Mom's Cape Prank, plus & a Summer Super Supper Salad

        Some of my best memories of my Mother are when we were at the Cape.As of this July 5 it will be 23 years since she passed away. Still withso many years passed there are times that I can't get her out of mymind. I helps that she is most responsible for me knowing my way aroundthe kitchen as I do, and my love for cooking to the extent that loveit. My Mother was not a boisterous person, she was not a jokester orone to play pranks. Although every now and then when she did they werealways classic. One great one I remember vividly that happened at theCape. I have never been a lover of lima beans, just don't care for thetaste, although will adventure to use them today in a few casseroles.My Father has always loved lima's especially baby ones sauteed lightlyin butter. We had a rule in our house that we had to at least try whatwas being served, we were not forced to take big amounts than made tosit there until finished. Mom had gotten some fresh baby lima's and hadunusually put some on our plates. Mom usually put all vegetables in aserving bowl and rarely ever dished onto plates, which should have beena tip off to me right there. But this time she didn't. Before I got tomy chair I was already moaning and groaning about the "few" lima beanson my plate. I was in my middle teens, I should be made to eat things Idon't like, I've tried them in the past, everyone knows my dislike forthem, so why was Mom doing this. Anyway we sat down and as alwaysbefore dinner Dad gave grace. (I'm sure I was not so grateful under mybreath for the lima beans upon my plate.) Dad said amen, and thebantering began. "Do I have to," I whined. "There are just a few, youknow the rules, just give them a try." she said with a straight face.Tip number 2, Dad was keeping mighty quiet and out of this one, therewas no push on part, it was Mom all the way. Well I put a few otherthings on my plate, making sure nothing touched the lima's, not even myfork. After a bit of picking around the lima's a everything else, Momsaid again,, "come on now, you need to eat up your lima's." Again Igrimiest, and moaned and groaned some more. Finally with all it took inme I said disgustingly "OH fine, if I have to," and preceded to stabone with my fork. As soon as it touched one with my fork it scootedacross my plate. I tried to stab it again, it was as hard a rock, orseemed to be. I finally looked up at my Mother who was doing all shecould to hold it in. My Father was looking away as not to completelygive it away. I, then picked it up with my fingers, again it was hard,I licked it, it was sweet, as sweet as candy. Did I say candy, aboutthat time Mom could not keep it in and started to giggle and laugh.Needless to say by now I knew something was up. So I took a small bite,it was,, by golly, lima bean shaped, lima bean green, candy. My Motherhad so gotten my on that one, I was not sure after that who waslaughing harder Mom or Dad. Needless to say the lesson to be learnedwas quite whining and complaining about things and just give them atry, you may find out early that what appears to be one thing you don'tlike may just turn out to be something you do like, and without makingyourself look more of a fool than I already do without the whining,complaining, moaning and groaning. Never did remember where she gotthose things, and I did finish the rest of the bag she had gotten.
     It was little things like this that made Mom so special to me,needless to say her skills in the kitchen and especially those in asmall Cape Cottage Kitchen. She always kept things interesting, readingall the time, not afraid to use recipes then adventure out. She lovedto try new things and the Cape was a great play ground of foods for herto try, and Dad and I were always open to try new things withoutcomplaining. I don't ever remember my Dad telling my Mother somethingwas not good, or was bad. Now he would say something like, "this isinteresting," or " I wouldn't be disappointed if we waited awhilebefore we have this again." Then when Mom would say didn't you like it,or didn't you care for that, Dad would just say, "Let's just say itwouldn't be my first choice."
      While at the Cape Mom and I played tons of games together, andfrom time to time Dad would join us. Mind you he would always say hecouldn't remember how to play then proceed to whoop the pants offeveryone, especially if it was cards. But Mom would always win atscrabble, which we attributed to her love of doing the daily ChristianScience Monitors Crossword puzzles. She would also like to play Quito,a tiled board game that worked on adding numbered times together in asingle row like crosswords that added up to multiples of 5. There wasalso Rook, or Pit (only time I heard my Mother raise her voice otherthen when she was mad at me), Travel (another card game) and a host ofother games. Mom would also sit in the rocker in the evening and workon her knitting that she always had something going on for a birthdayor the upcoming Christmas. This project along with the crosswords werealso taken daily down to the beach with us. But Mom was constantlydoing something to keep herself busy and none of it included watchingTV.
      Well as you see my Mother left some very impressionable memorieswith me, and especially while she was on the Cape. I have talked abouther before and other things she used to help with or do, please go backand read them, she was a wonderful woman that I knew. My sisters didnot have the same experience, however this is the Mother that I got andam so happy that I did. I miss you Mom, and thank you for teaching meall you did.
      If someone would be sure the oil in the light house lamp is fulland the beacon is burning bright. May my wait to come home to the Capepermanently come soon. Until then have a great day, especially whilemaking memories on Cape Cod.                   
      Ok here we go on this Bonus recipe week. On these extra or 5thweek of the month I have tried to find something that I would notnormally put in the regular weekly. I have tried to step out withsomething fun and easy as usual, gone more to the back of the home keptbooks or looked harder at my own home grown recipes. But every now andthen as I flip through  pages I stumble on one that I go, Hum,, whydidn't see this before, or where has this been hiding. This is what hashappened this week. It is something close to what I have made on myown, thinking I was coming up with something new. But I will tell you Iwill making this for myself and I think it will work well for bothSummer and Fall, for light dinners with friends, picnics, pot lucks, ofjust good old family easy quick dinner. So on with the show and hopeyou enjoy it.

      This weeks Bonus recipe; a Summer Super Supper Salad

  •       1      oz      macaroni, cooked, drained and cooled (about 2-1/2 cups)
  •      1/2     lb      knackwurst, skinned if desired an cubed
  •       1      cup    frozen peas
  •       1      cup    Cheddar cheese, cubed (small cubes)
  •       2      Tbsp  green pepper, chopped
  •       2      Tbsp  onion, finely chopped
  •       1      stalk   celery, sliced
  •       1      cup    Miracle Whip (recipe calls for salad dressing)
  •       3      Tbsp  pickle relish, drained
  •                        salt and pepper to taste
  •     1/8      tsp    Old Bay Seasoning (this is my addition, add it or leave it out)
  •       2      each   eggs, hard-boiled, chopped (recipe calls them hard-cooked)
  •                         Tomato wedges to garish, if desired

     In a large bowl, combine macaroni, knackwurst, peas, cheese, greenpepper, onion, celery, salt & pepper, and Old Bay (if using). Foldin Miracle Whip and pickle relish. Chill until serving time. Sprinklewith chopped egg and garnish with tomato wedges. (If servingindividually, serve in lettuce-lined bowls, sprinkle each salad withchopped egg and garnish with tomato wedges.) Makes 6 to 8 servings. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on