could getreally schnookered really quickly if one wanted to, Yes I saidschnookered not snookered, cause after a couple of these you would bedoing more then slurring your words. It does what I like best in adrink, takes cranberry juice and (with a little twist of my own) uses acranberry spirit, then mixes in a whole lot of love of other fun. Somix it and pour it down and have a wonderful , marvelous,  deliciousrefreshment. Now I would be remiss if after all this I did not finishby also saying please, enjoy, but drink responsibly, and live to enjoyanother day.

      This weeks recipe: Cranberry Blast

  •       2      shots    cranberry juice
  •    1 1/2   shots     peach schnapps
  •       1/2   shot      dark rum
  •       1/2   shot      vodka (my twist use: Triple Eight Cranberry Vodka)
  •       1/2   shot      Scotch whisky
  •       1/2   shot      orange juice
  •       1      splash   lemon juice
  •       1      wedge   lime

      Pour all ingredients over crushed ice in a glass, stir, add lime wedge and serve.



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