Fall on Cape Cod & Caramel Breakfast Ring

       Fall in New England, fall on Cape Cod, what a beautiful time of the year, baring any hurricanes that decide they did not want to miss the last dance of the season. The trees have been slowly turning colors from their summer greens to hews of yellow golds, oranges and reds. You would have thought the strong winds would have brought everything down but surprisingly not all was lost. And now that we head into November the morning rays and evenings dusting of sun light put it's glowing effects on anything with color left on the trees, scrubs and bushes. The nights are cool, with that brisk twinge in the air that tells you change is on the horizon and the smell of fireplaces warming a hearth are now a common theme. Homes are decorated with pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and arrangements of dried goods. Farms are hosting hay rides and bonfires, while society groups and churches are heating up on the fall and holiday bizarres. Take a drive across the Old Kings Highway ( ok 6A ) and just take in the beauty of the landscape that is being revealed as the leaves fall and the scrim of summer drops to the floor of Terra and opens the scene to the next act yet to be played out. As the sun falls below the horizon through empty trees little twinkles of lights can be seen across the marshes and between dunes. Twinkles that let you know that life still exists in a sleepy little hobbit knoll somewhere buried in the sands of Cape Cod. A little further down and a town where not so long ago tourists bustled and hustled about wasting away sunny late afternoon summer days, now just a sleepy grog waiting for visitors not so much in a rush to come stay for bit. Or at least until the stars start to peak out from behind fluffy blankets of pillow clouds parting to make way for a full light moon. 

      Fall is not for the rushed here on the Cape, it is not for getting here to there in a hurry or the scurry of another tennis match or a tee time to catch. It is not about sunbathing or beach promenading, it is not about a hurry up and wait to get to the next place kind of way. No, in fact it is just the opposite, fall Cape days are made for timely walks on empty beaches combing for sea glass and shells of all sorts. It is for taking in old sea captains homes and marvel at all the different architecture that has stood the time of howling winds and sands. Fall on the Cape is to sit on the end of boardwalks snuggled to a loved one while watching the sun set across a cooling bay, than listen to the crunch of fallen leaves under your feet as you walk along paths lined with holly and bayberry bushes. 
      Fall on the Cape, have you experienced it, have you shared it, has it lured you in with it's quaint bait and hooked you with it's undaunting charm. No? Why not? The only explanation I can think of is you have not been yet. Cause once you have, you circum to it's charm, it's elegance, it's allurement, it's call to rest and relaxation. Come sometime and adventure the Cape through the fall and find a new rest and renewal that you've not experience before. It will be an enjoyment and memory that will be long lasting, bring refreshment to the body, soul and spirit. 
      The time has come, to check the oil in the lighthouse lamp, trim the wick, and clean the lens. I want the beacon to shine it's brightest to any who seek to find there way, to beautiful Cape Cod. Have a great and wonderful, and double if your able to do it on Cape Cod in the fall.                    
      Well the last Wednesday night in October and November just a few hours away. Holiday cooking can already be smelt in the air with it wolfting aromas of Apples things and Wassail, not to mention the Ham, and Turkey, tasty sweet potato and cheesy green bean casseroles. Cookies, cakes and pies abounding to the delight of our expanding waste lines. But hey why should only lunches and dinners get the call to the dance, why not breakfast goodies. And thus the fun of this 5th Wednesday night of Octobers hodge podge recipe. The holidays are coming up fast and instead of waiting till 2 days before or 3 days after I thought why not offer something nice before hand that we could all plan ahead for. Oh wait a minute that would mean we were actually planning out a menu or something. Ok so yes I am one of those nuts that do that, and plans for the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas through New Years. I don't like repeating things as the spice of the kitchen is variety and left overs are for lunches. And if I don't plan breakfast, well, than it just doesn't happen, and holidays and breakfast just go together. So with all that hullabaloo try this one out, not much work to do, few ingredients and a yummy way to start the morning with a cup of coffee, tea or even a Mimosa or Poinsettia (need the recipe, check my past blogs on those breakfast cocktails.) And even time to try it out on the Mrs before the rest of the family shows up looking for moochies and munchies. Hope you enjoy and as we come upon these next several weeks remember you have to indulge to the point of bodging excessiveness. So with all that,, let the holiday season begin and enjoy all it has to offer, have a great and wonderful time in the kitchen sharing. 
      This week's recipe: Easy Caramel Breakfast Ring:
  •       16      frozen round dinner rolls 
  •        1      pkg      butterscotch pudding (small pkg and NOT the instant kind)
  •      3/4     cup      brown sugar
  •      1/2     cup      butter, melted
  •         1     cup      pecans, (whole or pieces does not matter if going for looks go whole, also use more or less to you desired taste.)
  •                           powdered sugar (optional)
      The night before, spay bundt pan with non-stick spray. On the bottom layer 1/2 cup of pecans. Put in in frozen rolls on top of pecans and the sprinkle the rolls with the butterscotch pudding. Mix sugar and melted butter together. Pour over rolls. Top with the rest of the pecans. Next place pan with rolls into unheated oven and allow to stand overnight in the unheated oven. In the morning, remove rolls, heat oven to 325 degrees. Once it reaches temperature, put the rolls back into the oven and bake for about 30 minutes. When done, remove from oven, Turn upside down onto a serving tray or plate. Either serve as is or you can dust with a little powdered sugar, than serve.

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