Looking Then, Now and Future & Mushroom Quiche

     Another week is here and another week dreaming of the Cape, of whatwas, of what is, of what I hope for. Ever since I was a wee lad underme father's feet, barefoot an' running in the sand did I dream of beingon the Cape full time. Funny as I look back over the years and remember. Lazy mornings spent lying in bed as the salt air blew gentlyin thewindow as the dreams of future days danced in shallow dreams, writingpoetry that included thoughts of bygone summer days spent on sunnybeaches, afternoon bike rides on roads that ran parallel to the shoreline, taking in the beauty of the Nantucket Sound. Early years Iremember just the love of being in the sand, not a care in the world. Iremember as each additional year we came,  that expectation of beingable to go to the Cape and almostlosing sight of the privilege that it really was. Then later on in myyouth loving every minuet, knowing that the band was hard at work inrehearsals, and especially loving that last week of August while schoolwas in session and I was on the Cape without a care of a classroomnearby.
      Where did all those carefree days go. Where have all the dreamsfleeted to. What happened to those expectations that culminated insandy beaches under my feet and or bike rides to no place particular.We grow up, get married, get families, get jobs, vacations become apremium and as costs rise, even more so for some of us. Oh it's greatif you have a 6 figure salary or more, it doesn't change much for you.But for the working stiffs that put in there time and go home, whatonce was, is now like a wistful cloud in a summer Cape Cod sky thatjust dissipates into nothing. Or at least it seems that way.
      Some of you have had the luck to be never have to experienceleaving. You love, you live it day in and day out. Some of you have hadthe luck to set up shop and make it your home. Other's of us continueto dream the dream of one day coming over the bridge and knowing we arefinally calling the Cape home. Why for those lazy days with gentle saltair breezes blowing through the window, of sitting on beaches andwriting not of bygone years but, present and future days of relaxation.And of endless bike rides up and down winding roads that end on adeserted beach or a lonely pond that whispers your name to come sit andclear you mind. Or just walk around with the sand under ones feet andfeeling it cure round your toes.
      Remember what got you started going to the Cape, remember whatkeep you going, remember what used to be, revisit and remind yourselfof those wonderful times. Then go and make it happen, some of us itjust taking longer then we would like but it will some day, it will...then all will come full circle for us on the Cape. So until then,someone please keep a eye on the oil in the light house lamp and besure it's full and burning bright. Cause we never know just when thecall will come. Have a great day remembering and visiting and livingCape Cod.         

      This is an old time recipe from a bygone local neighborhoodnewspaper that was from a reader send in section. It's just a good oldfashion recipe that is wonderful and is great for a Saturday or Sundayor vacation time brunch. Pour up some wonderful Mimosas or even aPoinsettia Cocktail to go along with that wonderful Quiche. Quiches arewonderful dishes so do some cookbook searching or Internet searchingand find some other wonderful quiches, like seafood, ham and cheese,spinach, or just a 3 cheese quiche and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Now on withthe show.

      This weeks recipe: Mushroom Quiche

  •       1      10 in      unbaked pie crust
  •      1/2     cup       grated cheddar cheese
  •      1/2     cup       Swiss cheese
  •      1/4     cup       finely chopped onion
  •       1       cup       sliced fresh mushrooms (mix them up)
  •       2       Tbsp     vegetable oil
  •       3                   eggs, well beaten
  •       2       cups     milk
  •      1/2     tsp        salt
  •                            dash of pepper or several drops liquid hop pepper sauce
  •       2       Tbsp     Parmesan cheese

      Cover the bottom of the pie crust with the grated cheeses. Sautethe mushrooms and onios in the vegetable oil. Sprinkle the mushroomsand onions over the cheeses in the pie crust. Combine the milk andbeaten eggs in a bowl and whip until blended. Add the salt and pepperto the mixture. Pour into pie crust. Distribute the ingredients evenlythroughout the crust. Sprinkle the Parmesan cheese over the pie. Bakeat 375 degrees for about 30 minutes or until the egg milk mixture hasset.

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