A Cape Cottage Kitchen leftover & Chicken Elegant

      It was 5 Novembers ago that this recipe thing came about and the idea of a Cape Cottage Kitchen. A different subject each week, a different theme for each subject, nothing repeated and definitely for the most part easy simple recipes. The reason behind this was, who in the world wants to cook while on vacation, and most cottage kitchens are not set up or designed for making multi course gourmet meals. The other thinking behind all this was the Cape is so blessed with good food, everything from the surf to the turf and through in some darn good garden goodies. This ideal has grown to try to offer ideas that are both basic for those that do not feel overly confident in the kitchen to something that even a seasoned cook can gleam some morsels of goodies from. I have tried to have a plan that through the course of a month would offer a fun dinner from cocktails to dessert. I have tried to organize each year in such a way that it offers something for everyone and for many different occasions. I hope that all of you have found something interesting and good to try or at least take then idea and update and improve it for your own family's needs and tastes. 

      The other reason that the Cape Cottage Kitchen recipes came about is that, for all the story ideas I thought I had back in 2005, it's amazing how fast you use them up when you are forced to write them down. Suddenly what you thought was a half dozen or so ideas, all of a sudden become one good story that just got told 6 different ways. When I started the comment in the About this Blog said something about I have as many stories as camel as flees, or something like that. I found out that camels don't have that many flees and never did I stories that I thought I had. But one thing that most of us have in comment is we all love to eat. Since my Mother was a wonderful cook and taught me well to love the kitchen, and did a wonderful job in the small cottage kitchen we had, it then just grew from there. Although I did not get many of the recipes that were my Mothers I found that my wife's Mother's collection was wonderful and full of so many good things. Again going back to the that small kitchen mentality, learn to improvise and learn to work with what you have to make the best to put on the family dinner table. Over the past several years, looking and searching for recipes has opened my eyes to new and wonderful things that I would not have really searched out, even though I am a cookbook junkie. Presently my housing situation does not allow me to have a majority of my books out or available so I am constantly looking for other alternatives and not just via the internet as I feel recipes that have either been hand written or taken the time to clip and cut out and carefully kept over the years is well worth sharing. 
      So many of my Cape memories surround food that was prepared in our cottage by both my Mother as well as my Dad that all of this just seemed natural to make as a permanent part of my blog. Although I talk a lot of my Mother cooking, I can remember on many occasions Dad grilling out back of the cottage. My favorite was the grilled Swordfish, we could never afford the big steak cuts, but the fish monger at the local fish shop turned Mom onto the swordfish tips. They didn't look pretty like the steaks do but when prepared right from a taste you can not tell tell the difference between the two. Well Dad could do it right, with a little lemon butter and some old Bay Seasoning, some of the best seafood eaten that one can have. Dad would do also pan fry yellow perch, as well as make other tasty late night treats that were so special because he could do them more often on vacation then he could when at home and we all had to be up at the crack of dawn the next day. 
      Anyway this is how the recipe thing started, and frankly I could dump the rest and just do food, but hey man does not live by bread alone,, there's clams, mussels, oysters, lobsters, flounder, yellow perch, bluefish, tuna, cod, strippers, ect., ect., ect. and the list goes on and on. And lets not forget that we can wash it all down with some home grown wine or home brewed Cape Cod beer. But I won't beside I like to ramble on to much, and when it comes to the Cape, I can ramble on, and on and on and,,,,,,,.
      Someone please check the oil in the lighthouse lamp and be sure it is filled to the brim so we can keep that beacon burning bright so that as soon as I am able to take flight and head east it is shining as bright as it can to lead me homeward bound. Until then have a great day, everyday, especially if you can do it on Cape Cod.     
      This is the week prior to Thanksgiving, so I wanted something that was a little different from that which a lot of us enjoy, turkey. But also something that if someone doesn't do turkey but enjoys chicken this would be a great substitute. This is another one of those recipes that comes from the wife's Mother's collection and is one of those newspaper clippings that is, again, over 30 years old. I love time tested recipes, the are usually the best. So with all that, I hope you enjoy this simple but delicious recipe. 
      This weeks recipe: Chicken Elegant
  •       8      slices      bacon
  •       8      each       chicken breast halves, boned and skinned
  •       2      pkgs.      dried chipped beef (3 oz each- personally we use Budding, not as salty as other brands)
  •       1      cups       sour cream
  •       1      can         cream of chicken soup (10 oz can)
      Wrap a slice of bacon around each chicken breast half. Line a glass baking dish with foil. Cover bottom of dish with dried beef. Place chicken on top. Mix sour cream and undiluted soup and pour over chicken. Bake, covered, at 325 degrees for 2 hours. Makes 8 servings. 

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