More Lighthouse Memories & Pecan Cookie Balls

      Remember when,,,, Well I think I do,, but was it really as I remember it, or is what I remember the way I want to remember it and not really how it was. Or you know all those stories that your Father or Grandfather told, at what point did the same story get told only with a little embellishment and become a new story that you really can't point your finger on remembering just quite like Grandpa told it. Or what about Grandma, are the stories getting a little longer with a few extra strands of blue hair thrown in for color? Hum, sometimes in this world of wonder I start to ask myself, now did it really happen this way or, haven't I heard this before, especially out or my own mouth. Ok so much for some of you laughing knowing exactly what I'm talking about with Grandpa over there in his easy chair snoring away. 

      Lighthouses, I can not remember when the fascination came about with them. The earliest memories are totally of the Cape and visiting both Highland Light - Cape Cod Light, and Nauset Light. I remember as a little kid being taken by my parents as we would make the trek to the Outer Cape to visit Provincetown, the Dunes of Truro and the Lighthouses. I used to be so in awe of the beacon and how it could shine light to far away. I was also taken in by the pictures of Lighthouses around the world, of all different shapes and sizes and in so many different settings and there always the color combinations. Each lighthouse is different and distinctly unique in there own way right down to even the pattern of the beacon and strobe pattern that it emitted. 
      A few weeks ago I was in Truro and was able to go up into the Lighthouse again. The weather wasn't the greatest but I could still out past Pilgrim's Memorial and southward along the coast for some way. And was even able to watch a whale watching tour boat returning and follow it all the way around the horn and race point and until I lost sight as it passed behind buildings in Provincetown. I recalled the circular stairs and as a child how awe struck I was by the immense height of the spiral stair case that hugged the inside walls of the tower itself. I remember looking down and thinking I must be in the clouds I was so high. Today I don't look at the stairs being that overly high, but I do think twice on the trip down to looking over the edge of the railing, now that gives me the willies today and why any different than when I was younger I really don't know but just interesting to think about. And no I did not have any issues when actually at the top looking out and about. 
      Today even though many of our Lighthouses are automated and are not maned by a keeper and family or by actual members of the Coast Guard any more I still find their presents very breath taking and their working very interesting. And even though I have been in some of our own Cape Cod Light houses many different times I never get tired of taking that trip and taking the hike up the winding stairs to get to that wonderful view form the top. I still wonder about all those ships that either didn't take heed or see the warning in time and wrecked along the shores of Cape Cod. I wonder about some of the lighthouses that have not been able to withstand the elements of the weather, or the changing landscape caused by shifting sand. I stand and wonder just as I did when a little kid of how many lives have been saved because of this beacon. 
      Lighthouses,, have you ever really given them a thought? When if ever have you taken a tour of one of our fabulous specimens that are open and different times of the year. If not, find out when open, Highland Light, Chatham Light, Nobska Light, are all open to the public at different times. Some charge which helps in their preservation, but the opportunity climb those steps and take the whole experience in is something you will never forget, nor will your kids if you are able to take them as well. 
      So check out a Cape Cod Lighthouse near you, Remember back to the first time you ever visited a lighthouse, than go make some new memories taking others to share your experience with. And know that I have checked he oil and trimmed the wick so that the light will shine even brighter then before so that when the next person needing to find their way home to the Cape has a bright and shining light to follow. Have a great day remembering the Cape and even a better each and every day if you can spend it on old Cape Cod.     
      Looking for recipes sometimes is an interesting search, sometimes you come across a recipe and you are thinking one direction until you actually sit down and go to share it. Although most of the recipes I have tried and many are even my own creations or adaptations there are those, most in the baking area that I haven't made. I go my what sounds good and looks good or that I have notes made on cards that are good that tell me these are worth trying. So when I went to get what I thought was the recipe I wanted to use for this week, the end result did not fit into what I was doing. Oh great, now what,, so on the hunt I went and low and behold I came across this one. Checked it once, found it again so checked it twice, when to my cookbooks and checked it several more times and all had the same things with maybe one or two differences. So I took the general consensus and picked out the the one was most repeated and this is what you get. What is even funnier I was asked to make something for our church holiday bizarre, so comes the put up or shut of doing recipes in your blog. So I went to pick out one of my cookie ball recipes only to figure out that most of the no-bake cookie balls are made with cream cheese and they don't do well sitting out over night, and I did not want a cake ball, that is something different and not a cookie ball. So after committing to one recipe I have had to change that around and found another one in my collection (you will get that next month November 2012) that fit what I needed but did not require refrigeration after making. So now you have the long and the short of it, and some of the fun and dilemmas that go into this process and the mess that it can create when you really don't check recipes before you tell folks you will make something for them. Oh well. This week's recipe after all that actually look easier than what I was going to offer and make more balls than most cookie recipes and uses less ingredients. So we will both be making these for the upcoming holidays. Lets all enjoy and have some kitchen fun. Now on with the show and this weeks offering.       
      This week's recipe: Pecan Cookie Balls
  •       1      cup      shortening
  •    1/4      cup      white corn syrup
  •    1/4      cup      sugar
  •       2      cups    sifted flour
  •    1/8      tsp       salt
  •       2      cup      pecans, chopped 
  •       1      tsp      vanilla, the real stuff please
  •                         powdered sugar
      Cream shorting, syrup and sugar. Once mixed, add flour, salt and vanilla. Once this is well mixed add the chopped nuts. Form into small balls and place on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 300 for about 40 to 45 minutes. Once removed from oven while still hot roll in powdered sugar. Allow to cool and roll in powder sugar one more time. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on