Events, Rails, and Trails & Blueberry Cream Pie

         I found a guy leaving my grocery store here in central Ohio with aBoston Red Sox shirt on, I asked him, was it just a shirt or did hereally follow the Sox. He advised me he was a transplant from Bostonand rattled off a couple of the 'burbs probably thinking I had no ideawhere in Sam Adams I had any idea where he was talking about, Until Ibrought in Cape Cod, and following the Sox since before 1970 and andsitting in Fenway Park back in the days when they used to give ticketsto the Clergy and to the Sisters in the area for free. The only thing Iam hoping is that by the time that when many of you are reading this,our Sox are in the playoffs.
      So the Bourne Scallop festival is over and next comes theWellfleet Oyster festival, many town Fall Arts and Crafts festivals andthe Truro Vineyards are still open, (love that place, just got my wineclub shipment today and already enjoying the what was on the Cape justdays ago.) The Cape is also a wonderful time for foliage turning andleaf peeping, yes even on the Cape. And from what I have heard that thewhale watching isn't bad either. Then there is the Rail Trails thatjust keep getting better and better, how far can one ride withouthaving to run over a half dozen or so munchkins or dodge the parentcaravans with the kids in those teardrop campers on the back of bothMom and Dad's bikes. I will say that is one thing I so look forward toonce I get to the Cape full time is doing the bike rides. My bikingdays on the Cape came well before the Rail Trail days and over the past20 or so years my biking days have been far and few between. When youvacation for only a week to 10 days and travel over 800 miles luggingbikes can be a task, not impossible but when you have folks in yourfamily that are not big bikers to begin with that is not the firstthing on your mind. So although I make fun of the parent caravans Iapplaud you for your efforts to get out and enjoy the wonderful sightsby peddle power.
      Another fabulous fun thing to do is the Cape Cod RailRoad, againthis is another memory that I will never forget. Taking the kids andwatching out the windows at all the scenery going by. And in the fallwith its changing leaves, and cool crisp days could be just the ticketa weekend family getaway is calling for, or do I say even that romanticlittle trip for you and that special someone. Yes I already checkedthey go through Oct 16 through the week and then one last trip on the23rd while the Elegant Dinner trains run on Thursday through Oct 20 andSaturdays through Oct 15. Then comes Thanksgiving dinner, be sure tocheck them out at for more information.
      As you see I'm still selling the Cape into Autumn, but this iswhat I am about, every time I turn around something else brings anothermemory to mind, like bike riding and the trail, or getting my wineshipment today and Vineyard, or even getting stopped by one of our manytrains that pass through central Ohio, and my mind drifts off the theCape Cod RailRoad. When you love the Cape it comes naturally and youbecome a walking advertisement. It's just what I love and love to talkabout, I hope that this autumn you or even you and your's can go andenjoy the Cape for a couple of days and discover what wonders there areto be found. Maybe it's as simple of just spending time with yourself,or maybe it's just much needed family time. Whatever it is, you willfind that the adventures can be wonderful memories that can be sharedfor a lifetime.
      Well, still working on getting home to the Cape, so pleasesomeone check on level of the oil in the lighthouse and be sure it isfill so that beacon does not quite shining and is burning bright tolead me home. Until next time, make some new memories on beautiful CapeCod.       
      Well I love Blueberries and although I know that the growingseason is nearing the end if not already over in most areas, but youwill want to write this one down and give it a whirl, as you can nevergo wrong with a good fresh fruit pie, or fresh fruit cream pie. Thisrecipe comes from combining an old country cream pie recipe withoutfruit and watching what everyone else did including a very popularcookbook and most recipes follow the same pattern. They find anexcellent cream pie base and add fruit, and depending on the fruit addor delete a spice or two. One recipe gave the pie base a cinnamon basethen had you add either apples or blueberries. Cinnamon goes great withapples but I'm not that much in favor of it with blueberries, you maybebut not for me, and yes I like cinnamon very much. Well other than thathave fun at it, take and add, find your own twist and combination tothis lovely recipe but most of all, enjoy a wonderful cream pie withdinner tonight. Now on with the show.
      This weeks recipe: BlueBerry Cream Pie

      (Note up front; the wet part of this recipe could yield up to 2 pies depending on the size of your blueberries)

  •       4      cups      fresh blueberries
  •      1/2     cup       light brown sugar
  •      1/2     cup       granulated sugar
  •       2      Tbsp      flour
  •       2      cups      1/2 & 1/2 (some recipes go off the chart using heavy cream here)
  •       1      tsp         vanilla (please use the real stuff)
  •       1      9-in        pie shell

     Pour cleaned blueberries (you don't want any stems or even smallpebbles in your pie) into pie shell and place in refrigerator untilready for liquid. In separate bowl, combine the sugars and flour andblend well so mixture is smooth and not lumpy. Mix in 1/2 & 1/2 (orcream) and vanilla, mix well until it is nice and smooth. Pour mixtureover berries unit well pie shell is filled. Bake at 400 degrees for 35to 45 minutes. Cool and serve. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on