A Spring Thought & Carmel Cream Pie

       The tease of Spring is more then one can take sometimes, as warmer temperatures warm up for a couple of days, bringing hints to flowers that it may be time to start budding. But then as quick as the wind can change directions winter reaches out to grab what it knows will soon be fleeting from its control. Then there is baseball and spring training, and the north that knows that not very long after the boys of summer will be making their trek back to their home parks.

      My son and I have had the pleasure of going to a few spring games around the country. Two stand out in my memory. The first about 4 years ago we went to Cincinnati to the second game of the season. The weather had been nice a few days before. But wouldn't you know the winds changed and the temperatures fell. We arrived at the stadium took our very good seats bundled in winter jackets. Wouldn't you know somewhere about the 2nd or 3rd inning, that darn white stuff started falling out of the sky. They played on and we stayed in our seats. It didn't last more then an inning or 2. But still, sitting in a baseball park, watching a game and watching it snow it not what I call normal. Then there was the game my son and I went to at Fenway a couple years back. Again, the weather had been fairly decent, and we made the spring break road trip from Columbus to the Cape. We had a wonderful beginning to our stay, then we made the trip to Boston. That day it started out dreary and we wondered if the game was going to be able to be played. The longer the day went on the cooler it got. Then those cold damp showers that can plague the New England coast come in, on second thought they were not just showers, there was a good downpour for about 30 to 45 minutes. But the game was an early evening game, and on cue the rain cleared out. The game was delayed about 30 to 45 minutes but the game must be played, so on with show. The skies cleared out during the game and the temperatures began to drop. By the time the game was finish, somewhere after 11pm it was down right chilly. But the Red Sox won so the trip had all been worth it. 
      So as the weather pulls its teasers, and spring keeps playing peekaboo with our cabin/cottage fever, keep hope that soon warmer times are near. Watch for those diamond bound boys with their bats and balls to head for the sacred hallowed grounds of Fenway Park. Then know that even though there is a nip in the air and maybe a flake or two still trying to cling to its last howrah, that as bats swing and balls fly that spring has sprung and eventually Summertime on Old Cape Cod can not be far behind. 
      Here is looking to trips to the Cape, and yes I'm still hoping and looking forward for that one way trip that will land me on the Cape permanently, but till that time, my thoughts and memories will have to keep cottage fever in check. So as always if someone would please check the oil in the light house lamp and be sure it's burning bright so that I am sure to find my way back.      
      This weeks recipe is a culmination of an intense search of the recipe books I have along with church and community pot luck books that I have at hand. If I had access to the ones in storage this search would have gone much faster and much easier. I like to find things that are time tested, easy and relatively old that I don't have to worry about someone thinking I'm stealing it. Carmel Cream pie recipes can be found as easy as the one I have settled on to one that I found that I swear would have taken all day to make, and I'm just not into that. I want relatively quick and easy. So here is what I have found, and since I did find this in more then 2 places with only small variances I think I am safe to just post it and say if you have seen this before you know it's been around even more then I thought. So on with the show.

      This weeks recipe: Carmel Cream Pie

  •              1      (14 ounce)    bag caramels (unwrapped)
  •              1      (1/4 ounce)   envelope unflavored gelatin 
  •              12     ounces        Cool Whip
  •               1      cup             milk
  •            1/4     cup              warm water
  •               1     (9 inch)         pre baked pie crust 


            In a small bowl, combine gelatin with warm water. Let soften. In a small saucepan, combine caramels and milk, stirring frequently over a medium heat until mixture is melted and smooth. Next pour caramel mixture into a medium bowl and add gelatin and mix well. Once mixed chill caramel gelatin for about 25 - 30 minutes, (no more as mixture will get to hard to work with and get lumps in it). Mix chilled caramel with 6 oz of Cool Whip ( 1/2 container) and pour mixture into pie crust. Put pie back into refrigerator and cool for another 3 hours. Before serving top with the remaining 6 oz of Cool Whip.   ( Options with this recipe include, using a Graham cracker crust in place of regular pre baked pie crust, and some recipes call for sprinkling some kind of nuts on top before serving. Some say candied nuts, others pecans, some call for almonds. So use your imagination to take this to another level).        

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